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There are thousands of women who have to do cutting of all of their long hair just because they cannot give sufficient time for maintaining their hairs on daily purpose. Other than women there are men also who just hate to brush or comb their hair for hours to get the perfect look with long hairs. So, for these men and women, black short hairstyles with color shade is the perfect option as one will not have to stand in front of mirrors for hours to achieve the perfect look.

Black color of hairs signifies class, elegance and signs of being young as the age grows, hair color starts turning from black to white. So black short hairstyles are perfect for business class women and men who are really busy in their life and it is not possible for them to give hours for maintenance of hairs. Some of the best hairstyles for both men and women with short length of hair and which are best suited with black shades are –

  • Bobby hair cuts with black shade

This cut is something which can be adopted at any age group or at a point of time of year. This one a classic hairstyle is always parted at one side and frames the face of women just an inch below the cheeks. This classic look is more preferred with black hair color. Hairs are kept straight and no curls are permitted in bob look. It is used by many famous celebrities who are aged as well as young.

All that is needed to be done is that one has to mold their hairs in little circular motion and then the use of the hair dryer is done to dry the hairs and to kiss every single droplet of water left in the hairs. This hair style is best suited when black shades of color are there.

Another unisex hair style that looks very cool on both young men and women and when the curls are mixed with black color it even becomes better. This can be easily done with the use of curling rod that with the heat effect cause curls in the hairs and if hair products like gels and waxes are used, it becomes shinier and elegant.

  • Simple haircut with black shade

This is highly preferred by the younger as well as old men and women as length of hairs is kept really short. But apart from its dull appearance this is one of the most comfortable types of the hairstyle that can be available for men as one never requires combing or brushing and this is best suited in summers when sweat comes out and that create problem while playing and working out. And with black shade it becomes more elegant and alluring.

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Hairstyles for Women in 50’s Thu, 07 Mar 2019 20:12:00 +0000

When a women crosses age 50 then it becomes more important for her to gain back the charm and style that she got when she was in the 20s and 30s. As after this age a woman starts inventing new ways to look like that again. So, to make it possible, to get that charm and elegance back one thing that helps women is their hairstyles.

The hairstyle for women over 50 should be something that gives her modern look as well as should be respectable. Many women believe that after this age their work life will be over and they start to feel like a youth again in order to enjoy their life as they enjoyed before their work life. So, to make women feel that they are not outdated, the following hairstyles are recommended for them –

  • Pixie Cut: this is one of the most amazing hairstyle that cannot be resisted easily. The Finishing is done in feathery style. Women who got class and style in blood will go for this hairstyle as this hairstyle will put her out of the crowd and will enhance her beauty even at the age of 50.
  • Bob cut: this cut is something which can be adopted at any age group or at a point of time of year. This one a classic hairstyle is always parted at one side and frames the face of women just a inch below the cheeks. This classic look is more preferred with blonde hair color. Hairs are kept straight and no curls are permitted in bob look. It is used by many famous celebrities who are aged as well as young.
  • Mini bob cut: in this type of hairstyle for women above 50 the shape of bobs is similar to normal one, but in this the length of hair is kept very short and above the ears, that is the side, the hairs are kept really short so that the ears become visible.
  • Extra short normal cut: some women over 50 prefers very short length of hairs which are really comfortable and easy to maintain. Women with oval faces are the ones on which this haircut suits the most. All the colors like blond, brunette, black, brown supports this type of hairstyles. This is also very good option for those women who don’t like to spend hours for taking care of their hairs.
  • Waves up to shoulders: these waves or we can call them curls are always center parted and the length is up to shoulders and this type of hairstyle of women defines the beauty of the eyes and enhances the overall personality.
  • Short hair curls: in this type of hairstyle the hair length is short but curls are given to make the look more elegant.
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Best Hairstyles for Oval Faces Thu, 07 Mar 2019 01:36:00 +0000

If you have an oval shape face, then you are lucky! You’ve grounded the most adaptable face outline. Many women sanctified with dissimilar face shapes like, square, long, round and heart shape. If you have an oval shape face, then you can carry almost several hair styles. There is absolutely no problem with the length of your hair, you’ll see best with layers close to your cheekbones, chin or lips; essentially whatever characteristic you want to emphasize.

Blunt Haircuts are sizzling

Layered, blunt, texturized or razored, all these hair cutting conditions can depart a girl’s head revolving. It’s very tough to decide which hair-cut is best for you specially Hairstyles for Oval Faces or what cutting method is best for you. Some of the newest trims of the period attribute an instantly appearance or blunt hairstyle. This look is a splendid choice for making flavor and excel.

Blunt Bangs superb

While side beat have forever been a go to alternative to insert additional progress and style to look, Bold blunt bangs hair style is superb. It will look really stylish.  This hair-style is suitable for short hair or for medium hair. And this hair style is perfect for oval shape faces. But not only oval, a girl can try even they have a round shape face.

Long comfortable Lengths

Go for a modest and a complicated hairstyle with an extended, blunt trim. This fresh and easy look is not only an immense option for every- day, but the appearance has been popping up on the red carpet also. These Hairstyles for Oval Faces only. And people can use it for short and medium hair. But this hair style is also good for round and squire shape faces.

Some important tips about hair style

Always keep on away from dated hairstyles. If you haven’t tainted your approach in a decade, locate a new hair cut as per your face shape and cut it. Don’t brawl your usual hair touch. You can make straight wavy hair, but it gets money and time also. If you have wonderful slim hair, don’t try to raise your hair ahead of your shoulders without the assist of additions, your hair will be dead and level, no substance how much product or cream you put in it. As an alternative, cut in layers and remain the span above your shoulders.  Always choose a hair style that will suit with your personality. If you are idiosyncratic, get a funky hair-cut and color.  If you’re an eventful person, cut your hair so it’s fashionable, yet doesn’t need 20 minutes a day of fashioning.

If you require more information or some advanced idea regarding hair style then you may visit online sites to get more information about this topic.

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Top Short Straight Hairstyles Wed, 06 Mar 2019 19:24:00 +0000

Did you ever imagine that an attractive hairstyle will bring you so much attention? You can take this even further. You can become the center of discussion if you adopt a different hairstyle. But to get a different hair style you need not necessarily do something extraordinary. You can be different yet simple. It will not take much to achieve different looks with your short straight hairstyles. You can opt for the stylish short straight hairstyles which most celebs have used. They will provide you true celeb-like look. You will look fabulous. Short straight hair is quite simple to create and maintain.

Short Casual Straight Hair

There is nothing specific which you need to do in order to embrace a whole new look. You only have to stick to the basics and try to achieve the simple looks that you are blessed with. Short casual straight hair style is the simplest style that you can adopt to look fabulous. It is a simple style which is there for years and hot favorite of young working women. Many hot divas of the Hollywood have also kept this hairstyle as their style statement.

Short Straight Hair with Bangs

Another short straight hairstyle is much like the above but has slight difference. In this hair style you straighten your hair but also create bangs to give it variation so that they look great. This style has also been hot favorite among ladies. One of the celebs who has kept this often to appear publicly is Taylor Swift. It has become her style statement. You do not need anything extraordinary to achieve this hair style. Just the simple things and creation of bangs on your straight hair will help.

Straight Line Bob Short Haircut

Yet another to help your straight hair achieve the best look is straight line bob short haircut. You will look stunning with your straight hair if you use this hairstyle. No hard rules need to be followed. This is one of the best hair styles for straight haired ladies. It enhances the aura of your personality. You will feel the effect when men will follow you and compete to seek your attention. It will give you true sexy look.

Wood Straight Bob Hairstyle

If you want to embrace what the celebs have done, you would love Wood Straight Bob Hairstyle very much. It is nice, clean and elegant hair style. It fits with most face shapes – oval, pear and long. Even if you have very short hair, it gives you the best looks. This hair style is Evan Rachel’s style statement. You must have seen her pretty and elegant style. You can be like that and spread your beauty anywhere you go.

Straight Side Apart Bob Hair

Straight Side Apart Bob Hair style is best for ladies who are proud of their cheekbones. This hair style makes your face beautifully. This is a popular short straight hairstyle.

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Best Haircuts for Round Faces Wed, 06 Mar 2019 13:12:00 +0000

Your hair is the most important part of your body that helps you to appear beautiful and presents you as a style icon in the society. In order to get most out of your hair, you can try different types of haircut styles. Especially there are different haircuts for round faces. The round faced women can achieve the best looks if they give try to different haircuts. You can try these hair cuts to enhance your looks so that you look different, appealing and attractive in a social circle.

Blonde Bob

If you have a round face, you can give try to blond bob haircut. This hairstyle looks amazing with shoulder length hair. It helps you to highlight the best curves of your round face, thereby bringing out the dazzling looks. Your face appears bring. This is the best hairstyle for ladies who have round faces. Even some of the Hollywood divas use this haircut to don a different look. Blond bob keeps your face in focus and fetches you the desired attention in any social event or office. This haircut style works as the layers, the side part, and the length all help to add balance. Naturally straight hair easily adjusts to this haircut.

Edgy Bob

Another haircut for round faces is edgy bob haircut that will give you the desired look and increase the vibrancy of your complexion when you are out to meet friends, clients and colleagues. This short and shaggy bob includes many edgy layers as it is topped off with spiky bangs. In order to enhance the looks, this haircut looks amazing with different color combinations.

Among the haircuts for round faces, this stands up in the list. In addition, any hair thickness looks good for the edgy bob haircut on round faces. You can try this if your hair is naturally straight. You can request your hairstylist to add plenty of texture to the edgy bob style.

Flirty Flip

As you are a round face lady, flirty flip might render you with super cute looks that you were always yearning for. You can get the flirty and funny looks with this haircut for round faces. In this haircut style, the soft side bangs are cut perfectly and they help balance out a longer forehead. You can use your favorite brown color to enhance the looks as they will bring vibrancy to your personality. This is a cute short hairstyle that looks lovely on women who have round chubby faces.

Copper Curls

You can also try copper curls haircut to treat your round face gently. This haircut style surfaces the dazzling looks in you. You become the center of attraction as your hair speaks of your confidence and personality.

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Hairstyles for Curly hair extensions Tue, 05 Mar 2019 18:36:00 +0000

Curly extensions help in adding fullness and length to your hair .Especially people with straight hair love to experiment with curl extensions. Curly hair extensions are available in various types in the market and are made up of real hair, which gives an unbelievable look to the wearer. They are soft and buy the color of your choice or matching your hair too. They are expensive and require a good number of hours in maintenance.

Synthetic extensions are affordable in price, but are less natural looking one in comparison to the expensive ones. You can weave the curls, extensions and make them in different styles. Depending on your choice wear it loses or make a braid. Extensions are easily placed till the next wash.

There are various curly hair extensions available in the market , you just have to use your creativity combines with some accessories to give you a perfect look for an upcoming event. Experiment with your casual curls or elegant ringlets depending on your face shape. With different type of curls you can get a ravishing look like straight long hair with curls at the end perfect look for a romantic evening.

Before selecting any type of curl extensions you need to understand which are the perfect ones for you. Here are some top, curly hair extension styles which you can pull off very easily at your own for important occasions or event:

  • The Romantic Up-do:If you have a long face , you definitely want to experiment with your hair in such a way that it will give your face a round look. You can do this style if you have a heart shape face too. You have to put your extensions and roll out your hair in two sections with good quality rollers. Leave the rollers for at least 3 hours to get perfect curls.
  • Sexy and Messy Look: Some women look incredibly sexy in the curly tresses or with tossed hair. You can get this look by combining your hair with a paddle brush. After that add hair extensions and comb your hair brushing in a downward direction. Style your hair with little curls to give volume to the hair.
  • Elegant and defined curls:If you want to get an elegant look with your hair extensions , then try tight curls with your hair. Once you have added extension to your hair use curler to curl 1 to 2 inches of your hair starting from the top. Apply spray before and after the styling to protect your curls. It will help in providing very shiny look to the curls.

Ideally these curly hair extensions are best for those who are born with straight hair. To get a new look you can definitely try these hairstyles according to your wish.

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Hairstyles With Bangs Ruling The Latest Style Trends Tue, 05 Mar 2019 12:24:00 +0000

The kind of hairstyle you sport determines your appearance and personality. And as girls and ladies have always had fetishes for fringes or bangs such hairstyles have not gone out of fashion for long. It might go with a particular type of styling but would nonetheless add to the cute factor to a great extent.

Hairstyles with bangs have also been favorite with many celebrities as well. You can search the internet and get flattering images of well known and high profile celebrities sporting cool hairstyles with fringes you can actually play with your bangs in different ways.

You would be surprised to know there can be so many hairstyles with bangs to go with your day’s style statement. And the best part is you can style up the bangs to suit the shape of your face as well.

Check Out These Hairstyles To Suit Your Bangs

  • Bangs with long curly hair.
  • Bangs with long hair tied in a pony tail.
  • Pixie style hair with side bangs.
  • Short hair with evenly cut bangs.

Maintain Your Bangs:

These hairstyles with bangs lets you style up the prettiest way but bangs need care as well. Use a serum and blow dryer to set the bangs and always carry a comb with yourself. Try dry shampooing your bangs for better results. Side bangs are easier to maintain than the blunt straight bangs and are also much more manageable as they can be shoved off the face whenever required. Bangs look better when they are blow dried. Air dried bangs might end up in a bad way. And while blow drying the bangs it is better to use a round shaped brush to comb them.

Facts About Bangs: 

If you are planning to get bangs, you must be ready for regularly trimming your hair henceforth. Bangs can also influence the shape of the face and thus the kind of style you want to sport should suit your face well enough. And with the bangs too much styling of the rest of the hair might just over do it. The kind of bang that would look good on you depends on a lot of factors such as the thickness of the hair, its texture besides the shape of your face. Also before trying out bangs on yourself you must make sure whether you actually look good in them. Even if it is true that bangs can transform the shape of your face and make you look ‘different’ it might not prove to the most flattering choice at the same time unless you are absolutely sure about your choice. There are different types of bangs to choose from and it might also seem a bit of a difficult task to select the most appropriate one for yourself.

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To keep your hairstyle cool have a look on knitted headband pattern Sun, 03 Mar 2019 23:12:00 +0000

Hairstyle is always a concern of every girl… especially in winter season.  Any hairstyle they pick but due to winter, they need to cover their ears to protect from cold. For this, they need to have scarf or muffler or winter cap due to which they cannot show their hairstyle. Even if they remove the cap, all there hairs get massy and which vanish all their styling efforts.  So, they need something with which they can have their hairstyle as usual with protecting their ears too. In this case knitted headband can be used by you, as it covers your front portion of your head along with your ear. But still from backside your hairstyle remains safe. In forehead it can be used as hair accessories only.

There are different knitted headband patterns available in a market that is used by girls as per their styling need. But most essential thing is that it protects your ears from winter. Due to this it is used by almost every girl to stay free in cold place with their beautiful hair styling and as they use is it as a hair accessory only, it makes their hairstyle more classy and beautiful. If you are going to have headband and confuse which you should select from the knitted headband pattern, then here are the tips to select it:

  • Firstly focus on the color of headband; it must be as per your outfit. It is because if its color is different than your outfit so it can make you funky. So always take a best matched headband or contrast matched with your outfit.
    • These headbands vary in broadness so as per your comfort and your hair styling you can select its broadness. Keep in mind that its width should not be too small in size otherwise it passes air to your ears and then it will be of no use.

    Either you are making braid or clutching your hairs or you want to keep it open. In all the cases, knitted headband can be used. The best part of it is that these bands are available in a market easily and with great varieties and patterns these are also available with stone work on it.

    So it can be wore anywhere and for any occasion. Either you are going to attend a party or you are going for outdoor fun or you are at your work place. Its different varieties can be used as per your need and occasion.

    Now, let your worries out for your hair styling in winter, because great variety of knitted headbands are here to make your hair bounce and rock you everywhere with the best stunning look.

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    The classy and sassy 1920’s hairstyle Tue, 18 Dec 2018 19:00:00 +0000

    Why 1920’s? Well this was a time when changes happened in the hair fashion that can only be known as controversial. This made changes in the American culture and also all cultures worldwide. The most famous hair style of the era is known as the Bob. This started with the blunt cut leveled at the bottom of the ear and goes all around the head. The main people who took this hairstyle were the people aged in their 20’s. They made different changes of the normal bob, this including perming, curling and even changing the color of the hair. Women with a bob looked bolder. Many believed that keeping short hair for women made them look more powerful and daring. This then changed the way women wore their clothes, making them shorter. This was special about 1920’s hairstyle.

    The evolution of the 1920’s hairstyle

    In the year of 1923 the hairstyle that was introduced was the boyish bob. This is where the hair was cut in V shape at the nape of the neck and lot of split curls and also waves on the sides. The styles brought on the start of new industry called the beauty industry. Then within about 5 years there were about 5000 hair dressing salons which opened up. And within one year there were over 20,000 who were luring in women with a promise of new look and style. That is all was needed, people wanted something different and that is what they got. There were some shops which would only give people different types of bobs. Many women started to experiment with the softer and more feminine versions of the bob.

    Why the Bob?

    There were many different hairstyles of the genre and why are we concentrating only on the bob. This is because of the fact that one would need to go ahead and look at the hairstyle which changed a lot of people. The other variety of the bob was the Marcel wave. This was created by a French hair dresser who made the style made a lot more difference from the plain bob.

    There were many different ways in which one can go ahead and change the way the bob looked. There were many different electric curling irons present during that time. The curling irons made the bobs easy to create. This was however the time when people started using electric irons. This was the biggest change as the previous versions needed the irons to be heated over stove to be used on hair. Many people suffered burns because of the heating process. The electric versions made the curling process that much safer.

    For a change try a 1920’s hairstyle and you would be able to change a look drastically.

    Pin by stacey cushman on 1920's | Hair styles, Hair, Long hair styles 1920s Hairstyle Tutorial | finger waves | Hair styles, Hair, 1920s hair How to make a perfect Ballerina Bun | Women Hairstyles | Hair styles 1920s Hairstyles History- Long Hair to Bobbed Hair Celebrity hair trend: 1920s hairstyles Friday Feature} Seriously Great Gatsby 20s inspired hair & make up 1920s Hairstyles - Short & Beautiful 13 playful, 1920s-inspired flapper hairstyles for long hair | All 1920's Inspired Wedding Hairstyles 35 Classic and Timeless 1920s Hairstyles for Women - Haircuts Celebrity hair trend: 1920s hairstyles 1920's Hairstyle Trend for the Romantic Bride - Arabia Weddings ]]> 0
    Experiment With Your Hair with Pink hair Dye Tue, 18 Dec 2018 12:48:00 +0000

    It is the age of experiments, coupled with elegance. More and more bold and bright styles are being played with, and there is no limit when it comes to women’s hair. You can play with the texture, the color, the length, the haircut and much more. Hair color is probably the field which allows most of the experimenting. There no limit to the colors that you can get for your hair, to make it stand out, and look beautiful. Of all those colors, one of the most sought after, and edgy colors that you can opt for is pink. It is smart, fun, young and elegant at the same time.. When you have decided to color you hair pink, you have to take into consideration certain things about the color pink when you are choosing your dye.  

    Choosing Your Dye And Coloring Your Hair

    One of the first things that you have to keep in mind when you are opting for a pink hair dye, is that they are all temporary dyes, and will eventually fade out. That means, that you have to recolor your hair often, in order for the color to stay. You might be worried about repeatedly dyeing your hair. However, the dyes that are now made are free from the element called peroxide, and ammonia, which are essentially the root cause of damage to the hair when you color it. However, without these, you can color your hair pink as many times as you want to.

    Lightening Your Locks

    One other feature of pink hair dye that you have to keep in mind is that it is translucent. So are other unconventional and bright colors like blue, green and even purple. Thus, when you are trying to dye your hair pink, you have to lighten your hair, and make it light, so that the original color doesn’t show over the pink. For those people with blonde hair, they have to dye their hair a light, platinum blonde, which is best for pink hair dyes. However, people with hair that is black, or even brown, they have to use bleach or other such strong dying agents to make the pink stand out.

    Choosing The Right Shade Of Pink

    When you are choosing your hair dye, you have to consider the shade that you feel will suit your face the best. If you are slightly dark complexioned, then a super-light shade of pink may look ridiculous. If you are very light skinned, then too bright may hurt the eyes. Thus, you can choose from shades such as candy floss pink, which is pale pink, atomic pink, which is relatively bright, baby pink, which is a pastel shade, and suits most complexions, cerise, which is a darker shade of pink and violet gem, which has a slightly magenta-pinkish hue.

    Bunny: Pastel Pink Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Dye - Lime Crime Strawberry Jam: Dusty Pink Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Dye - Lime Crime Temporary Electric Ombre Hair Dye | hair♡☆♡ | Pinterest | Hair : L'Oréal Paris Feria Pastels Hair Color, P2 Rosy Blush 29 Pink Hair Color Ideas, From Pastel to Rose Gold - Allure 29 Pink Hair Color Ideas, From Pastel to Rose Gold - Allure 55 Lovely Pink Hair Colors: Tips for Dyeing Hair Pink - Glowsly LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf If I didn't have to adult, I'd have pink hair. | m a k e u p Bubblegum Rose: Hot Pink Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Dye - Lime Crime How I Dye My Hair Pink - YouTube Iroiro 70 Pink Natural Vegan Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Color ]]> 0