Shorts – A Fashion Blog - crochet and knitting ideas Thu, 13 Dec 2018 19:08:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Going casual or official with high waist shorts Sun, 04 Jun 2017 17:00:00 +0000 High waist shorts are the trending clothing for hottest trends on fashion. They are best suitable for summers but can also be worn with other combinations for cold weather. The resulting design that these shorts portray is not only adorable, but they can make one appear more figurative and slender. They give an impressive illusion for those looking after something to make them appear slimmer.  The following are sleekest designs to wear these shorts for casual or official look.

Getting the casual look

Wearing high waist shorts with a crop top is a cute way of showing a bit of the skin. The good thing with this design is that, just a little bit of skin is exposed and hence you won’t be getting to levels of feeling uncomfortable. Additionally, crop tops don’t cover the upper part of your shorts so as to expose the cute design.

Going official

It is possible to wear them for a day in the office, probably if you weren’t aware. For instance, a pair of lavender wool-crepe shorts are tailored elegantly to make a perfect official wear. As a matter of fact, this particular short is a smart choice for a day at the office as well as an excellent off-duty choice. It has a waistband that is fit, turned up cuffs and zip fastening that is concealed. For a perfect office attire, they match well with silky black blouse aired with patent pumps.

With these shorts, there’s no limit to the extent of designs you can come up with. They offer a wide range of designs to suit different other desired looks.

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Why do you need mens board shorts? Sun, 04 Jun 2017 01:20:00 +0000 Mens board shorts are used as a beach wear by many. Though they have a wide choice of beach wear men prefer the board shots due to their comfort and style. Men in board shorts look great. The variety of styles and designs help you choose the best short that fits your body and taste. Many people choose surfer style since it is easy and looks great on anyone. It goes well with casual shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops. It is amazingly cool.

Does board shorts enhance looks?

Board shorts does enhance the looks of the person however, they are essentially sports clothing. It is created for surfers. It is light and are produced for rough use. It withstands sun and water and last long. They are designed to loose and allows you to move easily when you are on the surfing board. They dry quickly and feel comfortable wearing. They are good whether you are in the water surfing or just on the beach relaxing.

You have a lot of choice in board shorts. There are many brands offering different styles of shorts for you to choose. You can search online for the one which fits you perfectly. The design and style can be chosen based on your tastes. Choose the shorts based on your body shape so that it serves the designed purpose.


Mens board shorts is great attire to relax on a beach or to surf. It is well designed to last in spite of rough use in water and sun. It makes your look good and at the same time very comfortable to wear.

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Cool and funky swim trunks for men Wed, 19 Apr 2017 00:50:00 +0000 Swimming is one of the healthiest and fun provoking hobby of majority of men and women. Different styles of swim suits are being introduced in the market for the swimming livers. There is a large variety of swim trunks that are designed to give a cool and comfy feeling to the swimmers while swimming.

Styles in Swim Trunks:

There are a variety of colors available in swim trunks. Multiple colored swim trunks are designed to give men more chic look. The designs in these trunks or shorts range from plain shocking colored to stunning prints. Different floral designs look cool under the blazing sunlight. The length of these swim trunks is usually till knees.

Besides the simple style trunks, front zip and front pocket trunks are also liked by the sporty boys and men of all ages.

Materials Available in Swim Trunks:

The swim trunks are designed by using different materials. Some of them are as under,

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Jersey
  • Jeans
  • Leathered

The basic purpose behind designing these swim trunks is to make the men feel ease and comfort while enjoying waves under the sun. The dry fabric used to make these trunks gives a calm feeling to men during swimming. The front pockets help them to keep keys or other necessary things like sun glasses in them.

Different sizes of the swim trunks are made to match everyone’s body. Active guys at the beach love to wear this kind of swim suits and trunks to make their day perfect at the beach.

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Making a fashion statement with chino shorts Mon, 13 Mar 2017 19:20:00 +0000 Origin of chino shorts:

If it is summer time, Chino shorts are the primary focus of any wardrobe as it made of light fabric. The word Chino is apparently from Spanish, but made from fabric imported from China. Chino shorts are not to be confused with khakis, which is just a reference for a color. In the initial day, Khaki was the most common color used in the manufacture of chinos, but now they are available in several hues. Chinos used to be worn by military personnel in the past era and the uniform consisted of plain slacks with straightened waists and front zip or buttoning. They had absolutely no pleats. The 1950’s was the time Chinos was most accepted by youngsters.

Ways to wear chino shorts:

They can be easily paired with flip-flops and a casual shirt. Several retailers these days have started re-introducing chino as its back in vogue. They are usually made of cotton and are soft, therefore they are most suitable for hot climates and provides suitable coverage. Sometimes, they are also referred to as a dressier styled dress as they look like dress pants. They range from full-length to short versions and can be tailored to suit individual needs.  . They are unisex and are equally popular with both men and women.  The styles for woman can either be similar to pedal pushers or low-waisted. They are known for their comfort, practicality and durability.

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How plaid shorts can look classy Fri, 10 Mar 2017 13:00:00 +0000 Plaid has forever been an emblem of some quite curmudgeonly. Plaid shorts and pants allow you to pop out with a premise of maturity, and that is an excellent plus. Once you are sporting tartan shorts, individuals understand you picked an uncommon pattern, which you superimposed it to a younger article of consumer goods. That mature pattern means you recognize what you are doing — that if they assume you are weird, the jokes on them. In contrast to different similar fashion selections, tartan shorts do not add the danger that you would simply look weird: if you’re sporting tartan, you need to understand what is up.

Plaid has different looks, as well. it is a pattern that has been around for an extended time, therefore if your new shorts are tartan once tartan goes out of fashion, you will catch the tail finish of 1 trend, however you will be on the vanguard for subsequent. And since shorts are forever a la mode for his or her utility and luxury, tartan shorts can still be sensible to own even though you are not showing them off such a lot. During this case, the shorts you wear say plenty concerning you: they tell those that you are keen on comfort, however responsive to fashion, which you are a fan of selecting things, that look and feel nice. Your shorts will assist you swank your fashion sense.

The best issue concerning tartan shorts, by far, is that their recent quality has inspired more designers and retailers to concentrate to them. If you are within the marketplace for plaid shorts, you are seemingly to seek out many stores with an excellent choice of shorts that are good for your wants.

When you become aware of your new shorts, it is vital to concentrate to a couple of factors. Comfort is sort of a given — most are created with fairly nice material, and they are roomier than most leg wear. The main problems are value and pattern. As for value, the simplest bet is really to aim for smaller stores. In contrast to the massive corporations, they have a tendency to draw in individuals by having an excellent choice at an excellent value, instead of having a well-funded promoting department. Pattern is another matter entirely. Tartan shorts are available all shades and (plaid-based) patterns, that the neatest thing to try to do is simply see which of them you would be snug sporting in numerous situations: imagine sporting your tartan shorts to a celebration with friends, on a hike, on errands, etc. If it’s sane, choose it — you will find that the amount of things within which you wish to wear tartan shorts goes high once you truly have them.

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Set the trend with black high waisted shorts Tue, 07 Mar 2017 06:40:00 +0000 Are you bored of the regular kind of summer shorts that you see everyone wearing these days? If you do, and want to break the monotony and express your style with something better and trendier than that, then a nice sexy pair of black high waisted shorts may just be what you are looking for.

High waisted shorts are quite the style trend out there, and the best part about it is that you can wear those with almost anything. Black, being a color that goes well with a range of other tops and attires, can be just the thing you need if you are looking to get a quick wardrobe change. High waisted shorts let you have your own style and these come together to give you a look that will turn quite a few heads in awe.

Fashion is about expressing your own style and preferences, and not what everyone else is doing. This is why wearing something different like black high waisted shorts can be just the right choice for you. Depending on the length and kind of material you are looking for, you can find such shorts in a range of different styles from here, that too at the best prices.

Thus, as you look for different kinds of black high waisted shorts, right from denim to cotton, you will find them all at one place. With shopping now simplified and made affordable, you can easily get what you are looking for at the click of a button!

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Quick dry summer cargo shorts for men Tue, 28 Feb 2017 02:20:00 +0000 Quick dry summer shorts are the wears for men that are very much comfortable during summer. There are varieties of quick dry summer cargo shorts such as khaki shorts, simply designed beach wear jet stream board shorts, twill cargo shorts, custom shorts printed breathable cargo shorts, swimming shorts, cargo shorts with cotton tape, Bermuda cargo, new summer 2015 pleated sweet leisure colour matching shorts, free army design men’s knees’ length cargo sportsmen’s squad cargo pants etc. All the above wears are 100%cotton and are comfortable to wear. Some other materials are also used in these wears. These are also very easy to wear and relaxing. It gives a comfortable feeling. These are easily available all over the world but these are found mainly in U.s.a., Canada, Russia, Europe, UK, Australia. In one word we may say that these places are somewhat famous for these outfits.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants or cargo trousers, also sometimes called as combat trousers after their original military purpose, are loosely cut pants originally designed for tough, outdoor activities and whose design is distinguished by one or more cargo pockets. Cargo pants have become popular in urban areas as well since they are suitable for carrying items for day trips on foot. A cargo pocket is a form of patch pocket often with accordion folds for increased capacity closed with flap secured by snap, button, magnet or Velcro common on battle dress and hunting clothing. In some designs cargo pockets may be hidden within the legs.

Cargo pants are made of hard wearing fabric and ruggedly stitched. Increasingly they are made of quick-drying synthetic or cotton-synthetic blends and often feature oversized belt loops to accommodate wide webbing belts. The garments are characteristically designed to allow bending at the knee and hip and are sewn with felled seams for strength and durability. These are also available everywhere and are durable wearable’s.


Cargo shorts are cargo pants shortened at the knee. Some cargo pants are made with removable lower legs allowing conversion into shorts.

Emt pants are cargo pants which have 6-way cargo/scissor on one or both legs each with a hidden zippered pocket, a bellowed flap pocket with increased carrying capacity, Besom pockets on calves for glove storage and three slots for scissor.

Views about cargo shorts

  1. Tighter, shorter shorts will actually make your legs look bigger, whereas swamping them in cargo shorts will make them look smaller.
  2. Pockets are great, and I totally agree that some shorts these days have pockets that are way too small, and therefore lose their functionality. To me, cargo shorts are on the other end of that spectrum. If you really need eight large pockets to fit your things in, you probably should invest in a small backpack or day pack. It’s more comfortable, and less awkward looking.
  3. The pockets extend outward from the leg, and look bad. You wouldn’t want to wear a jacket with lumps everywhere, otherwise your body would look strange and irregular. Cargo shorts do the same thing to your legs.
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An overview of soccer shorts Sun, 29 Jan 2017 01:40:00 +0000 Different types of shorts can be worn by a player while they are playing a soccer game but the best option is to go for soccer shorts as they are manufactured in order to provide the best experience while playing soccer. These shorts are not only good looking but they also allow a player to move comfortably and make free movements in order to let the players give their best performance. Moreover, they are durable enough to withstand any sort of dirt as well as soccer game tumbles which have the ability to simply rip off the clothing otherwise. If you are a fan of playing soccer, you need to get such a pair of shorts in order to play in style and comfort. Some of the things that you might want to consider while making a purchase are discussed below.

Go for the right type

Soccer shorts are usually manufactured using polyester but there are two sub-choices as well. You have to choose between woven and knitted polyester. Shorts made up of woven polyester are very durable and much resistant to any sort of tears and tumbles. So if you like to play rough, buying a woven pair of shorts is the right call.

Go for the right fit

Just like any other type of clothing, getting the most appropriate fit is a requirement in soccer shorts as well. Otherwise you might feel very uncomfortable and inconvenient while playing and it may lead to bad performance in the field.

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How to choose best mens cargo shorts? Wed, 18 Jan 2017 07:10:00 +0000 You will find people wearing cargo shorts everywhere. They have emerged as the latest fashion trend. It is not men alone but women too started preferring cargo shorts not just for appeal but also for their comfort. Mens Cargo shorts are available in various designs and styles. To have a nice appearance, these shorts have fit perfectly.

Best cargo shorts

Finding cargo shorts is quite challenging since a lot of designs are available which will make you overwhelming. To make a choice, you can find the best shorts by looking at fashion magazines or browsing through online. You can find a lot of designs and styles in online stores. It is helpful to browse through them since you will have pictures along with a lot of reviews to know how each design looks. You can gaze its popularity based on the reviews.

You can also check mens cargo shorts based on brands. Get to know which occasions these shorts can be used and the accessories that go along with them. you can choose the tops that match the shorts to get that trendy look. Choose perfect accessories to enhance the appeal. Fashion tips can help you groom yourself well so that you look great in cargo shorts.


It is always best to do proper research before you buy them. Online is a treasure trove of information which you can utilize. You can ask your friends for their opinion. The internet offers best deals on certain occasions. It is best to wait for such deals since you can get the shorts at a discounted price.

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