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Ideas on how to wear your knitted cape

knitted cape aran is alive and well for another season with this cape sold out already SQCQXLC

Knitted capes of various designs and color can suit many different styles. Capes are truly a classic and every woman should at least have one in their wardrobe. It adds elegance and timeless beauty to your outfits. They offer warmth on those fall days and are thus suitable for evening ...

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Let your child walk comfortably: knitted baby booties

knitted baby booties hand knitted baby shoes-booties CMIANFH

When it comes to the clothes selected for little babies, their parents are extremely critical. They want to get the best clothes available in the market fort their little ones. Many people may argue that shoes are not a very important part of a baby’s clothes. But this is not ...

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Stylish cable knit scarf for your real impression

cable knit scarf cabled garter scarf EQVUXSE

There are many classic styles of the scarf which enhances the beauty of the wearer and impresses the family and friends by sporting this trendy cable knit scarf.  The cable knit scarves are of great use when it comes to protection from cold during winter and due to its stylish ...

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Fair isle knitting technique for the experts

fair isle knitting ravelry: fidlstixu0027s baa-ble hat HNPIYOF

Fair Isle is located in the far northern part of Scotland and lies half way between the Orkney Isles and the Shetland Isles. Fair Isle is a small island which has a very few resources and raw materials. Hence many people in the island, mostly women earn their living through ...

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What you need to know about knitting stitches

knitting stitches the ploughed acre lace stitch :: knitting stitch #523 ABKDNPX

Knitting is an art that is done by hand has fluctuated in popularity for many years. It involves twisting yarn between two needles to create amazing knitted articles. With few tools, a bit of knowledge and a lot of practice can produce knitted stuffs. The knitting stitches are loops of ...

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Guide to dressing your doll in crochet doll clothes

crochet doll clothes heart t and skirt doll crochet pattern BDAURLW

Girls will tell you that the attraction to playing with a doll lies in the accessories and clothes you dress it. Also, dressing up a doll is appealing to girls because of their maternal instincts. So if you want to make your baby girl happy, buy her clothes, so she ...

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Various knitting ideas to understand

Knitting Ideas knitting pattern - katniss cowl huntress vest FGCLICJ

When it comes to talking about knitting ideas, there are many things that pop up in the mind. From a hat to socks, knitting ideas are endless. You can knit as many designs for your body or for your home, Knitting ideas varies from person to person in terms of ...

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