Fashion – A Fashion Blog - crochet and knitting ideas Thu, 13 Dec 2018 19:08:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 An overview of steam punk fashion Wed, 14 Jun 2017 04:10:00 +0000 The term of steam punk is used for describing a fantasy world where the main power source is steam. This concept gained popularity which led to the evolution of steam punk fashion. It is normally based upon Victorian styles having embellishments that are mechanical alike.

Essentials of steam punk fashion:

There are no certain rules that must be considered while manufacturing a steam punk outfit but there are some essentials that are kept in consideration before making any article. For instance, steam punk tops for women may feature pinched waists or ruffled sleeves while steam punk dresses normally come with Victorian styles along with corset body and bustle skirts. On the other hand, steam punk shirts for men incorporate Victorian styled, button down shirts having band collars while their steam punk pants comprise of balloon style pants and often feature large buttons and stripes.

Steam punk Accessories

Accessories play the role of icing on the top when they are used with nice clothing. Just like the rest f the clothing styles, steam punk fashion also incorporates some accessories that may be carried along while wearing a steam punk outfit. The most commonly used steam punk accessories for men include top hats, goggles, timepieces and weapons while women’s steam punk accessories include hats, parasols and jewelry.

Where to buy from

You can buy steam punk fashion clothing articles from retail outlets as well as web stores. In comparison to the retailers, online sellers offer a much larger variety at lesser rates.

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How to upgrade your style quotient with street style? Mon, 12 Jun 2017 19:50:00 +0000 Street style is prevalent as a cultural obsession in the world of style. It is always quite difficult to explain as to why a certain outfit works while others don’t. Models usually have the ability to pull off anything that they wear. However, people who bring out their own style are always cherished more. The images of models sporting the true street style have attracted attention from people around the globe. The following model approved rules can always elevate one’s look:

A leather jacket is a must to save your day

Leather jackets have become an essential part of the wardrobe. It usually does along well when worn over T-shirts, gown or even over patterned blouses. This is basically a fail-safe in the world of fashion and never fails to work, especially with colours which make a statement such as crimson and jade.

The trendiest pieces mostly require an understated touch

Models usually are the first to try out the most coveted of items right from the runway. It is found that it is better to mix all the collector’s pieces quite artfully while maintaining a simple look.

Mix your denim

It is always better to use a variety of shades as well as washes if one wants to expertise the art of sporting double denim.

Sneakers can go with everything

Different combination of sneakers can always provide one with a unique style. It also is a good alternative when you want to take a break from high heels.

best street style photos from new york fashion week fall 2017 shows - vogue FYTUMGI 36+ street style around the world GSVIRZI 100+ best street style outfit ideas DKQNDSN global street style fashion, news, photos and videos - vogue MHYYSFU the best street style at new york fashion week BJPYXDJ must-see spring street style outfits to bookmark LUCGOAN the best street style from new york fashion week: menu0027s photos | gq OCVXNZP london fashion week: the street style URVESPH street style the street-style guide to fall fashion-and how to shop the seasonu0027s best HWNITEO the best street style of paris fashion week - vogue ONUMZDT get frow inspiration from these street style fashionistas. BKDAPDF the best street style from the fall 2017 couture shows in paris - vogue TXCFYIZ ]]> 0
Korean fashion trends Sat, 10 Jun 2017 18:20:00 +0000 Korean Fashion is uniquely trendy, affordable and most importantly easy-to-wear. There are numerous websites offering high styled clothes that are inexpensive. The fact that you can choose and maneuver around trends is just as exciting as the feeling of getting it shipped to your door step. What more, the clothes are of quality material with great durability and reliability.

Although the trends in Korean Fashion are a style apart from the western way of dressing up, it is certainly not orthodox or traditional. Latest, quirky, top notch fashion can be purchased for any kind of occasion. Even when temperatures are low, fashion trends with mini-skirts and layers of fancy tops and coats keep you warm and cozy.

There is a huge market for accessories in Korean Fashion. Overly cute, designer- headbands, bags, shoes, trinkets are offered to buyers. Urban aesthetic street styles, simple office wear or even glamorous party wear custom made to your wants and desires can be found.

High Pumps are one of the famous fashion shoes found in Korea and many ladies are fond of flaunting them. Menswear is also highly trendy with denims and well-cut jackets and dress suits. Men also add-on a lot of layers to their clothes, and jeans are favorites amongst the young crowd. Oversized coats, adorable graphic tees, lace dresses, fashion jewelry and much more comprise Korean fashion which caters to versatile style trends. From urban dressing to tom-boyish, romantic to work-wear, casual to high end luxury clothes with refined materials, quality and fashion-forwardness can be easily sourced.

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How to look stylish with kristen stewart style Fri, 09 Jun 2017 22:20:00 +0000 When it comes to amazing style we all look for best celebrities. Be it hairstyles or mode of fashion dressing. Coming up with your own style usually save a lot on time used to visit salons. With Kristen Stewart style one gets that celebrity hairstyle for special occasions.

Top Kristen Stewart hair style

With gungy looks Stewart remains to have a gorgeous hairstyle that every lady would desire. Believe me when it comes to hair makeup be it pink or black eyes matched with long pony tail. The style remains to be more unique in Hollywood industry. The grungy Kristen Stewart style allows one hair to curl. One needs to find crème and apply on the root hair for hair to be dampened. The curl will be bouncy and soft for better looks.

Stewart Ponytail recreation

One needs to apply similar product to damp hair as they scrunch. To make it dry diffuse the hair. These will ensure you get a grungy tousled look. The middle hair should be pulled back to create a pony tail. When you apply product using a round brush the process will ensure you get bigger curls. Fingers should be used to move the hair to one side. Braided hairstyle from Kristen is good for any occasion as it is rounded and features a better frame face.

To have the best hairdo it’s good to carry photos to your stylist as a way of him/her to get a clear picture of what you want done. Always refrain washing hair before styling.

kristen stewart style file: over 90 of her best fashion and style moments|  fashion VKNVIQY kristen stewart style kristen stewart fashion style ESFLUED kristen stewart style kristen stewart fashion style : photo FSVJQBU kristen stewart style file: over 90 of her best fashion and style moments|  fashion IKJQGIA kristen stewart style file: over 90 of her best fashion and style moments|  fashion GJMGKKP kristen stewart style file: over 90 of her best fashion and style moments|  fashion RTPVSFI kristen stewart style 201 · reblog like QLKPVCK kristen stewart style kristen stewart in self-portrait LJWOUWN kristen stewart style kristen stewart took a stroll in beverly hills wearing a black bomber  jacket over BJLIWDO kristen stewart style park city, ut - january 25: kristen stewart is seen on january 25, QQEBVHO kristen stewart style paris, france - march 15: actress kristen stewart and stephanie sokolinski  a.k.a. soko are NDXLRXN kristen stewart style kristen stewart opts for a tough look of distressed jeans and lace up heels GCKGTAD ]]> 0
Best of kate middleton style Wed, 07 Jun 2017 18:50:00 +0000 Just from simple background Kate Middleton is creating herself a style to adore. Just after getting married to Prince Williams, she has become a fanatic of many fashion designers. Anything Cate wears becomes a style to be marketed. This has led to the development of Kate Middleton style that is practically changing fashion design industry. Some of Kate style includes the black coat designed by Libelula, the wrap dress from Issa and her love for evening gowns. The fashion style had been reserved for Michelle Obama, but things changes fast Kate Middleton supports each and every style she introduces in the industry.

Her style has been credited by many designers in the large fashion brand, as he spends much little to be noticed. Just like the coat from Libelula much was desired. Many were wondering how a British Queen to be could go for cheap stuff, though she looked amazing in the outfit.

Recently Kate was spotted has been spotted in different occasions try to bargain for dresses .Just after getting married many designers are keen to get a glimpse of her fashion trend. Much was said in comparison to Prince Williams Mother; Lady Diana as he was a paparazzi favorite but for Kate she has made to keep a low profile. Kate Middleton style has even gone a notch high as she has even sold her engagement souvenirs. These items which include T-shirts, baseball caps and dolls are up for grabs for fashion stars. One does not need expensive stuff to notice however the status as we from Kate Middleton style for fashion. She has continued to embrace the best cheap stuff which has led to development of new styles in the industry.

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Sporting cruise wear to look trendy Sat, 03 Jun 2017 01:50:00 +0000 What is cruise wear?

Each and every individual in today’s modern era wants to enhance his style, elegance and grace by buying various products and commodities which help him in doing so. A good clothing attire ensure that the wearer is able to cast a striking and everlasting impression on other people. A good dress helps a person in being comfortable in his own skin and retain his style elegance and grace and at the same time personify his attitude and demeanour in a subtle and charming manner. Thus a good attire comes in handy when fulfilling the above mentioned points. And when going out in a trip or vacation, it is all the more important to wear dresses that are comfortable and appealing at the same time. That is wear cruise wear comes in. Cruise wear is an inter season or preseason line of ready to wear clothing produced by various fashion brands in addition to the recurrent collections.

Benefits of cruise wear

Originally meant for wealthy customers going out for vacations, the cruise collection available in the markets of today’s modern era offer light spring or summer clothing when the weather at the points of sale actually calls for winter apparel. Thus they are a great choice for people going on a trip unexpectedly and wanting to look appealing and maintain their style and elegance at the same time. Thus sporting cruise wear will definitely help you appear better and enhance various aspects of our personality.

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Get the adorable gym wear for men Sun, 28 May 2017 20:30:00 +0000 Wearing the suitable attire once weight-training or doing any style of physical activity may be a heap additional vital than you think that. People who need the most effective wear for coaching should buy gym wear for men. You may not realize it softer and appropriate for exercise it can even facilitate to spice up performance.

Having the correct gear is important even though you are not an everyday gym member and you exercise occasionally. This does not mean you’ve got to pay many bucks and invest within the most advanced gym wear for men. You ought to dress for the half and in most cases that just suggests that a shirt and a combine of sweatpants. After all, you cannot exercise in a combination of jeans and shirt.

Those who train often ought to invest in further active wear so they will keep a clean set for changing. You may positively feel softer donning the suitable attire, to not mention look the half. Plenty of men lately prefer to wear athletic wear because it is often terribly trendy, particularly amongst younger men.

Things like sneakers are very fashionable individuals of every type and ages and may vary from ten bucks to thousands of bucks. Simply watch a music video and you’ll be able to see an enormous name rapper donning the most recent designer active wear for men. Many folks prefer to wear a mix of active wear with alternative kinds of garments and treat them virtually like accessories to complete a glance.

Baseball caps, hooded sweaters and t-shirts are very hip and may are available in a colossal vary of designs. Excluding trying cool athletic wear is incredibly snug and nurture as everyday casual wear and garments to place on once quiet reception.

Of course, for individuals participating in sports and alternative physical activities there is a few things to think about before truly shopping for athletic wear apart from however sensible it’s. As an example, today you may realize sports clothing developed for specific kinds of sports. Basketball attire is mostly very loose fitting still as terribly breathable. This enables players to form wide movements while not restriction and keep them cool.

Look at each sport and you may notice that every sport has its own style of wear. For general exercise like kickboxing, Pilates, weight-training and running; a combine of sneakers, sweatpants or shorts and a tee is ok. what is more you may realize active wear for men variable to all or any kinds of weather so you’ll be able to train within the cold, sun or rain. There are several you can choose from and would suit your needs.

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A guide to buying the right suspenders for men Thu, 25 May 2017 22:00:00 +0000 While you are looking for suspenders for men, you get tempted about the idea that a single size would fit all but for most of the buyers, this isn’t the right choice. Almost everyone vary a lot in body shape and size for one size to perfectly fit in comfortably. You do not want to buy a suspenders pair that is so tight that you are not even able to breathe properly. Therefore, you need to do it right. This guide would take you through on how to find the right suspenders for men.

Suspenders fit and sizing

The most accurate way to find the rightly sized suspender is to take a measurement of the person who intends to wear them. In order to take the right measurement, you need to be aware of where to take the measurement from. The most accurate way to do it is to measure from the loops of the belt at the front side of the waistband over your shoulders to the waistband at the back side.

Choose Between Y-Back and X-Back Suspenders

Some of the buyers make this choice on the basis of the appeal and style portrayed by both types of suspenders while some of them buy the type that they feel more comfortable to wear. If you are looking for comfort, you must go for X-Back suspenders while Y-Back suspenders on the other hand are much more classy and stylish among the two.

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Tips from french style: Wed, 24 May 2017 22:30:00 +0000 France is usually considered the hub of fashion and industry apart from its identity for perfumes. Moreover, all the elite and celebrity people like to follow the trends and tips of the French style for grooming themselves more and more. Some of the tips that they pick from the French lifestyle are:

  • The French styles believe in the classic look rather than following super tight or flashy and colorful things for wearing. Moreover, they have a liking for classic trench coats and cashmere sweaters. The fabric should have the quality to make one look expensive.
  • The neutral colours are preferred in the French styles and fashion because of their versatility and simplicity. The colours include grey, white, nude, tonal and navy or black colors. The clothes are very well-tailored and finely cut with having some neat and beautiful coats or blouses over them.
  • The French girls like having nice pair of shades, flats, attractive jewelry that can go along with any kind of occasion.
  • The French women do not like to have too tight or shabby clothes, and the same goes in the matter of jackets they wear. They are extremely conscious about the fitting and neatness of the dresses they wear. The dress shape is according to the type of body, and well fitted. There is focus on slightest details in the tailoring of the dress for perfect look.
  • They never accessorize and believe in simple and feminine look that is quite elegant.
french style 39 fabulous french street style looks . OLWLWSI french style the secret to this french girlu0027s style is her simple outfit formula BAHSKNQ french style paris-fall-2015-couture-street-style-tommy-ton- ITBVUTA french style lou doillon ZSJEVMH best 25+ french style fashion ideas on pinterest | french fashion, french  style and NWVZOZQ french style frenchstyle_trousers AMJBONH french style how to get french girl style from the most fashionable french women |  glamour KIVZPSR french style frenchstylesmartcasual XCKANWV french style the french girlu0027s styling tricks and tips ETCHWMA french style parisian chic street style - dress like a french woman (35) JPUJTNO french style french girl essentials leila yavari sweater LTQJZPQ french style 3284ed000c72a9ff930600954ed34799 · 7bf76f89d6ad92f339a850c4c25fbd8c ·  153cac1a1af82cd934617f938391a79e d97bbd1f0109a325ad54b55b72d8e1e7 JHAZZGY ]]> 0
Guide to buying cool men’s belts Tue, 23 May 2017 07:20:00 +0000 A simple belt done right confirms your seriousness in fashion as a man. For serious men who mind their appearance and styles that they choose, men’s belts aren’t the same, and no uniform size fits all. That’s why you’ll find those with nice looking belts and others with loose and sagging ones that mean that the length wasn’t chosen well. So how do you go about when shopping for a belt that will match most of your trousers? Here is a simple guide.


A cool belt best for most of your pairs of trousers should have a few inches to the left when you are on it and not just one that’s only long enough to go round your waist. Such a belt should also have some degree of flexibility.

You should, however, avoid belts with overly long tails as they look awkward. Stylish men’s belts should be perfect fitting and be of appropriate length.


Belts with large buckles are less formal and not perfect for official dressing or during professional networking seminars and related functions. Most belts have a gold or silver colored finishing. So if you want a nice belt, please buy the one with the right buckle size and a good finishing as well.

The other factors or aspects to consider when choosing your belt include color, labels and brand names. These are however not very vital as compared to the above factors.

Am sure you now know how to buy a beautiful belt that will match your styles and dressing. Follow this simple guide and you’ll get awesome men’s belts perfect for your trousers.

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