Sweaters – fashionarrow.com http://fashionarrow.com A Fashion Blog - crochet and knitting ideas Thu, 13 Dec 2018 19:08:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.9 The finest and most stylish of cashmere sweaters out there http://fashionarrow.com/the-finest-and-most-stylish-of-cashmere-sweaters-out-there/ http://fashionarrow.com/the-finest-and-most-stylish-of-cashmere-sweaters-out-there/#respond Sun, 11 Jun 2017 02:10:00 +0000 http://www.fashionarrow.com/the-finest-and-most-stylish-of-cashmere-sweaters-out-there When it comes to finding sweaters for women, then the selection is what can easily lead you to a host of different places in search of that perfect sweater. If you are looking for a sweater that is not just warm, but also comfortable, stylish and looks great with almost everything that you have in your wardrobe, then you are surely looking for nothing else apart from cashmere sweaters!

Cashmere is a form of wool that is obtained from cashmere and other types of goats. What makes this fabric different is the fact that it not only has a finer texture than most wool variants, but is also extremely light and soft. Cashmere clothes provide an insulation that is over three times better than what traditional sheep wool can get. This makes cashmere the right kind of material for a variety of different winter clothing, including sweaters.

If you are worried then cashmere sweaters may cost you a lot of money, then you are wrong! When you shop for them from the right place, not only will you find the largest variety of sweaters all at a single place, but also end up saving quite a bit of money. With the most affordable of rates and best service that the market has to offer, your search for the finest of sweaters in cashmere has led you to the right place. You can go ahead and browse the large collection of cashmere sweaters, and add what you like to your wardrobe right now!

look fashionable with the cashmere sweaters IOYAXVD 10 cashmere sweaters for cold-weather adventures GTHBPGK cashmere sweaters equipment sloane cashmere sweater STIRXLK cashmere sweaters MZIMUTU cashmere sweaters crew cashmere colorblock sweater i thought you might enjoy thisu2026 VWMFYIL cashmere sweaters uniqlo cashmere v-neck sweater SVDOIXU cashmere sweaters grey cashmere cardigan edith MCILFUK cashmere sweaters cashmere sweater / suprisingly usual u0026 at the same time cool NHCMHQE cashmere sweaters green cashmere sweater UIRUMST cashmere sweaters elizabeth cable cashmere jacket PJOKOHN cashmere sweaters jennie liu womenu0027s 100% cashmere long sleeve pullover crew neck sweater  navy small MSLOSTM cashmere sweaters ... of  LIZVFPD ]]>
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Cable knit sweater for comfort http://fashionarrow.com/cable-knit-sweater-for-comfort/ http://fashionarrow.com/cable-knit-sweater-for-comfort/#respond Sat, 03 Jun 2017 11:30:00 +0000 http://www.fashionarrow.com/cable-knit-sweater-for-comfort A cable knit sweater of high quality and accurately fits you is the most flattering garment to wear. The cable knit sweater adds weight to a skinny physique and streamlines a large figure. Its purposeful use is to keep you a warm while and break the monotony of wearing dress shirts and slacks to the office. There are very many styles and patterns for the crochet knit sweater, and you choose the best that matches with your style.

What to consider for a perfect cable knit sweater

The fabric of the crochet knit sweater is of key when choosing the best crochet knit sweater. The fabric you choose should have the ability to retain heat and have a soft touch.

The color of the crochet knit sweater is also a crucial factor when looking for the open look. This is because the color affects the situation in which you are in. Pick crochet knit sweater that with dark colors if you want to be more formal and conservative. For summer, you can go for light colors since they are acceptable to the conditions of summer and spring. Brighter colors are less precise and can be used for casual wear giving an impression of not taking oneself too seriously.

The pattern of the crochet knit sweater should also be considered before choosing the best for you. The pattern of the crochet knit sweater should match with your style of dressing and your design to give you a good impression. This can be by matching the color and the style for your best design.

beige high neck loose cable knit sweater -shein(sheinside) OTBZGGH sheinside offers grey long sleeve batwing cable knit sweater u0026 more to fit  your FIGQJPK beige white diamond cable knit sweater MWYSLRF cable knit sweater womenu0027s HQMEEAA knits to cool weather! taakk - chunky cable knit sweater http://www ECOUVJA cable knit sweater motherhood maternity cable-knit sweater JNPHKKB a.p.c. / irish cable knit sweater - whant this one in all colours ! VRAJTMG cable knit sweater ... womenu0027s deep river cable-knit sweater, washed indigo, xsmall EFQBHDA ... cerruti cable knit sweater FFODBWC j. crew fisherman cable knit sweater BYUYARH cable knit sweater aran cabled sweater- fisherman sweater - natural white CWEHXKI ... red valentino cable knit sweater MINPTTU ]]>
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Guide to sweaters for men http://fashionarrow.com/guide-to-sweaters-for-men/ http://fashionarrow.com/guide-to-sweaters-for-men/#respond Mon, 29 May 2017 20:00:00 +0000 http://www.fashionarrow.com/guide-to-sweaters-for-men The cold season can bring out many sweaters from people’s wardrobes. However, we often fail to realize that sweaters can also be worn during those lightly warm days, as well as to the office. This helps in breaking the monotony of wearing business suits all the time. Sweaters for men can be viewed as both a functional piece of the wardrobe as well as a flatter to the physique.

Sweater Fabric

Sweaters are made of different fabrics which can either be natural or synthetic. Natural materials include yarn made from cashmere, wool, or cotton, while synthetic materials include polyester, acrylic or rayon. The natural fabrics are preferred due to the level of warmth, comfort and durability they offer.

Sweater Styles

There are four different styles of sweaters for men. One is the cardigan style which is mostly underused by men. It however is very versatile, having the capability to worn by men of all ages, and with pants of different types. The other styles are the polo sweater, crew-neck sweater, V-neck sweater and the popular turtle-neck sweater.

Sweater Colors

The colors of men’s sweaters are mostly neutral colors, which are suitable for casual as well as formal wear. Lighter colors are also available, but these are mostly suitable for those bright casual days.

Sweater Patterns

Te most popular sweater pattern for men’s sweaters are the Argyle pattern, which are comprised of diamond shapes. The patterns can have different colors to make the sweater patterns more noticeable. Other great patterns are the different knitting patterns such as Aran, which produce intricately designed sweaters for men.

sweaters for men men extra fine merino crewneck sweater, wine, medium WSJCRJG sweaters for men nautica menu0027s v-neck classic fit sweater ZMFGZOW sweaters for men mens slim fit light weight v-neck pullover sweater XLUFHBT sweaters for men - buy mens sweaters, woollen sweaters online - myntra BJGROAP sweaters for men grey and white sweater - menu0027s fashion style winter sweater game POPMXSL sweaters for men cotton-cashmere zip sweater-jacket TEKYSFC sweaters for men tasso elba shawl collar sweater OQMTCTH sweaters for men lacoste jumper men / lacoste sweater men / lacoste 90s sweater / lacoste  90s NKLYYUH sweaters for men from er: quarter zip sweater. iu0027d want one a little slimmer perhaps. and  preferrably LYFBBZS sweaters for men striped v-neck sweater for men MDCONDU sweaters for men best 25+ mens cardigan sweaters ideas only on pinterest | 1950 mens  fashion, 50s ANERGFZ sweaters for men men cotton cashmere cable crew neck sweater, gray, medium CMEOXJG ]]>
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Why novelity christmas jumpers are necessary part of christmas http://fashionarrow.com/why-novelity-christmas-jumpers-are-necessary-part-of-christmas/ http://fashionarrow.com/why-novelity-christmas-jumpers-are-necessary-part-of-christmas/#respond Wed, 26 Apr 2017 05:10:00 +0000 http://www.fashionarrow.com/why-novelity-christmas-jumpers-are-necessary-part-of-christmas Christmas is the most awaited occasion of the year. We plan for it the whole year and start preparing many a months in advance. Excitement for this occasion is out of this world. From young to old, everybody gets aflutter by the mere notion of Christmas. Love, care and gifts that are shared, Christmas trees that beautify and illuminate our houses everything is special/ Christmas is a day of celebration and partying.


Jumpers are a necessary part of our dressing on Christmas. Since it is December and most part of the world is covered with snow, jumpers make sense. They make even more sense when they have a Christmas tree, snow lights etc. knitted on them. Christmas jumpers are equally popular among men and women. You can find many novelty, funny, cool, funky Christmas jumpers easily from the market that too at affordable prices.


We all love to give and take gifts on Christmas. Novelty jumpers are great to gift on this special day. You can gift the ones with funny quotes to your friends or siblings and cousins. It will spread a beatific smile on their faces on a gleeful day. You can get customized one with your own words. You also have the option of getting them with reindeers, beers, snow scene designs etc.


The good thing about novelty Christmas jumpers are that they can be knitted in any color. They are not confined to red color (that is the color of Christmas) still they convey a feel of Christmas to the hilt. They are unisex so there is no barrier of colors and designs. Lose fitted jumpers look super cool. Girls can wear them with shorts & long boots, loose curl on hair and are ready for Christmas

novelty christmas jumpers value funny christmas jumper! novelty christmas jumper - medium VGPZTNF novelty christmas jumpers novelty christmas jumper front u0026 back rudolph - ladiesu0027 10-22 EVCIJWU novelty christmas jumpers ugly u0027white christmasu0027 sweater for men - front view AFAQKYQ novelty christmas jumpers mens christmas jumper xmas novelty knitwear sweater santa elf snowman  threadbare | ebay PIGTYQI novelty christmas jumpers menu0027s christmas jumpers OFWZRGQ novelty christmas jumpers 2016 MOXLZDP novelty christmas jumpers christmas xmas unisex jumper sweater retro novelty vinatage ladies mens  size new RMADKEF novelty christmas jumpers novelty christmas jumper BPFPIAR novelty christmas jumpers girltalk christmas jumper novelty knitted jumper 3050 (s/m (8-10), red):  amazon.co.uk: clothing YTXQPBL novelty christmas jumpers mens novelty rudolph christmas jumper VVZSDYE novelty christmas jumpers womens mens home alone retro christmas jumper vintage novelty merry xmas  sweater UGIUFCV novelty christmas jumpers ho, ho, ho ... we love a novelty christmas jumper! hereu0027s AYNJLTQ ]]>
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Crochet sweater patterns for your loved ones http://fashionarrow.com/crochet-sweater-patterns-for-your-loved-ones/ http://fashionarrow.com/crochet-sweater-patterns-for-your-loved-ones/#respond Sun, 09 Apr 2017 13:40:00 +0000 http://www.fashionarrow.com/crochet-sweater-patterns-for-your-loved-ones Have you seen the patterns in your sweater closely? If so have you seen the patterns in a manufactured sweater and hand-knitted crochet sweater patterns? If so, you would have known the difference between the two. Generally, the manufactured products’ finish will be a top notch. Because all the work is done by the machines. There will be no error. In crochet sweater patterns which are hand knitted, you will be able to see some errors. Even though there are so many errors still the crochet sweater patterns will be so beautiful. Can you guess the reason? Well, most of the people will have the right answer for this.

The manufactured sweater patterns are good, but it lacks love. What is so beautiful than crochet sweater patterns for your own child and see them wearing it? There is no shortage of delight in that. You will be pumped up right. Because you would have put all your love into those patterns. Is that not true? You will be thinking about your kids’ right from the beginning. When you put your heart and soul to it, there will be no shortage of beauty in it. It will look naturally beautiful even though there are some manufacturing defects. Design your own crochet sweater patterns and see your kids wearing them. You will feel like you’re in the top of the mountain. Such joy you would have never had in your life. Try it and it’s pretty sure you will never regret it.

crochet sweater patterns adult crochet v-neck cardigan - patterns | yarnspirations xs to 4/5 xl VCGOJZW crochet sweater patterns blushing rose pullover JEWMFTO crochet sweater patterns ridge sleeve crochet pullover OECVAWK crochet sweater patterns crochet cardigan pattern by gayle bunn BVJUTTU crochet sweater patterns crochet: oversized box jumper by frank u0026 olive on the lovecrochet blog GDPUQVB crochet sweater patterns crochet sweater kits youu0027ll love! JOLBIRV crochet sweater patterns lace up granny stripes sweater pattern by ana d WLUMIVR crochet sweater patterns blue heaven top FZPDDZB crochet sweater patterns 1-lion-brand-scarfie-easy-blanket-sweater-pattern- QMLXYDI crochet sweater patterns comfy boyfriend crochet sweater pattern FZKIDKP crochet sweater patterns ladiesu0027 tunic crochet pattern in muse by s. charles collezione TPROEHS crochet sweater patterns beach cover-up cardigan ONVGWLX ]]>
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A guide to buying the right tacky christmas sweaters http://fashionarrow.com/a-guide-to-buying-the-right-tacky-christmas-sweaters/ http://fashionarrow.com/a-guide-to-buying-the-right-tacky-christmas-sweaters/#respond Sun, 02 Apr 2017 09:20:00 +0000 http://www.fashionarrow.com/a-guide-to-buying-the-right-tacky-christmas-sweaters Tacky Christmas sweaters have gained a lot of popularity in the past decade. They have become trendy and people like to wear them on Christmas get-togethers. If you are looking for buying a tacky Christmas sweater, this guide would probably help you to make the right purchase.

Do it yourself

There isn’t any fixed definition to tacky Christmas sweaters. The theme is to go for a sweater that draws a lot of notice and attention and possesses cringe-worthy patterns and designs. You may get a sweater with some decorations on it or probably go for the one having images embroidered in them. It should be kept in mind that these sweaters are not for conservative dressers and require a bit of boldness to wear.

Go Vintage

The sweaters worn in the mid-20th century were dull and had plain colors. As the time passed by, the colors became brighter and bolder. If you are looking for an authentic tacky Christmas sweater, you might want to consider a vintage sweater this Christmas. They are much cheaper than the new ones and deliver an appearance that is more effective and classy.

Where to find these sweaters?

Tacky sweaters are available with a number of retailers as well as online stores. You can either get your hands on new ones or you could also go with used ones. Buying second hand sweaters obviously save you a lot of money which makes buying them a wise choice.

tacky christmas sweaters letu0027s get elfed up drunken elves ugly christmas sweater DGSNUQR tacky christmas sweaters party city offers an array of tacky christmas sweater options for the  holiday season. KOSASXJ tacky christmas sweaters ugly christmas sweaters FCDPUJN tacky christmas sweaters check out the best 25 ugly christmas sweaters weu0027ve seen and get  inspiration for GNIDXKV tacky christmas sweaters featured merchandise YTRKOIY tacky christmas sweaters ugly-christmas-trump-sweater WTCPOQB tacky christmas sweaters feel the joy groping hands tacky christmas sweater IWYLTLP tacky christmas sweaters · tacky ... CVGIMQC tacky christmas sweaters balls ornament ugly christmas sweater. u201c PHKMCZL tacky christmas sweaters pole dancing elves ugly christmas sweater NBEJIZT tacky christmas sweaters toilet santa ugly christmas sweater SZPEXJD tacky christmas sweaters christmas tree with ornaments sweater WBULGJE ]]>
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Fashion with long sweaters http://fashionarrow.com/fashion-with-long-sweaters/ http://fashionarrow.com/fashion-with-long-sweaters/#respond Fri, 03 Feb 2017 07:00:00 +0000 http://www.fashionarrow.com/fashion-with-long-sweaters Long sweaters in current times

The long sweaters are the best option when you are thinking of adding a layer in the winters. There are many people who are worried that the sweaters can ruin their look and thus they do not prefer them. But now the sweaters are also available in various fashions and in fact the sweaters have become more fashionable commodity. There are different sizes and shapes in sweaters and you should buy the one which can give the best shape to your body.

Choosing long sweaters

If you are fat and you are worried that your hips and thighs are more then you should prefer a long sweater. Usually women wear the sweaters which are above their hips and end there. But many of them are worried that they have big belly and their hips and thighs looks heavy. So for them the long sweaters are referable which will cover up all these things. The long sweaters are available in various materials and you can find sweaters made form finer knit. Wool can also work and you can also check other materials.

The wrist is skinniest part of body and thus you should buy a three quarter sleeve sweater also that you can show off your hands to others. The slim fitting sleeves should be used of any length and it can reduce the bulky appearance. Neckline is very important in the long sweaters and v neck is most commonly used. It creates a slim look for the women with large bust. Boat neck is also preferred by women who have narrow shoulders.

long sweaters warm wishes beige long cardigan sweater SFXNYXJ long sweaters hooded maxi long duster cardigan BROFAVV long sweaters maddie blue marled knitted cardigan maddie blue marled knitted cardigan ... BFPAOUG long sweaters at great length grey long cardigan sweater IKXKCNG long sweaters portrait gallery tan long cardigan sweater VJLBIUW long sweaters at great length grey long cardigan sweater ANMVFHM long sweaters cardigan sweaters long 17 SBMWZYN long sweaters cozy beige sweater - long sweater - cable knit sweater - $104.00 SVEICDQ long sweaters cardigans, black, keep me warm knitted duster cardigan, ... VZZFXJM long sweaters dark green long knitted sweaters fashion loose long sleeve pockets long  knitted cardigans women LTBWZCZ long sweaters grey plaid print long sleeve cardigan JQPLMDW long sweaters womenu0027s boho long sleeve open front chunky warm cardigans pointelle  pullover sweater blouses PKSARHV ]]>
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How to wear a poncho sweater? http://fashionarrow.com/how-to-wear-a-poncho-sweater/ http://fashionarrow.com/how-to-wear-a-poncho-sweater/#respond Tue, 03 Jan 2017 14:40:00 +0000 http://www.fashionarrow.com/how-to-wear-a-poncho-sweater A poncho sweater is usually worn by women in winter chilly days. The material the sweaters are made up of is wool which can keep individuals warm in cold and extreme weather. An individual can either wear a poncho sweater alone or can even style it in a hippie way. People can manage these poncho sweaters in a very creative way. The poncho sweaters available nowadays come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns. Also some of them are blended with different fabrics to make these sweaters comfortable as well as stylish. It is very relaxing to wear these poncho sweaters as the fabric they are made up is of a high quality.

To wear a poncho sweater the first thing to keep in mind is to balance the outfit with the right volume. Since poncho sweaters are so lose and tend to flow it should be worn with a tight bottom. Tight bottoms like skinny jeans and tights. People should avoid wearing baggy and lose pants with a poncho sweater. Another important thing is the top which is worn inside the sweater. The top should be a light weighted cotton shirt with a cool printed design. Women should avoid wearing high collar necks with a poncho sweater. The most important thing to consider when wearing a poncho sweater is the color chosen. Basic colors like white cream and black looks amazing in winters. Also the color should be chosen by keeping the time in mind, because there are different colors for day and night time.

cute cheap camel beige giant checker plaid fuzzy boho knit poncho sweater  jacket tunic HJVNDFI plus size jacquard fringe poncho sweater, only at macyu0027s ZRISSHG black cashmere oversized laid-back poncho sweater left side view MKAXILZ poncho sweater ... mothers-en-vogue-cable-knit-nursing-poncho-sweater- ... QHSKABE poncho sweater ... mothers-en-vogue-cable-knit-nursing-poncho-sweater- ... CEFQBJH poncho sweater gallery CSVFIKZ gray cashmere oversized laid-back poncho sweater front view AVZOJWM fringe-detail poncho sweater - girls QCDRWVJ black cashmere oversized laid-back poncho sweater front view alt QHITHIN boho poncho - retro print poncho - poncho sweater - sweater poncho - $58.00 APTYRXC gray cashmere oversized laid-back poncho sweater right side view FIBGFSX oversized striped poncho sweater KUNJZPP ]]>
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An overview of argyle sweaters http://fashionarrow.com/an-overview-of-argyle-sweaters/ http://fashionarrow.com/an-overview-of-argyle-sweaters/#respond Mon, 02 Jan 2017 15:10:00 +0000 http://www.fashionarrow.com/an-overview-of-argyle-sweaters A few years back, sweaters were only used to cover up your torso in order to keep the chest warm and save you from the adverse effects of climate. But now a days, sweaters have become much more than simply being something to save you from the cold. They have become a fashion statement while allowing you to benefit from their feature of sustaining warmth at the same time. There are many types of sweaters available in the market in different styles, designs and colors. If you are looking for something elegant and classy, buying some argyle sweaters is a nice option.


Argyle sweaters are popular as they offer a pretty distinct and unique characteristic, that is, they come with a diamond shaped pattern which is also known as an argyle. Unlike the rest of the patterns which are simply printed on the texture of the outfit, argyles are actually knitted on the sweaters. Knitting is a difficult task to perform. Therefore, these sweaters are considered to be a fine piece of art.

Go for the right fit

It is very important that you find an argyle sweater that fits you perfectly. You should never go for the one which is either too tight or too loose as it would make you look a little funny. The most recommended way to dress up is to wear them with a nice pair of slim jeans if you are a man and with A line skirts if you are a woman.

scottish lambu0027s-wool argyle sweater - national geographic store TGLZJZC blue ocean argyle sweater vest MGXKJXL menu0027s argyle sweater sw-265 (large, brown) HDAIIVX mens lime/dk. green/white argyle sweater vest NWTZRFM navy argyle sweater, white shirt, grey pants QNWJBTM argyle sweater gallery ATSTNFR argyle sweater gallery MGHHMEQ tasso elba quarter-zip argyle sweater, only at macyu0027s WNUPVIC long sleeve v-neck argyle sweater LMFEBZT argyle sweater gallery BQHMTWU v-neck argyle sweater navy AZUHORG argyle sweater LQJMOHR ]]>
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