Shirts – A Fashion Blog - crochet and knitting ideas Thu, 13 Dec 2018 19:08:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Puma T shirts –Latest Changing Trends Wed, 08 Aug 2018 22:51:00 +0000 Fashionable Puma T shirts are sold like a hot cake in garment business today. With present trend in wearing brands, stylish t-shirt phenomenon really is looming large. Generally, T-shirts are made from polyester or cotton fibers that give T-shirt the distinctive soft texture. Puma t-shirts are decorated with pictures or text, and are used for advertising. The t-shirt fashions will include styles for women and men, and for different age groups, which includes youth, baby, or adult sizes. T-shirts are an item that gives different touch to your personality and gives you different look overall.

These t-shirts became popular in US and from then it was not to look back again because it grew very popular among the young men and lads dispersing to different parts of the world. With increasing time there come advent of really majestic and fashionable Puma t shirts that are accepted widely by youth brigade all across the world. With a wide range of the color that makes fashionable shirts are exclusive and emphatic designs. Different decoration method used on the T-shirts will include appliqué, airbrush, impressing, embroidery, and embossing and ironing on of the flock lettering, dye-sublimation transfers or heat transfers. Laser printers can print on paper using special toner having sublimation dyes that then can be heat transferred to the T-shirt. In 1980s, the thermo chromatic dye was used for making T-shirts, which changed the color when it was subjected to heat. Puma is a brand that you can trust complete and you will find a wide range of the T-shirts and other branded products that you can select from.

One important criteria besides design t-shirt is to have a little expressive messages on t-shirt that can be related to the attitude of life, movies, sports, some quotations, new ideas, and much more. The writing based shirts are highly preferred among youth generation. Also, there are some stylish t shirts that consist of writing different organization and program that it can represent. Coming to the designer t-shirts style of the fiery houses, designer photos and distinguished places and personality is found. The branded Puma t-shirts in likes of sportswear from the leading brands are fashionable as well. At times teenagers find a lot of interest in sports jerseys that are stylish t-shirt indeed. Besides t shirt brands there’re many other stylish T shirt brand like Puma. What is very interesting and amazing to see is that mobility and popularity of the stylish t shirts have increased that besides formal part people wear t-shirts when compared to shirts. It speaks volume about the stylish t-shirts itself. Thus, you can find Puma T-shirts in different style and color that you can select.

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Graphic t-shirt: a mix of colour and thoughts on the go Wed, 07 Jun 2017 07:40:00 +0000 As the saying goes: ‘A picture speaks more than a thousand words.’ This serves as a source of solidity for this article.

GRAPHIC T-SHIRTS create a world of thoughts on the go: I think the coinage, ‘mobile graffiti’ is an appropriate term to qualify this set of shirts.

The art of imprinting graphics on T-shirts has taken a huge surge since its conception in the 1950s in the U.S [this means to be where every prospective fashion explosion originated?]. From being a fun catching thing, this art has gone to penetrate the business, religious, political and even educational sectors. These T-shirts have been used to communicate messages that evoke public consciousness.

Let us see the impact of these trends as it cuts across some sectors:

In the Marketing and Advertising industry, GRAPHIC SHIRTS are now used to communicate awareness about a company’s brand. This has been an effective [even though not an end in itself] way of ensuring wider coverage unlike a stationary cost-incurring billboard.
Even the likes of Adidas, Mike, Coca Cola, etc have expanded their horizon by making their brand names and logos visible on sporting teams’ jerseys.

In Politics, groups have utilized this great tool in expressing solidarity or displeasure towards a particular group or even government. Campaign groups from the U.S down to Russia, Japan, India and the world at large have maximized the use of GRAPHIC SHIRTS in one way or another.
It does not matter what your social status is- whether an introvert or extrovert- with your GRAPHIC T-SHIRT on, you speak more than a thousand words louder.

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Adidas shirt – coming in different range and style! Tue, 06 Jun 2017 16:00:00 +0000 When it’s all about buying a shirt, people seem to be more confused about selecting the right one. There are different shirts and t shirts coming to the market which can really make you confused. Well, the fact is that not all these shirts are announced by Adidas like brand. Now you might have started to understand the fact that what sort of reputation this brand has managed to gain over the time. Since the inception, they have offered a huge importance to quality, comfort and durability like factors. And with the announcement of Adidas shirts they are also looking forward to provide their customers all these elements in cheap. This is one of the best and is really a very good option and is liked by one and all and that makes it the best choice. It is a very good quality t-shirt and gives very good results even after washing and hence it is a need of the hour. Lots of people really like it a lot. There are lots of people who want to buy these. There are lots of stores from where you can buy this online and that also at a good price and also save lots of money and that also be sure that if you buy from an online store it will be of original quality and you can enjoy wearing it without worrying at all, about the quality
Well, the t shirts and shirts produced by the Adidas have managed to make a great statement in the market. The quality associated with these items has really enhanced the level of reputation for this company. When you are searching for Adidas shirts, you are going to come across a huge collection. There is a wide range of men’s t shirts and shirts announced for the market which is making a huge difference for the buyers and for the customers as well. Well, these shirts are meant for both men and women.
These items are loaded with awesome designs along with the logo of Adidas. Most of these items are made of high quality fabrics and best on long use. So, buying these shirts for your collection can make a huge difference for it. Well, the major fact is that such items are perfect for those who want to stay tuned with the latest fashion trends. If you are among those people, then Adidas shirts are what you should start looking for now. Most of these shirts can be washed in machine and such items last really longer. This is a big reason why Adidas shirts have managed to draw so many attentions across the globe.

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Choosing the right custom shirts design software Tue, 30 May 2017 03:50:00 +0000 Custom Shirts are useful for adding personality to your T-shirts. They give you the opportunity to have your T-shirts exactly the way you want them. There are various software available at different custom shirts design centres. All you need is to look around. One major benefit of custom T-shirts is that they allow you to add your own text, graphics, arts and photo. You are also at liberty to create your own design or use an existing one. Custom T-shirts are usually well desired because you get to customise and make specifications to the shirt which are desirable to you. You can accomplish this either by your self-using the right software and tool or by working closely with a good designer. Though it is advisable to work with a designer who is experienced in the art except you are an expert yourself. Making your own personal design and customisation is not usually so with other T-shirt types and that is why custom T-shirts are of greater value and significance. When looking for a custom t-shirt software, there are several factors to consider, two important ones are briefly discussed.

Colour option

There should be plenty of colour available to create your design. No matter the style and size of the custom shirts design you want to create, the software should offer a wide number of options to choose from.

Quality graphics and printing technology

It is important that the software offer enough quality designs to customise your T-shirt. When it comes to printing, most software are not good enough because the printed design is not as good enough as the original design. Thus always go for those software with the best integrated printing technology so that your designs will look exactly as you envisaged them.

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Embroidered shirts for office wear Sat, 13 May 2017 20:10:00 +0000 Today every event or sport is made special with customized shirts to give more coverage to the sport and event. In this digital world everybody is so busy that most of the time people are not aware of the different events that are taking place around so when you are wearing a logo shirt or tee shirt whilst travelling fellow travelers tend to ask and people come to know of the event. When searching for embroidered shirts durability, style and fashion is important. There are companies that provide these shirts for any organization.

Benefits of Embroidered Shirts

Like many people when you are working for a company that has a lot of competition in the marketplace it is ideal to wear shirts with company logo to get the attention of customers who might otherwise lend with your competitors. Your company logo gets established and your company gets known. Embroidered Shirts with company logo help people to remember your company and approach when they require your services. When shirts embroidered  with company logo are given to employees it helps build a community  where the employees feel they belong to the company and work to uplift it.

Styles in Embroidered Shirts

When people working for a company,  wear  embroidered shirts with company logo it adds a professional touch to  the company. It shows that company is interested in projecting itself  with a degree of credibility. There is a new trend in embroidered shirts which are fashionable and reasonably priced. There ladies shirts and men’s polo shirts with good quality brands are casual and fun to wear.

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Wear flannel shirts to get warmth in winters. Mon, 01 May 2017 02:40:00 +0000 The flannel shirts are made up very light wool, which make it a very soft shirt to wear in cold winters. These shirts also consist of other fabrics like cotton or polyester and it is very comfortable to wear and feels good on your skin. These shirts are worn and in demand worldwide. A Group of people who love to wear these shirts are workers and rock bands and metal band musician. These shirts look best on the musician while performing on the stage under the lights. Even Athletes love to wear these shirts during the games like cricket or baseball. It is a very famous fabric used to make pajamas which are comfortable to wear on the night.

One of the drawbacks of wearing Flannel shirts is that these shirts are highly flammable, so risky to wear near fire .People of all generation love to wear shirts made up of flannel. A huge range and variety of shirts are available in the market for both men and women. The shirts are available at affordable pricing making it a buy for anyone. These shirts are available in various designs and these designs are used for different purposes and for different activity levels.

These shirts provide warmth in the cold climate during the year and best suited while working. The traditional style of the shirt possesses one pocket on the front left side of the shirt with lots of different styles in modern and trendy shirts.

There are new types of Flannel jackets available in the market which provides same warmth and comfort to the person wearing it. These shirts are stylish and trendy to wear for the years. Women have more choices when comes to Flannel shirts in comparison to men. The girls can choose from traditional shirts to designer shirts which are available in various colors and patterns to choose. These shirts are an inseparable part of our history and will be part of the coming year too. You need to coordinate the shirt with a nice pair of trouser or pants well coordinated with each other to get a perfect look.

You can buy a ready made shirt or get it customized from an experienced tailor. The customized shirt will help you in getting the right type of fitting depending on your body and you can even add your design inputs too. Check retail stores to get a range of collection available in various shades. You can even check online stores to grab deals and offers which will allow you to buy shirts at discounted prices. You can wait for the sale on the online stores to get the high quality shirts at reasonable prices only.

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V neck t shirts for boys Sun, 16 Apr 2017 02:20:00 +0000 T shirts have always been a popular clothing item for both men and women. The light air through fabric makes it ideal to be worn for casual routine. Formerly manufactured crew necks had circular neck line with short sleeves but later fashion industry give a new modification to it in the form of v neck t shirts.

Purpose of v neck t shirt

Since the fabric of round neck shirt shows on the outer shirt, v neck t shirt addresses the situation well and do not hinder the outer shirt. V neck t shirts come in a range of colors and sizes. You can also get your customized t shirt with your signature style and pattern. You can get them imprinted with your favorite happenings and photographs. Normally on farewells and welcome parties guys usually present shirts as a token of friendship. As these shirts are inexpensive they can be afforded by teenagers easily. T- Shirts look great with denim jeans and vans shoes.

Views about v neck t shirt

Although it is solely personal preference and choice to wear your own designed clothing but general reviews may matter to some people. When talking about v neck t shirts, they were not highly appreciated by ladies. According to them v necks showcasing pubic hairs that give untidy and messy look. Also the protruding hairs out of t shirt may irritate ladies visually. However you can bring modesty to t shirts if you desired to wear such shirts by not choosing deep v necks.

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Ideas for t shirt design Mon, 27 Mar 2017 20:10:00 +0000 T shirt has always been the first choice as casual wear. You can get t shirt very easily and according to your taste. For example some people like wearing printed while some believe in wearing patterned. You can even design your t shirt according to your thoughts. What designs you can put and how, you can find from here.

Choose the base t shirt-
First you have to get a plain t shirt on which you will playing and implementing your thoughts. It’s better to go with a bright or light collared plain t shirt so that you can carve you thoughts. You can choose your base t shirt on the Neck type also like there are various types of t shirt available with v neck, polo neck or round neck

Yes you are now free to show all your arts on your t shirt. Think of some unique designs and just play with those with all your class and interest. It would be better if you draw your thoughts on a plain paper so that you can a clear idea what you are going to implement.
In particular, you can go for following things:

Print vs Pattern –

You can decide this on your own choice. Mostly in nowadays print is having lead over pattern but still up to one’s own choice and taste.

Text vs Image-

In recent time photo printing has taken over the market but sometimes if you don’t want to be very much funky then text with a pattern would be a good option.

Theme based-

It’s the time match the theme. On many occasions it is seen that people use to wear a theme specific t-shirt. For example if you are going to be a part of any message spreading occasion then you will be wearing t-shirt with that message written on it.

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Wear cool sweatshirts to look stylish Thu, 09 Mar 2017 21:20:00 +0000 Sweatshirt an essential for everyone in winters which provides you utmost comfort and protection while wearing it. There are many men and women who buy sweatshirts for fashion and to be stylish and trendy as per the latest trends. Designers are focusing a lot for designing latest styles unique sweatshirts for the buyers due to increase in demand of it. Even some customers are looking for customized sweatshirts which will be exclusively only for them. Some people even wear sweatshirts for special occasions other than winter season.

Some sweatshirts are bulky and heavy to wear so you should always check the weight of the sweatshirt before buying any particular one. The lighter weight sweatshirts are also warm and cozy which will be a style statement and will look sexy and attractive to you. Selection of the sweatshirt should be according to the body type and fit of the clothing.

There are some factors you need to keep in mind while buying cool sweatshirts such as:

  • Material: Always prefer buying a light weight sweatshirt and the one which should not be harmful for delicate skins.
  • Size: Don’t buy sweatshirts which are too large or too tight for you, otherwise you will end up feeling uncomfortable while wearing it.
  • Design: Check latest designs and patterns and if you are not convinced with them you can check various online stores to choose from a huge variety of designs of sweat shirts.

Cool sweatshirts are available at discounted prices at various retail outlets or online seasons which can be a huge money saver for a buyer. Sweatshirts are usually made up of cotton material which is thick as fleece and provide warmth during winters. It is very famous clothing among athletes and college students across the globe. It is simple in nature and durable for years with less maintenance required.

There are various designs available for cool sweatshirt category in the market such as hoodies which are shirts with integrated hood along with it. It helps in protecting and providing warmth to the wearer. Zippers sweatshirts which are open from the front. You can pair a sweatshirt with a stylish jeans and it is best suited for men or women of any age. You can check web to get some ideas about how to look fashionable while wearing sweatshirts. There are various accessories available in the market which can be coordinated with cool sweatshirts to get a fashionable look.

Sweatshirts are suitable for any type of body type irrespective of men or women .Various designs and patterns are available for both genders and it depends on your preferences and affordability which you want to add in your wardrobe.

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Info on baseball tees Mon, 06 Mar 2017 22:50:00 +0000 Baseball tees are a great way for the women to express their personalities and personal styles. Their designs add an extra level of visual interest. Because of their different designs and styles, they can fit in all the occasions.

Types of baseball tees

The baseball tees are also available in sleeves, short sleeves, and also with long sleeves. Sleeveless Baseball tees are usually worn for casual occasions. The sleeveless baseball tee with a very well designed baseball design can be can look dressier than a plain sleeveless baseball tee.

Short sleeve baseball tees are the most common sleeve length and cover woman’s upper arm. They are traditionally cut with a boxier shape.

There are also some baseball tees which have graphic designs that have different styles and graphics. They can be found in black, white or even in colored ink.

Ideas of choosing baseball tees

There are different ideas you can have while choosing the baseball tees. One of them is that you can choose baseball tee that proudly displays the logo of a beloved brand. This is because logo Tees make a bold statement.

The baseball tees usually come in many styles with a different neckline. You can choose tee which variety of neckline crew and found neckline baseball tees. This is the most common and widespread. Its neckline is so high, and it is the modest although, many women can feel that the neck is can be cut too tightly making it uncomfortable.

In line with these ideas, you can still choose the scoop and boat necklines. This is preferred by many women, and you can also like them.

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