Knitting – A Fashion Blog - crochet and knitting ideas Thu, 13 Dec 2018 19:08:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Knit gloves the best to wear in the cold weather Tue, 13 Jun 2017 20:20:00 +0000 When you’re shivering, what parts of the body, you would be covering immediately? Your ears and head, then maybe your body and most importantly your hands right. Your hands are something exposed to the cold weather directly like your face, head, and the ears. People would often take care of the head part; however, they are not so careful to take care of our hands. Well, to be honest covering your hand will make your body warm. How would you keep your hands warm? The answer to this question is two-fold. One is through gloves and other is through half gloves. Yes, you read it right. If the weather is too cold, you would be wearing the long gloves and if the weather in-between you can wear the fingerless gloves.

Knit gloves are the best gloves you can wear instead of going for a manufactured material. Here is the reason. The first thing is about the wool. Yes, you can find the best wool even in manufactured gloves. However, there will always be a mix of that quality for various reasons. When you knit gloves with pure wool or any other warm material, you can certainly avoid this, and you can keep your hand warm. The second most important thing is you can create your own pattern in the knit gloves. It can match your hand perfectly. Usually, the color and patterns in the manufactured glove will not be that great. When you knit gloves, you can take control of all these things and wear the best glove, and you can certainly keep your hands warm.

au0026r knit gloves HZMKFDK knit gloves carhartt gloves wa555multi womenu0027s candy knit GMVNHTK knit gloves west chester 712sg heavy weight string knit gray poly/cotton gloves YOHRHKJ freehands womenu0027s stripe wool knit gloves ... FBKHTKJ knit gloves hand knitted things - patterns: pdf knitting pattern fingerless gloves i  love this look. LOXRYWJ knit gloves knit cotton hot bbq gloves KKPPGWA dravus worked heather gray knit gloves PLXRGVU tech knit gloves ITNBYMK knit gloves a method for creating perfect gloves that u201cfit like a glove.u201d knit from the XTRLVHQ promotional seamless knit gloves JECUTPS black knit gloves with medium weight VSYICPA west chester cotton string knit gloves 708s BCHCASI ]]> 0
Popular knit headband pattern Tue, 13 Jun 2017 12:30:00 +0000 The online world has enabled sharing of information and knowledge easy. The social media has helped people to build better personal as well as business relationships. Many women have started their own knitting businesses and become successful. People have started from scratch and able to make it big with the help of resources available on the internet. You will be able to find free patterns and also know what patterns people are liking to tailor make your product to satisfy the requirements of the people. It also helps you to get immediate feedback to improve your designs. The knit Headband pattern is one of the trending patterns in the knitting world. They are simple to make and very functional products.

Many girls would love wearing these Headbands for functions as well as for regular use. There are few Knit Headband patterns that have become popular on the internet which you can easily adapt. The patterns like Leftovers Bow Headband show how with just scrap yarn you could design a beautiful Knit Headband pattern. The Goldenrod Cinched Headband, Cozy Weekend Headband, Cute Bow Headband are some of the headbands that can help you get lot more ideas for you to come out with your own creative patterns. These are easy to design patterns and there are many new patterns are added every day which you can check often. Easy Flower Head Warmer is a new pattern that got good reviews. Your pattern could be the next much talked about Headband in the internet world.

knit headband pattern free knitted headband patterns | omg! heart » free knitting patterns HQKQUWR knit headband pattern free knit bowtie headband pattern PYAITDJ knit headband pattern kahina headband knitting pattern HFZYWER knit headband pattern top 10 warm diy headbands (free crochet and knitting patterns) SWSVILH knit headband pattern free knitting pattern: headband green forest on ravelry BLWCVLB knit headband pattern ravelry: noble pattern by cathy carron YMTKYMO knit headband pattern free knitting pattern for vanessa wide cable headband and more headband  knitting patterns ... QFFXCJZ knit headband pattern blue leaf headband GLOMBKJ knit headband pattern profiteroles headband free knit pattern LSIJEBH knit headband pattern chambray headband knitting pattern QNHBRVW knit headband pattern turban style knit headband | YAEGKID knit headband pattern view in gallery lovely loom knit headband ZTIXSKQ ]]> 0
Pattern ideas for knitted cushion covers Sun, 11 Jun 2017 21:20:00 +0000 Is there anything that knitting just can’t get made? From socks to hats and sweaters to scarves and gloves, knitting can truly help you make anything you wish to, so long as you love the yarn. Knitted cushion covers are also in the bandwagon of knitting items for most knitters, and you can personalize your living room by making unique cushion covers that suit your taste. Here are a few patterns that can truly flatter your cushions.

Honeycomb Pattern

The honeycomb pattern is truly unique and versatile; you can pair it with other patterns such as the seed stitch or the garter stitch. With cushions, getting the layout of the patterns right is the key to achieving a great look. You can thus have the middle part of the cushion cover in the honey comb pattern while the rest of the body gets the garter or seed stitch, or other pattern of your choice.


A motif adds a unique feature to your cushion. What’s more, you can match your home décor theme exactly with a motif cushion cover. Designs that you choose can be of nature for the contemporary décor, of intricate objects for the modern décor or even of many beautiful colors for the vintage décor.

You can also opt to have your pillow covers either with or without buttons. Should you go for buttons, be sure to use ones that will properly math the color as well as design of the cushion cover. Also check that the placement of the buttons brings out the good look of the cushion covers.

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Wear a versatile figure accentuating knit dress Tue, 06 Jun 2017 11:00:00 +0000 A knit dress is a “must have” in every girl’s winter wardrobe as these dresses are very feminine while keeping you warm. The whole dress drapes very smoothly on the figure accentuating the curves in a very flattering way. With the coming of the winter chill a few knit dresses are a very sensible and practical decision as they are both stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Knit dress can be made merino wool or Italian cashmere. Dresses in grey and black or for that matter any color look very graceful. A tunic or a midi-length dress is figure hugging made in a ribbed pattern with slits on the sides of the hem. Striped knit dresses look very cool if the colors used complement the pattern.  Sequin detailing on a black knit dress can be the right choice to be worn for a party. A diagonal print or a vertical print knit dress in stretch knit fabrics can look great. A knit dress is suitable for every occasion. Whether going for work in the morning or for a casual affair just pull on a knit dress and team it with tights or stockings. The best feature of knit dresses is that they do not have any darts or zippers and have comfortable square or boat shape necklines and full sleeves. Flat shoes can be worn for a casual affair and heels could complement the knit dress for a night out.

knit dress knit wit black day dress ... UGNLNOR womens | allyloo knit dress | club monaco SLXLPMN brianna knit dress XCIOQHV knit dress cute grey dress - turtleneck dress - army grey sweater - day dress - $17.00 DVGTHXX parker ailisa knit dress YVUOQHJ perfect knit dress KVHZBPC knit dress somedays lovin somedays lovin star searching champagne sheer metallic knit  dress IWCOBHW knit dress ... somedays lovin somedays lovin star searching champagne sheer metallic knit  dress ... FCTCORT serena williams sleeveless ribbed knit dress VYXQTIG womenu0027s gray sleeveless cable knit dress ZANEFSQ knit dress 080942 06 pt 87 voksen 1 s. hand knit women dress ... PHRWYKF knit dress reiss moon soft grey knitted dress VCWSGZS ]]> 0
Tips on wearing knitted tank top Mon, 05 Jun 2017 03:10:00 +0000 Tank tops are the latest trend in the fashion history. For decades the knitted tops have been a top choice for women around the world.  Knitted tank tops are versatile type of garments. Knitted tank tops are hand made using needles quite efficiently. In fusion with latest and tradition stylish pattern the knitted tanks tops are created. The knitters put their ideas and brilliance in making the knitted tops. In past it was only made in houses but now due to industrial growth they are manufactured at very large scale. The knitted tanks tops are designed for different uses and in various styles. The variety of colors, design and patterns are available for buyers. The most common patterns are lace, floral and plain. In addition to patterns the knitted flowers and ribbon are also added. The knit fabric used in knitted tanks tops are quite easy to carry. They used wool and yarn that are very comfortable.   There many ways to use knitted tank top. They are used as important fashion accessory. They can be used as vest or A-shirts. Sweater can be worn on knitted tank tops. Belt can be used as an add-on. They can be worn on jean with cute shoes. They can be carry in all sorts of occasion. The knitted tops had multiple uses. The knitted tank top looks stylish with jackets and blazers. They keep us warm with fashionable looks. Women loves the casual, carefree and feel the high quality of knitted tank top.

outfits ribbed sleeveless knitted tank top - white one size(fit size xs to m NSZIMWC knitted tank top tulip tank top. knitted ... JOXIVRS knitted tank top cute beige top - knit tank top - $28.00 RKQCVHE shops ribbed sleeveless knitted tank top - pink one size(fit size xs to m NASFTLL knitted tank top ravelry: villeneuve pattern by espace tricot. DGLRAEZ best 25+ knitted tank top ideas only on pinterest | white tank tops, purl HBCPAXQ knitted tank top knitted crop tank top DXYBZXE ... grey knitted tank top ... WASSMUI knitted tank top knitted crop tank top YWPBSBL knitted tank top blouse white sexy white top white tank top knitted crop top crop tops crop CLDDCVY knitted tank top knitted crop tank top -shein(sheinside) DBGPLWE rasta u0026 reggae knitted tank top - menu0027s VDYACAC ]]> 0
Pros of knit slippers Mon, 05 Jun 2017 00:50:00 +0000 Knitting is one of the most extensively used methods of creating pieces of clothing. However, it has also been extended to the making of footwear. Today, a good number of footwear products have been made out of knitting. Perfect examples of footwear products which have been made out of knitting are knit slippers. They remain some of the most popular knitted products that are available on the market today. Suppose you have prospects of buying some of the knit slippers that are available on the market but you have no idea what advantages are associated with them, consider the following information.

They are simple in design and appearance

A knitted slipper is actually very simple in design. At first glance, you can actually think you can come up with your own version of a knitted slipper. In reality, the knitting process can prove to be tedious and time consuming. But, you can obviously learn to do it much quicker if you choose to start early.

They are light

All knit slippers are quite light. They are actually very easy to wear and move with from one point to another without feeling like you are carrying a large piece of item. It is also very easy to run around kitted slippers.

They perfect for all kinds of weather patterns

Knitted slippers are perfect for all kinds of weather patterns. In most cases, they are used during summer when the temperatures are elevated. They can also be used during winter provided they are padded.

knit slippers free knitting pattern for non-felted slippers pattern by yuko nakamura and  more slipper knitting VSQJODH knit slippers make these super cute slippers and lounge around the house in comfort and  warmth. QTBIFGB easy to knit slippers YUVQSVM knit slippers knitted slipper patterns for adults | adult slippers knitting pattern. -  crafts - free DMKDDOS knit slippers imgp0605_small2 CHWKBSN knit slippers, aran tweed JXQOBVJ knit slippers easy knit slipper socks pattern | slipper sock patterns - catalog of  patterns WRKBLQH knit slippers easy chunky knitted footies OFLYZDL knit slippers south marysburgh slippers VDZIEGA knit slippers knitted slippers pattern the sweetest ideas XKVZUIQ u-turn knit slippers ZWPPTCI knit slippers slipper photo by sylvie XHXIWED ]]> 0
Cable knit sweater for comfort Sat, 03 Jun 2017 11:30:00 +0000 A cable knit sweater of high quality and accurately fits you is the most flattering garment to wear. The cable knit sweater adds weight to a skinny physique and streamlines a large figure. Its purposeful use is to keep you a warm while and break the monotony of wearing dress shirts and slacks to the office. There are very many styles and patterns for the crochet knit sweater, and you choose the best that matches with your style.

What to consider for a perfect cable knit sweater

The fabric of the crochet knit sweater is of key when choosing the best crochet knit sweater. The fabric you choose should have the ability to retain heat and have a soft touch.

The color of the crochet knit sweater is also a crucial factor when looking for the open look. This is because the color affects the situation in which you are in. Pick crochet knit sweater that with dark colors if you want to be more formal and conservative. For summer, you can go for light colors since they are acceptable to the conditions of summer and spring. Brighter colors are less precise and can be used for casual wear giving an impression of not taking oneself too seriously.

The pattern of the crochet knit sweater should also be considered before choosing the best for you. The pattern of the crochet knit sweater should match with your style of dressing and your design to give you a good impression. This can be by matching the color and the style for your best design.

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Few info on knitted gloves Wed, 31 May 2017 19:00:00 +0000 Gloves are the attire casing the complete hands. Gloves have separate sheaths to protect wrist, palm and fingers. Skilled knitters work very hard to knit the gloves. Being a passionate knitter, it is necessary to make eye catching and unique gloves which fulfil the desire of the knitting lovers Variety of gloves are there such as mittens, fingerless, leather, and knitted and many more. Knitted gloves are made with hands with knitting techniques. Knitting gloves also include following and spotting patterns, gaining new stitches and using both hands and arithmetic, lending it the size to improve fine motor abilities while also keeping the mind vigorous and busy. Knitted gloves are also made by machines. But handmade gloves are the best because they have fine finishing and the fine fabric. The knit fabric are made from interlocking stitches that made the knitted gloves looks elegant and lofty. Knitted gloves takes time to create but that makes them different. Knitted gloves not only protects our hands from cold and also keep them warm. Knitted gloves are available with different types of coating that enhance their efficiency. Knitted gloves are range from feather-weight to heavy weight. Stylish and fashionable knitted gloves are available in every stores. They are major part of people’s life. They provide easy grip and are resilient. Their bright colors and classy looks attracting many costumers .These knitted gloves are very decent and flamboyant. The knitters putting emphasis on both quantity and quality of knitted gloves to make them highly profit business.

knitted gloves hand knitted things - patterns: pdf knitting pattern fingerless gloves i  love this look. FSNUYLY knitted gloves a method for creating perfect gloves that u201cfit like a glove.u201d knit from the LHLDXHB cotton knitted gloves RRBPPQQ heattech knitted gloves, light gray, small MDKRMNK knitted gloves free knitting pattern - kumara arm warmers from the gloves and LGPNBYL cotton knitted gloves EJPORER knitted gloves 2 needle mittens NCCHBAS heattech knitted gloves, light gray, large IZFGWSC knitted gloves SBUEYBA knitted gloves u0026 cotton gloves manufacturer from hosur OTLIGBI knitted gloves cotton knitted hand gloves XJKWYAL knitted gloves items similar to oatmeal hand knit fingerless glove mittens, fingerless knit  gloves, fingerless knitted QEAKOYC ]]> 0
Knit christmas stockings in the authentic red, green and white color Fri, 26 May 2017 05:50:00 +0000 Celebrate the festival of Christmas with hand knit Christmas stockings. You can make this Christmas a festival to remember by knitting Christmas stockings for friends and family who will remember you and cherish your gift for years to come. Knitting stockings can be a fun filled project if you follow the instructions given and in this way you can create whimsical, beautiful and dainty stockings for adults and the children in the family. Smaller skeins of wool can also be used to make mini stockings for pets and toddlers or even for decorating the tree. Christmas is a time of fun and frolic so knitting stockings will only add to the festive spirit.

Knit Christmas stockings can be knitted in any color but red, green and white are colors usually used with the classic stripe pattern.  Merino wool or organic cotton is used to knit such stockings but merino wool is a little chunkier. Christmas yarn with gold and silver thread running through the yarn will make excellent stockings. The patterns knitted on the stockings can be a snowman, reindeer, Santa, angels or even snowflakes.  You can accentuate the stockings with pom-poms and bows and even personalize them by embroidering your name on them. All these designs look really cute. In fact colorful stockings full of different designs also look very attractive. These lovely vintage inspired knit Christmas stockings are ideal items that can be knitted in one evening only if you use bulky yarn.

knit christmas stockings personalized snowflake knit christmas stocking, available in 11 designs - TQAXAJZ knit christmas stockings red with white snowflakes for mck ~ hand knit christmas stocking  traditional red by VSPAUXR personalized hand knit christmas stockings AXKGRAN knit christmas stockings holly and snowflake knitted personalized christmas stockings, wool christmas  stockings QPUFBBF knit christmas stockings knitted christmas stockings red and white ... VSDTAUP knit christmas stockings for the family: classic knitted · personalized pet christmas stockings TURBNWU knit christmas stockings macy*s - tree skirts u0026 stockings - holiday lane red cableknit stocking. knitted  christmas OEXMHNR knit christmas stockings like this item? RCPHTDT knit christmas stockings hand knit christmas stocking traditional red by campkitschyknits, $32.00 YNKAKEY knit christmas stockings hand knitted christmas stocking OZWSKQK oversized knit christmas stockings LOTWPDU knit christmas stockings with pom pom cuff FXEFNBW ]]> 0
Few facts on knitted hat patterns Tue, 23 May 2017 23:00:00 +0000 Hat is a head covering auxiliary that is widely used. Hat has got historic background, used by royal persons and by cow boys or by ladies. Hats has evolved from leave or animal skin to now modern fashionable hat. Wearing hat is also a custom and tradition. Knitted hats pattern are hand -made originally by wool. Knitted hats are important form of headwear. Variety of knitting techniques are used in making such enchanting hats. The modified techniques help the knitters. The fabric, patterns and texture are required for best quality of knitted hats. Knitted hat patterns has a rich and deep colors that makes them attractive.  Knitted hat patterns are essential fashion accessories because women look quite decent in matching knitted hats with their dresses. In fashion industry, knitted hats patterns complement dresses and hairdo. Women have wide range hats in their wardrobe. They like to collect them. People often gift each other because these are very precious gifts. Knitted hats are also worn to get warmth. These hats are made from fine and cozy wool yarn. Different flamboyant pattern enhance beauty of the wearer. These act as a barrier against ultra violet radiations of the sun. The wearer look cool and charming in graceful looking knitted patterns hat. Knitted flowers are used as décor on hats. Knitted hats are available for all ages and all genders. These are very long-lasting. Such apparels are homemade gifts for the buyers. These fulfill the demands and desire of the knit lovers. Knitted hats patterns indicates the identity and ethos of the wearer.

knitted hat patterns undeniably warm knit hat patterns. create some charm hat ZZUBZJW knitted hat patterns black beanie free knitting pattern CJKAXFY stylish free knitted hat patterns. city chic winter hat VTCKNLH best 25+ knit hat patterns ideas on pinterest | free knitted hat patterns, knitted BSASJBR 10 free knitted hat patterns HVFUBWM best 25+ knit hat patterns ideas on pinterest | free knitted hat patterns, knitted KMLMBBU knitted hat patterns hat and scarf with cables free knitting pattern DDMVQUH knitted hat patterns ariosa pom-pom hat PCHVTGY knitted hat patterns simple slouchy knit hat patterns MTIZXQG free knitted hat patterns DCOYLPY knitted hat patterns knit hat pattern / seamless hat knitting pattern / knitting pattern hat /  slouch JUBHWSV knitted hat patterns free knit hat pattern ABXVPLF ]]> 0