Pants – A Fashion Blog - crochet and knitting ideas Thu, 13 Dec 2018 19:08:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Nike Yoga pants – Made For Sports Lover Sun, 22 Jul 2018 23:08:00 +0000 Nike Yoga pants are Nike made women wears fit for sports and other casual wears. Women who want to look stylish when doing some type of exercise like yoga. Designed for women and their activities, these pants mostly come black in color with Nike label. These are very highly comfortable pants designed by the famous brand Nike. You do not have to look anywhere else when you have Nike yoga pants with you. These come in black color and its suits most of the women of any age group. They are loosely woven and light, making them flexible and fitting to the user. When you wear these pants you will feel very light and comfortable and you will be able to do your exercise in a free mind. Thus these pants are very good for the sports women who do yoga everyday.

The pants are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit the different tastes and preferences. Some of these pants come long enough to cover the users slightly lower the knees. These are usually the most preferred by sports women who engage in field events and games like leg ball and other ball games. These relatively short pants have as well been widely used by athletes who take part in short races and short field activities. Women of any age or size do not have to worry about the size, as these pants come in different shape and material is extremely good. Women who like to perform different kind of sports definitely must try these pants from Nike. The brand says it all and do not have to look for any other brand. You can completely trust Nike for the range of products that they manufacture for men and women. Thus these are the best pants that you can try out and you will not at all feel uncomfortable when you wear these pants.

Large Nike Yoga pants come as full trousers that when worn over the user to the level of the shoes. These pants open at the bottom covering the shoes. The pants unlike the short ones are frequently worn by sports supervisors and sports officials. These pants are hard to use in a fast field activity and intensive sporting. Running as well as jumping with them may be hard because of the cloths that swing freely which may twist between the legs causing a fall. If you are in some kind of sport activity and looking for some comfortable bottom wear then you must definitely give this pant a try. These are highly comfortable and made from the best material. The pants are also very stylish looking and you will feel light when you wear it.

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Soccer pants buying tips Tue, 02 May 2017 02:10:00 +0000 Soccer outfits are obviously among the most popular outfits that are available on the clothing market today. New designs are produced on a daily basis with countless others still being placed under scrutiny before they can be released. This is not shocking considering the fact that there are numerous advantages that are associated with soccer pants. In particular, they represent the clubs that most people love. Therefore, customers who are fanatics of football often enjoy such outfits. Further, soccer pants are also elegant in design as they are often brought on board by some of the best designers in the clothing industry today. Suppose you want to buy soccer outfits but you have no idea which ones to go for, you can do well to take advantage of the following buying tips.

Choose your favourite club

When buying such pants, it is always a perfect idea to go for the pants that are replicas of those worn by the players of your favourite team. This is often a good idea because it will help you to feel as a complete member of the club.

Look out for the pants featuring your favourite national team

Sometimes you may want to show that you are patriotic. You can demonstrate your patriotism by simply taking advantage of the soccer pants which are replicas of those worn by members of your national team. Such soccer pants are also very easy to customise thus making it easy for fans to write their names on them.

mens training fitted jogger soccer pants (black) UOZQGGV product image · nike menu0027s dry academy soccer pants GXQWDUT nike dry academy menu0027s soccer pants. MVKYTYK nike dry academy menu0027s soccer pants. ZDHJSYL product image · adidas menu0027s tiro soccer pants WCIGQYP soccer pants adidas performance womenu0027s soccer condivo 16 training pants, black/white,  small WZYHVLO soccer pants adidas performance menu0027s condivo training pant, small, black/white SWKUKUX menu0027s skinny soccer pants training sweat sports gym athletic pants trousers QSBFGTR soccer pants nike-squad-strike-tech-pants-wpwz-mens-soccer- ARNVCGD nike dry academy menu0027s soccer pants. MAAGCVO product image · adidas youth tiro 15 soccer pants HMVZFHU soccer pants adidas performance womenu0027s tiro training pant, small, black/white/black VPEVIYW ]]> 0
Adidas training pants – perfect for those who don’t want to compromise with style! Sat, 15 Apr 2017 10:40:00 +0000 Now days you can find a huge demand for the sports inspired apparels. There are many sports apparels makers that have announced their products for the market. They are adding the best designs, colors and styles for these sports inspired pants and jackets to make them more acceptable in the market. However, the training pants announced by Adidas have always managed to become an ultimate choice for many. Whether you are going for the gym or you simply want to hang around with friends, you will need the most comfortable pant on. In this regard, having the Adidas training pants can make a huge difference for you. These are the wonderful pants that are designed by Adidas and from the brand that you can trust completely. You will find a wide range of clothing items from this most popular brand. Training pants are very important for you, if you are a regular in sports and are performing different sports activity throughout the day. The training pants are available in different style and color that you can select from. You just need to choose the right pants that will suit you and you are comfortable wearing it for long hours.

Shopping for the Adidas training pants is not a tough job. All you need to shop for these training pants online. You can order these items from the comfort of your home. Well, these pants have become very popular now days due to the style and the comfortable fabric assigned for them. And with the Adidas logo added for these pants, you will surely not want to have a look at the quality aspect. Well, these durable training pants appear to be perfect enough for just any occasion like camping, hanging around with friends and moving for a sporting activity.

If you are among those who don’t want to compromise with the style, then Adidas training pants are just perfect for you. People who love to stay tuned with the latest style and fashion trends should go for the Adidas training pants online now. There is a huge collection of training pants you can avail now online. And this is what making it easier for you to choose the best pant and jacket for your collection. And when you are getting training pants from this exclusive brand, you are surely going to get them now! Adidas is a brand that you can trust completely and they deal with many different types of shoes and clothing items in their inventory. You just need to choose the type of product that you need and you will get a wide range of options in front of you.

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Modern and contemporary hippie pants Wed, 12 Apr 2017 12:10:00 +0000 Versatility

The Hippie pants are versatile than any other type of pants. They may seem somewhat difficult to wear but thy can be worn at any time of the year. Not specifically in spring days but throughout the year. In the summer season, these can be worn with simple sandals. They give a perfect combination. The hippie pants are available in versatile styles. There are many advantages that you can avail by wearing these pants.

Slimming effect

The Hippie pants portrait a slimming effect to the person who wears it. They are mostly body tight and make the body look slimmer than actual. They help the younger girls and women look slimmer in an instant. They range from belly region to the lower leg slightly above the ankles. The people are drawn towards the design of these pants.

Contemporary Shoes

As the ankles have a free region, the women can easily wear show off shoes. These shoes can easily be seen by the onlookers and have a direct impact on them. Women can easily display unique shoes by wearing Hippie pants. Mostly slipper type footwear are worn by the women under hippie dresses.


There are many styles in which the Hippie pants are available in the market. The Straight Hippie Pants, depict a classic style. These are flapper type pants. They give a modern and contemporary look to your dressing. These have bell bottoms, which give an attracting look to you, and make you noticeable in a public gathering.

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Add style and luxury to your wardrobe with mens harem pants Sat, 01 Apr 2017 02:00:00 +0000 The stylish addition to your wardrobe

Are you bored of the usual elements in your wardrobe and are looking for a fresh new addition? If yes, then with mens harem pants, you have made the right choice. These are not onlr trendy and unique, but add the coolness factor along with maximum comfort, giving you both the spoty luxe and the street-style in one.

Harem pants are the recene bestsellers in the fashion world, with many A-listers and pop stars sporting them on the red carpet and various events. Not only do mens harem pants mix up with almost any other clothing item or accessory, but you can wear them on the waist, low on the hips and even higer, no matter how yu like it.

Tips for making the most of your harem pants

Harem pants fit almost any body type, which makes them ideal for eeveryone. If you are looking to wear mens harem pants to work or a formal occassion, then you can try a dark gray or black gair that is tailroed near the calves and thighs. Match it together with a pair of oxfords and a fitted sweater to complete the look.

If you are looking for a more casual look, then you can wear them with short boots or canvas slip ons. For activities like dancing and working out, harem pants are a great choice- go in for a stretchable and breahtable fabric like Tetoron blend or cotto in such cases. Wıth these tips in mind, you should surely be able to carry off mens harem pants like a pro!

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Why go for kuhl pants Mon, 27 Mar 2017 12:20:00 +0000 Many women employed find it hard to select the best office wear. With emerging trend in mode of dressing, formal cloth are now stylish with more colors. Ladies can now smile as they shop for their favorite outfit ranging from Kuhl pants and long tight dresses. Though formal dress is duller and longer here are some of the best ideas to help in selecting the best office wear:-

Leggings and Kurtis- To keep your body shape at ease while working, one need to go for designer kurtis.The outfit has impressive prints with best cool design colors. The Kurtis can be paired with longer trousers. The embroidery on the necklace makes it look more stylish.

Classy trousers and Kuhl pants: One need to have some classy trousers to look more professional, the trousers should be matched with colorful tops for that formal look. To pep up neutral shades work better. A lady should also have a leather handbag.

Western dresses: Putting on dresses like the pencil type, ensure ladies curves are noticeable. One need to make it adds more charm get ruffle tops or knee length dresses to improve one personality. These are the best outfit for office. For shoes go for the gladiators, never forget the necklaces when putting on dresses. Go for bright colors, as for long neutral colors have been ruling the office outfit. One gets eye catching feel with colorful dresses. When wearing jeans ensure you also wear heeled boots with glossy belts.

Casual wear can be accompanied with kuhl pants, one look s more attractive in attires such as T-shirts while performing outdoor activities. Try the above ideas and realize the benefits as you shop around our stores

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Undeniable aladdin pants into the magical fashion land Wed, 22 Mar 2017 22:40:00 +0000 Aladdin pants, in generic layman terms are just a pair of baggy pants which get caught on when it reaches your ankles. It is a part of the western fashion since the nineteenth century which then later got inspired into fashion by the Middle Eastern styles and there they are known as Turkish trousers or Turkish bloomers to be precise. It holds the waist with a wide elastic band which is colored and on the ankles area, the border is sewed so that it looks more traditional and exciting. One of the good things about these pants is that they are unisex and not gender specific which eliminates the huge gender specific filter leading on for it to be available for everyone. They are also available in free sizes in the market which again makes them available for all. They are easy to wear and take off at the same time. Not to forget, they are spacious and aerated inside which means they are good for summers.

The Make

These pieces of fabric material come in free sizes and in cotton. They also come in khaki made especially considering that they inspired from Middle Eastern countries. Mostly people have preferred cotton over synthetic fibers because cotton has an absorbent nature which helps in absorbing sweat. For your skin, cotton is very smooth and has the lowest potential for skin allergies too. It can absorb all your body moisture and it even helps for your skin cooling or at least acts as a catalyst as a coolant for your skin.

When and how to wear them

At times when you need a comfortable, stretchy and it is not strictly needed for a tight pair of pants, you can always go with these Aladdin pants. While sleeping, meditating, massaging or even while getting a massage, these pants have said to be one of the most comfortable pants. But then activities like work out in the gym do not support these pants correctly. Even for maternity wear, these khaki pants seem to have make their way. These are more utility uses than fashion uses. For fashion use, you will have to consider many match ups and accessories. For fashion victims, it is just all about finding the right styling and cuts in these pants. Now-a-days these pants are also modernized and improvised into drop-crotch trousers which celebrities are seen to be promoting all the time. If you want to look taller and your figure to look elongated, wearing high waist khaki pants with a crop top is the best option. If you want a more posh and mature look, wear coats and scarves with them.

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Contemporary cigarette pants Tue, 21 Mar 2017 23:10:00 +0000 The cigarette pants are mainly worn by the women. These are special pants that are trouser type pants, having straight and many narrow legs. The most important factor that the women have to deal with while wearing the cigarette pants is the colour and pattern of the pants. The colour of the pants is usually black but the women can wear may wear any colour that they feel comfortable with. Moreover, the cigarette pants are mostly available in plain patterns. As these pants get attached to the skin, so they are mostly plain in the pattern.

The cigarette pants present a cool look and are one of the modern pant types that are adopted by most women. These pants are usually worn by women in summer and spring days when the weather is hot. And easy to bear. In the winter days, these cannot be worn because the weather is cold and you cannot wear anything beneath the cigarette pants, and if you wear any cloth it would give an awkward look.

These pants are available in a variety of styles. High waist Cigarette pants, these are for the women who have a high waist. It is perfect for ladies having an hourglass-like body pattern. The tight upper pants, these are for the women who have a very thin waist region. The women having skinny legs also prefer the tight upper pants, so that they fit on the body firmly. These are some characteristics that you must observe before buying a cigarette pant for you.

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Sweatpants for men that keeps you comfortable Sun, 19 Mar 2017 16:20:00 +0000 Sweatpants are available in various style and designs, and they are not only used for the gym but also walking to school every day. Choosing the best sweatpants for men that are comfortable and appropriate for you is the best thing you can do.

Always choose the sweatpants that fit you appropriately. Large, baggy, or oversized sweatpants are not suitable and should be cut to complement your curves and shape according to your personal preferences and lifestyle.

The sweatpants come in many types of fabrics, and you should choose the best one that makes you comfortable. The fabric you choose should be of high quality to make your sweatpants long lasting. They should also be affordable and lie within your budget so that they do not make you go bankrupt.

The sweatpants for men should be done from lightweight fabrics that will not add you bulk and make you inconvenient when on your routine activity.  You can go for a more formal or glam look, try faux leather, suede, silk or satin pants that fit you and give you the desired look of your lifestyle.

Also, consider the color, pattern, and fun of the sweatpants you choose. Black sweatpants are preferred as they can easily pass for a beautiful pair of trouser with the right styling.

You also have to be aware of the correct context. Limit yourself to the most casual settings and occasions and be mindful of the styling choice that matches with your lifestyle and makes you stand out.

10 best sweatpants for men and women 2017 - sweatpants and joggers DKLVJNA sweatpants for men quick look hanes comfortsoft™ ecosmart® menu0027s fleece sweatpants with pockets XLYIZXI 10 best sweatpants for men and women 2017 - sweatpants and joggers XUQAQXF sweatpants for men quick look hanes comfortblend® ecosmart® menu0027s sweatpants MMATADA fleece sweatpants for men ENIFPHP sweatpants for men men sweatpants, navy, medium GRWSRWY 10 best sweatpants for men and women 2017 - sweatpants and joggers WJBFFFQ sweatpants for men men dry stretch sweatpants, dark gray, small SFJVVAB sweatpants for men nike menu0027s open-hem sweatpants XDDOQIX sweatpants for men menu0027s  RDEYCMA sweatpants for men new fashion style menu0027s harem pants male casual skinny cotton sweatpants  fashion pants trousers RGXHVKR sweatpants for men cargo jogging men sweatpants cotton men`s hip hop . ALHZFQX ]]> 0
Dashing styled chinos for men Fri, 24 Feb 2017 12:10:00 +0000 Chinos are a simple form of pants that are made with different cuts and fittings. From the modern fitting style to the loose pants, all are widely liked by the men of all ages. These comfortable and light weighted chinos for men look handsome with sweat shirts or simple t-shirts. Sometimes casual shirts also go good with them.


There are many type of fabrics that are usually liked for designing chinos. Some of them are as under,

  • Cotton
  • Denim
  • Khakis

The material which is mostly liked for designing chinos must be a cool and sweat free one because chinos are basically a summer’s wear. These chinos for men are usually in light weight material with colorful prints. Chinos are widely liked by the young boys all over the world that is why they are designed with shocking colors like red, orange, green, blue etc. because of their colors they are best to be worn with neutral colors like plain white color. A plain white or off white goes perfect with a red or green colored chino.

While choosing a chino for personal wear, it should always be kept in mind that if the chino for men is in slim fit style then the shirt to be worn must be a baggy or loose style one. In the same way if the chino is not in a printed style then it will go good with a shocking printed t- shirt.

Selecting the perfect chinos for men is no more a big deal when such a wide variety of colors and styles is available in the market.

chinos for men now that we got our colors down, itu0027s time to get to the actual pants. XKOLRNG chinos for men slim fit flex stretch khaki chino pant | express XPWLTQC chinos for men chinos skinny fit by hu0026m PQTWQHX chinos for men 3 colors new arrival men pants slim fit casual brand pants mens chino pants CIRDZPX chinos for men 2017 mens chinos for fall / winter - light weight slim fit cotton chino IPWJJAC slim-straight light steel blue chinos for men - buy it here for $178 UUJZAMH chinos for men wholesale-2016 new mens skinny joggers chinos slim pants men trousers hip  hop pantalones hombre IJBKSYV chinos for men - buy online men chinos in india at koovs RVFUGZO chinos for men stretch chinos TKDYCKR big collection of chinos for men OZDSBKC chinos for men pants chinos men cotton NNOSTUU chinos for men koovs washed out ribbed chinos ALVKXYR ]]> 0