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Eye makeup is the crucial place of our makeup in our body skin. So here what you say in regards to common makeup tips for brown eyes? The best part about brown eyes is that they look commonly profound due to the profundity of this shading. The makeup that has a tendency to suit brown eyes is the dim and emotional makeup albeit regular natural shades additionally look able on brown eyes. Brown is a shading that constitutes three hues i.e. blue, red and yellow and along these lines it is simple for the vast majority of the hues to look great and suit such eyes. So what are you young ladies holding up for, how about we begin! Observe on underneath specified regular makeup thoughts for brown eyed young ladies

Eyeshades: This makeup is remarkably the most essential piece of all eye makeup. There are really some great eyeshade alternatives for hazel eyes including purple. All beautifying agents regularly apply the essential shading blend standards. Contingent upon the shading tone of hazel eyes you have, you can pick the best possible eyeshades effectively.

Apply cream: The first step is dependably the same for all beauty care products. You have to altogether wash your face utilizing cleaning agent. On the off chance that essential, utilization eye makeup remover. Before applying cream, verify that facial skin is flushed. Spread the whole facial skin with the cream, aside from the eyelids.

Preparation Eyelid: The first eye makeup to utilize is eyeliner. Apply this corrective on the base and top eyelids of both eyes. Kindly recollect that an eyelid is constantly thin within and overwhelming on the outside. Preparation eyelid may help to even the shades of eye makeup and diminish slickness. It will likewise help to make the whole process less demanding.

Apply eyeshadow: As already said, you can utilize an eyeshadow as a part of shading palettes to make various shading mixes. At times, to make the craved shading, you will need to join a few hues straightforwardly on facial skin. When you have chosen the most proper hues to utilize, apply the darkest shading to the wrinkle of eyelid. You will need to do this carefully so the shading is even. It is excellent guidance for common makeup tips for brown eyes.

Selecting a right eye makeup for brown eyes is as essential as selecting the right makeup for your face. Take after beneath specified makeup tips for brown eye makeup:

To make brown eyes look more delightful, apply dim eyeliners that suit your eye shadow. Attempt delicate pink eyeliners to; make your brown eyes highlighted. Profound shades of blue dim, GOLD, brown, shades of purple and violet would be the best eye shadow hues for brown eye.

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Tips for Black Makeup Thu, 07 Mar 2019 14:00:00 +0000

If you are dark complexioned black women, your makeup needs are different than white women. You can use makeup that is best for your skin. Your skin requirements are far different than Asian women and Caucasians. There are products for black makeup available in the market. You should listen to the professionals to know what suits your skin most. You have to choose foundation for black skin, apply other things on your skin. You should understand your skin and should not be attracted by the glossy skin products actually made for others.

Foundation for black skin

The first step for black makeup is to find out the foundation for your black skin. You cannot use the foundation which is meant to be used on a white skin. The foundation comes based on the skin tones. It is easily available in the market. You can also order online if you find it difficult to get. The foundation will add glamour to your skin. You will look glamorous and stunning if the skin gets what it nees.

Right kind of eye primer

Like you have to find the foundation as per your skin, you have to use the eye primer that can be applied on the eyelids that comes out beautiful on the dark skin. You may have seen many dark skin divas using the eye primer and shades that make them beautiful. You can easily find out an eye primer in the shops everywhere. There are different eye primers for black skins. You will look amazing.

Eye liners

You can use the eyeliners made for dark skins. You can select different dark shades which are good for the dark skinned ladies. Eye-liners add dash to any woman’s face, especially the eye-liners designed for your skin can help you become the beautiful woman. You can easily find the best eye liners. Black makeup kits have eye liners made for black ladies. Using them appropriately will give you different looks.

Lip liners and lip gloss

Next step to your beauty as a black woman is the look of your lips. They are the most important parts of your body and have to be treated well, keeping in mind the color of your skin. You have to get the lip liners that are made for black ladies. This is an important step for your beauty. You can use the lip liners. Plus, you can use the lip gloss that suits your skin. The gloss makes your lips appear glossy and charming.

You have to avoid all mistakes that most dark skinned women do. They use products that are not made for you. They enhance your looks but do not give the required looks. You need to remember the beauty of a black woman lies in blackness which has to be refined using products that are made for you.

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Arabic Make up Thu, 07 Mar 2019 07:48:00 +0000

The elegance & charm of Arabic make it quite popular in fashion industry. The makeup gives a subtle as well as bold look at the same time, which makes it unique in its own way. Whether it’s your wedding or a party, if you want to walk it like a girl in Arabian nights then Arabian makeup is perfect for you. Just like any other makeup it is also divided into three parts i.e. Face which mainly includes cheeks, Eyes & lips. They are the three main features highlighted in every make up technique.

Perfect base for your face

First & foremost thing to remember while going ahead with the idea of applying makeup is to apply a perfect base. This base could be of any foundation which goes with your skin tone. Or you can also use a concealer to hide those fine lines. After that choose a dusky complexion blusher, it suits best on Arabic look. If you have very fair tone then you can also try bronze or little brown.

Eyes are the attention seeker

The main emphasis in Arabic make up is given to eyes. The idea is to draw everyone’s attention towards your eyes. Before starting the real make up first thing you need to do is to put concealer and mash it thoroughly. So, that your eye makeup could stay longer. After that apply a deep colored eye shadow or you can also opt for two different colors. But make sure that if you have chosen a matt color then choose another one which is little shimmery. After that cover your eyelids with liner & kajal properly. Make the lining little thick, it would give little heavier look to your eyes. At the end, put a good amount of mascara to make your lashes look voluminous.

Game Changer Lip shade

Once you are done with cheeks & eyes, the next part is to put a nice colored lip shade. As you have chosen some dark and deep shades for both eyes & cheeks then how can you leave lips separate from them. Choose a lip shade like brown or plum or red and put in on your lips very neatly and mash it up. If you want you can also draw outline with the lip pencil of same shade, it would make your lips fuller and broader. If you have chosen a matt color for your eyes, then you can add a little spark in your makeup by adding putting a gloss.

Perfectly done Arabic make up could make you stand above the crowd in the party. Be beautiful, Look beautiful!

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Makeup tips for blue eyes Wed, 06 Mar 2019 07:00:00 +0000

Blue eyes are the most important jewel of your makeup that has come bundled with your body. You must consider yourself lucky if you have got blue eyes. You have already got a wow factor to stun people around you. Your eyes are a dominant feature in your beauty. You need to treat them significantly to use them as a weapon. You can use different products to increase their looks. You can use variety of eye shadow liners, mascara shades especially made for blue eyes. Here are makeup tips for blue eyes which you need to adopt to make them appear great.

Terra-cotta Shadow

The first shadow that is best for you blue eyes is terra cotta shadow. You can use this shadow on the eyelids. You can layer your lids with a rust-colored shadow. The terra cotta shadow is available in many popular brands which you can pick up anywhere. You can also order it online on popular websites such as This is the quickest way of enhancing the looks of your eyes. This is a warm shadow that makes your eyes different. Your eyes stand out.

Purple Shadow

Well, blue eyes need be treated differently every time. Hence the next shade for your blue eyes is purple shadow. Using this shadow will help you get a trendy fall color. The purple is best and better than emerald or cobalt. You must not use the matching shadows since they can get lost in green and blue shade. Purple shadow helps your eyes to accentuate.

Apply orange shadow

Your blue eyes will accentuate well if there is best shade applied on the eyelids. To do so, as a next shade you can look at orange shadow. At the first glance, this color shade looks crazy byut your eyes will come alive with the orange eye shadow. It creates a strong contrast. There are top brands that offer this shade. You can use the orange shadow to grace your blue eyes.

Neutral Smoky Eyes

Another shade to use is black smoky eyes. It is a classic shade, but this works well on the blue eyes. You can soften your look with a neutral palette of rich browns, and light pinks. It gives a customizable palette of sexy colors for a smoky eye that works.

Bronze Shadow and Liner

You should also try bronze shadow and liner for you blue eyes’ beautification. You can try bold metallic and bronze shades to balance the cool tones in your eyes. This will give you a different look.

Eye-Brightening Beige

You should also use a brightener to enhance the looks of your blue eyes. You should use eye-brightening beige. You should not use white highlighter as it will not look good against your eyes.

These are great makeup tips for blue eyes which you can use.

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Bridal Makeup Tips Wed, 06 Mar 2019 00:48:00 +0000

Marriage has been the most memorable day in a person’s life. Especially, for girls it’s a day of great importance as the dream which they have seen since their childhood becomes true of the day of their marriage. Due to which they just want to look perfect on this day. They just can’t afford a single mistake to happen on this day. Proper dressing and makeup is one of the essential aspects of this special day for them. As every woman has to look perfect on the day of her wedding. In such situation few bridal makeup tips can proves to be really beneficial for the bride.

Pick up the right foundation

Ample of shades are available in the line of foundation. But you have to pick out the one which matches with your skin tone. Also, go for the cream base foundation as it is easy to merger and helps the makeup to stay for longer time period. While purchasing, don’t forget to apply it on your arms or hands, to match the skin tone and foundation shade. Once you have foundation in your hand, now you should know the technique to apply it. Clean your face with wet tissue paper to remove the dust particles and let it get dry properly. After that apply the foundation and mash it thoroughly. But don’t get too harsh, it may harm your skin.

Time to conceal

Apply the concealer on dark spots, pimples or blemishes. It would help to hide them all. Apart from these spots, you also have to apply it on the under eye area. Remember not to apply too much of concealer on the single spot otherwise it would make that portion look more prominent. Purchase the shade of concealer which goes in the flow of your foundation’s shade. Don’t contradict the shades of both.

Main Makeup products

Once you have set a proper base, now comes the time to start highlighting your features. You should always start with eyes as they are the major attraction on a girl’s face. No matter which eyeliner you use in your daily life but on this special day you have to pick the liquid liner. Choose the bright colored liner if your dress is light in color and vice-versa. After that apply a blend of matte & shimmery eye shadow, it would make your looks neutral. Then, apply bronzer on cheek bones and chin and then lastly apply the perfect lip shade and gloss.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can your dream look for your most special day. Proper makeup application & tips would portray you as a princess.

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Make your own easy crochet scarf. Wed, 27 Feb 2019 13:48:00 +0000

The scarf and the diamond are a woman’s best friend. And best friends, are not bought from the market. It is either made with love at home, or gifted with love. This summer make an easy crochet scarf that will accompany you even in summer. A crochet scarf because of its simple and bold designing will redefine your casual fashion statements. Here are some tips to make an easy crochet scarf –

  1. Material – Make it soft and velvety by choosing ghazi wool or merino wool and you would love the winters more than ever. Or use nice silky cotton to make a summer scarf that will accompany you throughout the day. To make an impact, choose the bold rope fibre to make a nice- manly scarf, but it’s only for those who are confident of handling it.
  2. Hook – A scarf that is detailed will require a nice hook that is specific to detailing only. For Tunisian crochet style scarf choose a longer than usual hook with double ended hook. For thread crochet use small diamond ended hooks. Lebanon lace requires smoother hook for faster re coupling.
  3. Design – Scarf’s are a personal thing and make it as personal as possible. Make it soothing to the eye, because it is the first thing people would notice in you. You can make a bright color if your personality suits it. But let the design be simple if you are a beginner and the move on to complex ones.

So what are you waiting for? Start today, before winter comes and make yourself and easy crochet scarf.

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Makeup pictures-Getting inked is trending Tue, 18 Dec 2018 06:36:00 +0000

Someone rightly said “Your body is like blank canvas where one can take the liberty to paint it.” This  adage is now being followed and taken seriously. The concept of body art is trending and it is a rage in the fashion circle. It’s a artistic skill where one can get innovative designs imprinted on the skin. Sport a funky sign or a lovely heart on the hand, nape or legs.

The craze among youngsters especially musicians, artists and people associated with creative field for having pictures made up is very high. These designs add an element of spunk, mystique and attitude to the one wearing them. For many it’s a way of life as they love to wear these pictures with certain attitude.

Now there a whole industry catering to body art. There are professionals who are regarded as masters in this field of art. An element of the world of fashion and beauty body design is taking makeup a step further. One needs great skins and steady head to draw images on the skin and get good results.

There are temporary pictures one can get done or permanent designs that stay for eternity. Mostly people who opt for getting pictures made up on skin prefer long staying images. This might be just initials of a loved one or a symbol of god or flower. The range is wide and unlimited. These design artists have killer ideas very creatively.

Want to get inked? Try these simple tips:

  • Having made up one’s mind to get inked then start with selecting or thinking of a design or pattern to be drawn on the skin.
  • Locate a good studio or professional who is well-known in the vicinity. Beware of fraudsters as they might harm the skin.
  • Be mentally prepared to go through the ordeal since it is a painful task.
  • Also decide which part of the body do you want the picture – like the palm, stomach, wrist, back or shoulder. It all depends on where one wants to flaunt it.
  • There are various styles to choose from too. One can opt for flashy, Indian, abstract, religious to star signs.
  • Go for complete green or black contours or add a bit of colours to make it look a little trendy.
  • Ask for the per inch price since it is a costly affair. Instead of going for bigger and bolder prints, go for small designs and see how it gels with the overall personality.
  • If travelling to Goa or any coastal area, possibility of finding design artists are aplenty. There are many of them on the beach who provide such service given the demand from local and global tourists.

Find them online:

A quick look online and one will find various artists excelling in this art and it’s best to get in touch with them to get inked.

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Effective Barbie Make up That You Must Know Sun, 16 Dec 2018 17:24:00 +0000

Popularity of Barbie toys has brought phenomenal success to a marketing concept. The concept has achieved a great success in the last two decades. Though Barbie toys are the best playmates for the little girls, the grown ups consider these toys for getting new concepts for getting the dream looks of the Barbie toys. The trends of getting the best looks of Barbie girls are becoming increasing popular among the girls these days. Getting the most effective looks of these toys becomes easy with the help of Barbie make up tips:

Some of the most appreciated tips for Make up for Barbie Girls are as follows:

Blue Eyes are the most significant feature of Barbie girls and any effort for getting the looks of these girls can be incomplete without getting the right effect of blue eyes.  You can get color wheels in the market that have all sorts of colors in the right shades. You can choose the right blue for getting blue eyes as the Barbie toys usually have.

Mascar-Things to Consider:

Mascara is yet another important thing without which the right effect of blue eyes can never be complete. Mascara is another set of colors that you can apply on the eye lids as per your own needs. It is good to mention that the right shade of mascara always depends upon the color of the eyes. You can select the right shade only after getting the right color of the eyes. If you have gone for blue eyes, then you must consider the right shade of color for your eyelids as well.

Foundation-Find the Best effect:

Though eyes and eye lids play a major role in getting the best looks of the Barbie girls, the other part of the face can never be left unattended. You must be very serious about getting appropriate make up for the face as well. Application of the right foundation is the most important thing here. Foundation prepares the skin of your face ready for the right kind of make up that you usually see in the Barbie girls.  You need to consider the type of your skin for finding the right kind of foundation, otherwise things can be difficult for you to manage safely.

Enhance the Effects of the Lips:

Apart from eyes and face, proper attention is needed towards the lips. Select the right color of lipsticks that are available in the market.  Dresses for the Barbie girls is another important thing for you to consider. The dresses for Barbie girls are usually made up of silk or satin. These clothes are very sophisticated, and that that is why you must try to get the best dress only if it is made with similar clothes.

Getting the dream look of the Barbie girls is not a difficult task for the modern girls. Availability of the best ingredients in the market has eased the situation even further. The Barbie Make up box is available in the market that contains all the necessary ingredient for getting the right effect that suits the Barbie girls at the most.

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How to apply Lady Gaga Makeup Sat, 15 Dec 2018 22:48:00 +0000

Parties and events are key events when you need to look special, sexy and glamrous. For women, getting dressed like a glamorous dive is far more important, since this is one way of being the highlight of the party. If you want to appear special in a customer party and want to use lady gaga makeup, you should pay attention to some of the tips which are listed below. Makeup is really an important factor to get the look of a lady gaga. But you can get the glam look on your own at home. Provided you follow the steps.

Wash your face

First of all you need to wash your face and remove all makeup you already have on your face. The makeup already on is a deterrent in the way of your gaga look.

Use foundation

Then you have to apply a foundation similar to your skin so that there is not stark difference in your skin and the makeup you apply. You should apply foundation that hides the marks on your face such as acne, uneven skin and discoloration. It is an important step for getting lady gaga makeup.

Use a concealer for acne

If your face has acne marks, you should take a concealer matching your skin tone. You can tap it on your acne marks. Apply it all over and blend it well.

Bronzer to your cheekbones

If your skin is pale, you should use a very light bronzer to your cheekbones. This is only recommended to pale skin people. If your skin is dark and medium, do not use it.

Light peach blush

Then you need to find out a light, peachy blush and should use it on cheekbones, although you can skip this step.

Primer for eyelids and eyeshadow

As a lady gaga, you should pay attention to your eyes. You should apply a primer or concelarer to your eyelids so that they stand out in your overall looks. Your eyes will add a lot to your looks. You can also apply a light silver color for eyeshadow on your eyelids and crease it.

Winged Eyeliner

This is the most important step. You have to use the winged eyeliner for your eyes. You can take a liquid black eyeliner and line your upper lash line. You can extend the line deep into the inner corners of your eyes. It makes you look important.

Lip lining

You should line your lips with a lip liner using at least two shades darker than your lips and fill them in. It is important in your great lady gaga makeup process. Having used this you will have your desired lady gaga looks. Aren’t you looking stunning?

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Why should you add some sexy Halloween makeup with your costume? Fri, 14 Dec 2018 15:48:00 +0000

As many number of people might have generally found out to be almost half their normal dismay, just by having a sexy and good and very sexy Halloween costume is normally not just enough and one also needs some good Halloween makeup and the various ideas that come with the costume to make it  even more successful. You will find that, you also need a lot of good quality of products and also a lot of ideas in order to get the supplement which will also let you look more sexy and will also successfully complement that very cool costume that you will have bought to the party or may have created for yourself.

There are a lot of multiple aspects related to the Halloween makeup, and everything that does not generally match all the costumes worn. Hence, the fact which is following is a very long list of some multiple Halloween kind of makeup ideas that can easily be used by a lot of various kind of diligent number of Halloween fan as well.

The zombie kind of look is mostly one of the main and probably one of the most popular things to remember during the process in the Halloween and which will be rightly so that you will be ready because it generally lets you bring the complete kind of Halloween and will also affect a lot to the very famous kind of fear which will let you be more sensual as well. There are almost too famous aspects that are related to the famous zombie Halloween makeup, namely you must realize the fact that the person who has to look very badly bloodless, but it will also be very helpful because at the same kind of time have, it may have maimed a lot of parts of all his body which will be helpful in showing a very strong kind of significant amount of not just blood but it will also make it yourself very gore as well.

This would definitely mean that for a fact there is a lot of all the person’s skin would generally need to be very sexually painted in white with maybe almost some choicest parts that are almost of the body showing a lot of blood and gore as well. Another kind of famous Halloween makeup is the vampire look which generally needs to combine a lot sexiness and cuteness.

It also has a pinch of dignity with some danger as shown by famous vampires, which are very popularly believed among all people to be very strong as well as extremely lethal in nature. The vampires are considered a strong, albeit as well as a very sophisticated breed. Therefore, you must need Halloween makeup to ensure a lot of facts that generally let you wear the sexy costume that you might have prepared which is more than sufficient and will also look very classy.

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