A guide to buying skater skirts

Skating is a very healthy activity while it is so much fun at the same time. It is incorporated with a lot of movements including spins and jumps. While you are skating, it is very important to wear the proper skater skirt. In order to find the right outfit, you need to take care of a few things. This guide takes you through some of the basic types of skater skirts in order for you to make the right purchase.

Competition skater skirts

Such types of skirts are decorated using chiffon, sequins, lace and crystals. Combinations of bright colors are used for the manufacturing of outfits that may be remembered by the judges. Due to this fanciness, they are a bit expensive in comparison to the ordinary skating outfits.

Testing Dresses for Skating

Testing skating dresses are used when a skater is giving the judges a demo about their skating skills. These outfits are simple but elegant and incorporate long sleeves with dark colors. The purpose behind making them a bit dull is to keep the attention of the judges to the abilities of the skater rather than their outfits.

Skater skirts for practice

Practice skater skirts are economical and simple. They are the most comfortable and convenient type of skating outfits and are made up of spandex, micro fibers or lycra.


Skater skirts are available in a number of fabrics including velvet, micro fibers, lycra and spandex. Care should be taken that you buy the material which best suits you and which you feel the most comfortable in.

Get the perfect look for any occasion by sporting the ever green white maxi skirt

The best fashion product to look your very best on any occasion

The fashion industry has blossomed in the past few decades. A lot of fashion products and commodities have been made available to the customers all around the world. And having good quality clothing apparels in your wardrobe is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity. And therefore you should have the best clothing apparels in your wardrobe if you want to look your very best. And one such fashion product that helps the wearer feel calm and relaxed and enhances the style grace and elegance of the wearer is white maxi skirt. White maxi skirt is a fashion product that looks great on any wearer regardless of the clothing apparel worn in combination. They are the best clothing apparels when it comes to giving the wearer a sense of enhanced confidence. And they express the attitude and demeanour of the customer in an elegant and graceful manner.

The various benefits of wearing a white maxi skirt

White maxi skirt is available in various designs and patterns. It can be bought as a plain skirt or as a skirt that has a lot of patterns printed on it. So if you are in need of a fashion product that makes you look stylish and graceful and feels comforting to wear, you should definitely buy the white maxi skirt to look appealing and stylish.

2 big mistakes that women make when washing their denim skirts

To keep your denim or jeans looking new for a long time, you need to be careful about how you handle it. Many times we only hear that it’s not good to wash them with a machine, but this is not enough. Keeping them well and in their market color is a little bit challenging. To keep yours looking good, avoid the following two big mistakes that lots of women make when it comes to handling or washing of denim skirts.

Cramming Many at Once

Stuffing lots of garments into a load at once is wrong and in fact, increases the amount of wear and tear that your fabrics go through. Well, we know that stuffing them into a load helps us clear them faster, but the fact is that losses are more than the benefits. So do you want to make cleaning easy and damage as many as possible or better handle a few at a time and preserve their pretty fabric of your denim skirts? The choice is purely a matter of personal feeling. Therefore, go for that which you feel is okay with you.

Leaving In the Dryer For Too Long

Leaving your clothes not only skirts makes the fabric shrink and over-dried. If you want to have beautiful clothes and avoid damaging their fabrics especially for the jeans, then take them inside when they are a little bit damp. Just put them in the right shape and leave them to complete drying on a hanger.

These are the common mistakes that many women make with denim skirts. If you are one of them, stop the habit immediately to save your lovely clothes.

Fringe skirt for easter

Most of us are not high profile public figures. We are not available all times with nicest outfits, add-on accessories and outclass makeup to adore ourselves. We keep expensive and stylish things reserve for grand gatherings and big events to look charismatic and mesmerizing. Below two dresses are discussed which are eclectic enough to create exotic style statement.

Fringe skirt

Fringe skirt is an ideal outfit to wear if you want to enjoy an appealing Hollywood look. If you are having budget constraints counterfeit can be an option too. High floral heels with some denim jacket, fine jewelry pieces, fringed top and vibrant lip color will not only boost your vivacity but will take you to another world. Cool summer look can also be achieved with some fluorescent fringe skirt accompanied by some slippers or sneakers, big colorful shades, chic hat and nice beaded bracelets and neck pieces.  Achieving cowboy look is super easy with leather fringe skirt, leather vest braided hat long leather boots and some nice heavy leather belts. The slits of fringe skirt can be adjusted according to the need of the place. It is a good idea to use smaller slits for old-fashioned environment.6

Formal maxi dress

Formal maxi dress is another outfit class which serves variety of occasions including date, dance floor, weddings and prom nights. A nice maxi dress is equipped with exquisite style, cut and stitch. It not only flaunts over your body giving a super sexy appeal but also symbolizes your signature look.

All you need to know about crochet skirt

If there was one clothing piece that can be termed truly beautiful then it would definitely be ‘crochet skirts’. Crochet skirts signify the true beauty of clothing. The carefully crafted artistic works, the magnificent use of fabrics all makes it beautiful.

Crochet skirts have been endorsed by celebrities and alike for long. Remember Emma Watson flaunting in a crochet skirt, or Beyoncé in her music video wearing a crochet skirt. That’s the appeal of crochet skirts.

We’ll list out why you need a crochet skirt in your collection. Go for it.

  • Be trendy
  • Gone are the days, when laces and crocheting were associated with old-age. The conservative thoughts have been remodeled to become a fashion forefront in the modern day. Try a crochet skirt and be a part of the current trend.
  • It’s versatile
  • Crochet skirts are pretty versatile niche. They math out with any top-wear. What more can one ask for? Pair your crochet skirt with tank-tops or graphic tees or even chambray shirts or buttoned-down shirts. The list goes on and on.
  • Different variants
  • Crochet skirts come in different variants. It comes in a knee-length type and the midi-types. There’s these ankle length skirts too alongside the short skirts. You won’t find a greater choice of options than in the crochet skirts.
  • A Boho-chic look
  • Ahem, here comes the styling trend, the Boho-chic look. Crochet skirts are a famous staple of Boho-dressing style. Wear it along with the right accessories and you can have on your hands a completely inspired Boho-chic look.

The trendy pleated midi skirts

The dress skirts for women have been in fashion for centuries and are now more stylish with the invention of various patterns of skirts. Skirts are available in a number of stylish designs and come in all the sizes to suit every woman’s body type and styles.

The different styles of women’s skirt

The women’s skirt styles ranges from mini skirt, pleated midi skirt and long skirts. The skirts can not only be worn with formal outfits but also go well with any other outfits and at all occasions. You can wear the skirts in all seasons and accessorize them to suit the particular season. The skirts can be matched with beautiful blouses to accentuate the look which will be more appealing.

Midi skirts- the most common length of skirts

The most commonly worn length of skirts by women is the pleated midi skirts. These skirts are below the length of the knee slightly and go till the mid calf length. The midi skirts can be worn as both casual wear as well as for work wear. This style of skirts is usually made to look fitted and very feminine which is a reminiscent of the fashions of the 1940s. They are also made to be looser and flowing with some movement in them.

The pleated midi skirt looks attractive when it is worn shorter right above the knee length. These types of skirts are made with pleats in them which add flare to your personality when worn and they fit at the waist. The pleated midi skirts suit any type of body perfectly and complement the look.

The guideline of crochet skirt pattern

Crochet skirts are quite a beautiful piece of clothing material. They are elegant in their strides and the fabric mould lends them that precise finesse. As has been the current trend, crochet skirts are quite high on the demand lists.

We’d dissect the crochet technique and different patterns of crochet skirts down here.


  • All you need is a fine looking fabric and a crocheting hook. You need to start slowly from the edges and make out the shape as per the reference. It may involve looping of the fabrics over one another or locking them in a mould. Finish off with artistic impressions that you want.

The patterns

  • Spider-web pattern
  • This one requires the intricate design resembling the web of a spider. This crochet skirt has tight rounds on the waist and hip to fit it to the body while the bottom area gets crafted as per the web pattern with elongated look.
  • Crochet skirt-poncho pattern
  • Don’t be amazed by the title. This pattern doubles up not only as a skirt but also as a poncho. It’s convertible and highly mobile. These are normally knee-lengths.
  • The ankle-long crochet skirt pattern
  • It’s just the way ankle-long skirts are designed. The long and tight look hugging the body around. That’s the typical way of dressing in an ankle-long crochet skirt. Ankle-long are normally longer than the midi-ones.
  • The wraparound crochet skirt pattern
  • This one’s got to be the most preferred one. It’s as easy as it can get. Just wrap around your waist and you’re good to go. And it looks just fine

Black bodycon skirt and its many advantages

Skirts never go out of style. No matter when or how you wear them, skirts are that type of clothing that will always look good. There are clothing pieces that stay around for 2-3 years and then just vanish like that. But skirts are old school and new school. And the specifically amazing part about skirts is that they are so variant. The types of skirts there are, can take up the entire English language. You have the main categories that are length, style, cut and design. And within these 4 main categories are hundreds of smaller categories. Only in the length category you have; ankle length, knee length, thigh length and the middle of all these.

But there is one sort of style that is a classic and loved by all women. Bodycon skirts are perfect for those women who are confident of their body types and is incredibly trendy and sexy. Black bodycon skirt is a true beauty when worn. There is a slew of different black bodycon skirt types you can choose from. There are plain ones like show in the images below but there are also ones with different types of details like you can see in the first and second last picture. These tiny details make a big difference in altering your overall outlook. Another great advantage of black bodycon skirt is that it looks great with any top you wear. Animal print, plain, floral and even ones with abstract art are said to look awesome. Also if you are going for a meeting or professional arrangement, a black bodycon skirt will suit perfectly.

Leather pencil skirt – buying guide

The term pencil skirt is used for a skirt that is designed to fit form the hips and waist to the hem. It reaches a little above or to the knees. Some of them have some curves at the knees. The pencil skirt shows off the curves of the women and makes her look attractive. There are no limitations of wearing the pencil skirt. You can wear it almost anywhere. It is the perfect choice for the office and formal functions.

Leather Pencil Skirt:

The pencil skirts are available in many materials including the cotton, wool etc. The most common of these is the leather pencil skirt. Leather has its own charm and beauty. It looks beautiful and is available in different styles and designs.

Buying a Leather Pencil Skirt:

While buying a leather pencil skirt you need to take care of few things. The most important is the size. As I already mentioned, it follows the curves, the sizing needs to be perfect. You must have a look at the size chart and then choose accordingly to your measurements. The other factors include the quality and the color. The choice of the color is your own. You can go for light colors or plain colors if you are buying it for office and so. The leather pencil skirts are easily available all across the world. You will also be able to find so many online stores offering a huge range of leather pencil skirts.