Suits – A Fashion Blog - crochet and knitting ideas Thu, 13 Dec 2018 19:08:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Here’s what you need to know before you buy a track suit Sun, 11 Jun 2017 13:30:00 +0000 Finding a track suit seems like a simple enough task- there is no shortage of these in the market. However, there are a few things that you must be aware of before you put in your money, especially if you are looking to buy a good quality tracksuit online. Before you begin to look for tracksuits on a particular site, making sure that it is a genuine site is a good idea. This is where shopping with a reputed name can add quite the advantage for you.

There have been quite a number of identical replicas of original brands and trademarks being sold online- and often, the difference are hard to tell by just looking. You should ensure that the product you are buying has positive reviews from users, and that there is a fair returns/replacement policy on it. This helps you get the best out of your money and makes sure that you get the product you pay for.

The kind of material that you need in a track suit makes a lot of difference. If you need one for the hotter months, then a light yet durable material such as cotton mixed with a very minute percentage of some other fabric may do the trick. It should allow air to pass through and be sweat absorbent. For colder months, you will need a track suit that keeps you warm- but something that is not overly warm either.

All you need to do is be aware of simple points like these to get the perfect track suit for you that suits all your needs!

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Wear brioni suits for handmade suits fitting Sun, 07 May 2017 23:10:00 +0000 Brioni a brand which was founded by Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini the Rome, Italy in the year 1950.It featured men on the ramp walk for the first time. The vision was clear that the beginning only that they wanted to offer quality suits to the world and fashion followers. There were minute details taken care of by the designers and to provide uncompromising quality apparels to the men the brand brioni is designing suits which are appreciated by the art of clothing lovers across the globe.

The best attributes of these suits are streamlined waist, perfect fitting, tailor made according to the man’s body. These suits look best for every type of body; the suits are designed in such a way that they are perfect for any age men. The fabrics used in the designing of the suits are inspected properly to check whether the fabric contains the required elasticity or not. The suits are usually made up of Silk, Cotton or wool fabric to provide comfort suits which offer free movement while wearing it. Usually Brioni suits are handmade that’s why they are the softest and lightest because of the fabric used in it.

Brioni reflects your style which is ageless and the suit will be part of your wardrobe for years. The suits are available in various designs and patterns like striped or pinstripe pattern which is considered as best for business meetings and other formal occasions. The brioni offers other accessories which can be easily coordinated with the suit to get the best look of it. The Neckwear from the Brioni is made up of natural silk which is handmade and stain resistant.

Suits are considered as an essential of every man’s wardrobe and every man try to have different style and designs of suits from designer stores. If you are among those who love to collect suits made by different renowned designers of the globe, then you should not miss Brioni suits. These suits are available in various colors and you can have the numerous from the same brand. The fitting of these suits is perfect for any body type.

You can check retail store of the Brioni to check the latest updates on the suits which you can add in your wardrobe. You can even choose any of the suits as a casual wear too which can be best suited for any type of casual parties. It is a true reflection of your style and taste and will make you stand ahead of the crowd. You can even check numerous online stores to get the suits at discounted prices and can avail various offers and discounts to buy the suit of your choice

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The black suits and the business attire Fri, 28 Apr 2017 04:10:00 +0000 For generations, black is that the most generally taken color that ranks high in quality. In fact, each culture, tradition, race, society and even a company has their own notion of what black is. This color will represent each positive and negative aspect of life and emotions. Death, devil, and mourning area unit a number of the connotation that goes with black within the Western world. On one hand, Africans consider this color as a logo of sorcery and occult primarily as a result of their rituals area unit normally done at nighttime. And on the opposite hand, Japanese culture reveres that black is that the color that signifies eminence, and skill. For Europeans this would be the color that’s usually connected to intelligence.

The selection of black suits for men

Conversely for the style world specifically in men’s fashion, black is that the good image of power, authority, expertness, and masculinity. This has been a permanent image of fashion through generations despite the very fact that fashion trends designs keep it up dynamic for years and even styles and styles seem methodically; black suits became a profound badge of public convenience impressiveness particularly within the business trade.

Characteristics of black suit

The classic characteristic of black suits transcended through time; creating it the foremost distinguished use as public convenience formal wear and also the like. Formal gatherings like weddings, church functions; business events like conferences, business conferences, etc. demand the necessity of this suit kind. Public convenience black suits enhance the wearer’s temperament. The actual fact is that these suits area unit very versatile, it will set with colorful vests and ties.

More so, as for business apparel, men’s black suits area unit that is an indicator of social and monetary richness. These suits are thought-about and known as luxurious accessories among man’s manly collections like watches, cars, sports, etc. as a result of it is associated with the look for man which people would perpetually judge. Hence, this suit is that the best option for the upper professionals within the society.

Further black suits are a part of the face of it expensive as a result of the demand that goes with it. Primary reason maybe that it’s manufactured from finest materials and smart craft also. However on the opposite hand, what’s true is that; there are a part of plenty of less suits come in the market that don’t lack the design and style that expensive black suit has. Also, as a result of its demand one will find array of styles and designs with public convenience suits come in the market. Likewise, on-line stores provide nice deals and promos for this kind of suit.

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Guide to buying mens formal wear Thu, 13 Apr 2017 03:50:00 +0000 Formal wear is one type of outfit that will help you achieve the fashion elegance that you are looking for. You will look quite dashing and fashionable if you choose the best mens formal wear. Formal wear comes in different types according to the occasion.

Understanding formal wear

The formal wear includes any clothing that you wear in formal events including the events like wedding, balls etc. The mens formal wear is usually conservative in nature as it does not contain any loud colors or prints. There are two types of formal events and they include; black tie event and the white tie event. The black event is usually any event that is held after 6 0’clock. The different events require different types of clothing. You should thus make sure that you adhere to the set standards when you attending either of the two events.


There are different elements of the formal wear including;

  • Outercoats
  • Waist coats; these are the coats that are worn on top of the dress shirt.
  • Pants; the pants should be made of the same fabric like the outer coat and they need to be of the same color.
  • Shirts; you can choose any style of shirt. The color however differs depending on the event
  • Neck wear; regardless of the event you choose to attend, you should wear the bow tie. The only difference will be in the color- the black bow tie is meant for the black tie event while the white bow tie for the white tie events
  • Foot wear; the standard color of the shoe is black
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About pinstripe suits Fri, 24 Mar 2017 06:00:00 +0000 The pinstripe suits are the most commonly used suits in the business sectors these days.

Widely Used in the Business Sectors

The pinstripe suits are widely worn by business men. These suits are the best in making the impression on the onlookers. These suits are available in a wide range of choices. The men can choose the best classic suits from a wide range of pinstripe suits. In business sectors, these suits are used to make an authoritative impression on the other. While giving presentations and delivering business-related lectures these suits are very useful in making an overall impression on the audience. These dresses are best for taller guys.

Formal Wears

In formal occasions and formal parties the pinstripe suits are mostly worn by the men. These give a classic and manly look. These suits are worn as formal dresses. If you are heading to a club or a tea party, then these dresses should not be worn. In official parties and in weddings these are widely worn by the men.

Wearing a Solid Tie

Wearing a solid tie is an essential accessory to the pinstripe suits. Ties elevate the elegance of your dress. Moreover, the colour of the tie must be in accordance with the colour of suit and the shirt that you have worn underneath it. You don’t need to wear a tie with different styles, a plain solid colour tie is the best for pinstripe suits. These elevate the elegance and glamour of the suite.

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Steal the limelight with a black tuxedo Sun, 12 Mar 2017 12:00:00 +0000 A wedding most important occasion of bride and groom’s life. On this day, even the groom wants to look the best he knows the bride grabs all attention on the day. If you are getting married in a few days and confused what to wear on your special day to look perfect , go blindly for a black tuxedo which is perfect for anybody time and will steal the limelight. A black tuxedo is suitable for other type of occasions too, like prom nights or a friend’s wedding or if you are going to attend any award night or parties.

You can experiment with various accessories to change your looks for different occasions. Experiment with your looks according to the traditional or modern occasion:

  • If you are going to attend an afternoon event a black tuxedo is perfect .Choose a single breasted jacket without any coattails. You can also experiment with a tuxedo vest and tie to get up a formal style look.
  • If you want to dress up according to the latest contempt fashion trends you can wear a cutaway coordinated with a perfect trouser and a black colored tuxedo.
  • If you are attending a night function wear a black tuxedo with a pure cotton shirt with turned down collar.
  • Choose Single breasted clack tuxedo if your body type is slim and height is short .If you have a sporty body type choose a shawl collar tuxedo. Slim and tall man can choose any type of tuxedo.

Make it sure that the fitting of your tuxedo is best otherwise it will not enhance your looks ad personality for which it is designed. Tuxedo is the most favorite clothing for men for any type of occasion. A Tuxedo is a considered as formal and semi formal dress for man where trousers and coats need to be well coordinated with each other to get a perfect look. The fitting should be perfect with correct length of pant and appropriate length of the sleeves of the coat. Black is a widely acceptable color across the globe and is also easily available in the market in various styles and patterns in it. It will help you in getting a sophisticated look in any type of social gathering.

Tuxedo suits fabric should be of fine quality usually suits are made up of wool or polyester.These suits are available in various styles like single breasted to double breasted suits which can be uniquely coordinated with various types of accessories available in the market. You can buy a suit from a branded store available in the market or even can check on the various online stores to get it on attractive prices.

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Different kind of mens suits Sun, 12 Mar 2017 04:10:00 +0000 There are suits to suit every occasion and make a man look dapper in them. But, selecting the right suit for the right occasion can be very tricky.

The perfect suit

The suit is globally considered to be the mark of a man’s style statement. Selecting a perfect suit for an occasion can be quite daunting as well as confusing. A suit is generally a two or three outfit comprising of a jacket, a trouser and sometimes a waistcoat. Usually the jacket and the trouser will be of the same fabric. The style of the suit is characterized by the lapel and the buttons.

Single breasted suits

Single-breasted suits comprise of jackets that have only one, two or three sets of buttons and button holes that do not. These are generally used as dinner jackets and can be worn with a waistcoat also of the same fabric as the jacket.

Double breasted suits

Jackets with two front flaps overlapping across the body are called double breasted suits. They usually have four to six button options. They are elegant and are more suitable for tall men generally worn by tall men for an elegant look. They have a conservative and restrained appearance.

Business Suits

The business suits have a very formal cut. They come in stylish, sharp cuts and somber colors. They are generally made in dark colored fabrics.


The most stylish and ultra formal is the tuxedo. It is the most appropriate outfit and can be worn for any formal occasion. It is the most stylized ceremonial wear.

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Carry the evergreen look by wearing women’s suit Tue, 21 Feb 2017 05:50:00 +0000 The perfect attire

Women have, since ages paid much attention to their grooming and products pertaining to enhance their beauty. Each and every woman of today’s modern era wants a good clothing apparel in her wardrobe which makes her feel beautiful and gorgeous. And there are many products available in today’s market which have the capability to do so. One such product is women’s suit. Women’s suit is a clothing apparel worn by women all over the world with much fondness and is appreciated by everyone. It is an evergreen commodity which always makes the wearer look elegant and stylish at the same time. It is one of those rare clothing apparels which can be found all over the globe and is taken into consideration from woman of various countries. So wearing it has become a symbol and trade mark of elegance, style and grace.

The benefits of wearing women’s suits

There are various benefits of wearing women’s suit. They are light comfortable, much to the pleasure of the wearer. They are also available in various designs shapes and sizes too. The pattern of these women’s suits changes as you move from one country to another but the quality of the fabric used remains the same. And the durability of the material remains persistent everywhere across the globe. So after ensuring that the material used is to your likeness and the colour and size suits you, you should definitely try one of these suits.

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Choosing a business suit for women Fri, 17 Feb 2017 00:00:00 +0000 Dressing up with the proper outfit in workplace is all about sporting a well-polished look which might instantly acknowledge North American nation from alternative ‘cool gals’. In spite of whether or not we tend to attend the business meeting or just do our job at work, a well-groomed look with crisp vogue tends to own no alternatives. It’s believed that the proper garments not solely offer North American nation the competent image, however additionally build North American nation additional distinguished from the gang. Once it involves choosing the business suits for women, it’s not all regarding the correct designs, however additionally regarding materials, colors, description and cuts. It’s time to be told additional regarding the proper skilled consumer goods choices for girls now!

Valuable recommendation on selecting business suits for women

Don’t know wherever to start out buying the Business suits for women? Here is a good tip to consult: “Dress like our boss!” don’t think in this? Truly, this is often called the powerful rule to be followed in our workplace wherever there’ll not be any explicit code. As a result, do not be keep staring at our boss, and then begin following her style like what her outfits, shoes, hairstyles and bags. Remember, follow, and however not copy her!

Best Picks

Skirts or pants choices, it’s our own decision. However, regardless of what we tend to choose, attempt to confirm that it’s made from the high-quality and smart material. One in all the nice alternatives for the ready-made items is customized suit. Having the proper fitting garments and choosing out the proper colors can forever be thought-about because the key to the proper look. At that point, the black pant suit will be listed mutually of the highest wardrobe designs for women since the black suit is commonly represented because the ideal selection for any business occasion.

Outfits to Avoid

Whenever we tend to prepare the clothes for work, it’s extremely vital to understand that styles of outfit we must always stand back from. Stretched, crush, and wrinkled materials would also be complete no-no. Remember! Trousers and sweat shirts are going to be ideal for “workout”, instead of “workplace”. Similarly, keep the clothes pants off within the skilled section of our wardrobe.

Keep in mind that the opaque tights have to be compelled to be chosen one time we tend to guarantee donning them with the correct tiptop and footwear which might offer the right look. Alternatively garments to steer afar from area unit the spangle top. Apparel that shows off the additional skin, regardless of however formal it’s, should be unbroken off. Additionally, skirts have to be compelled to be 1-2 inches higher than knees or hinge joint.

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