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Choosing couture dresses

The term couture is a French term that literally means dressmaking in fashion industry. It basically refers to high fashion that involves creation of high end clothing of the finest quality in terms of design, artistry and workmanship.

Couture dresses are traditionally custom-made and crafted by hand. They are usually made of high quality rare fabrics that are often very expensive. The fabric is cut and sewn with great attention to details. One type of couture dresses you can choose is a couture wedding dress.

Couture Wedding Dresses

There are different types of wedding dresses and couture dresses is just one type that you may consider when shopping for a high end wedding dress for that special occasion. There are several reasons why you may settle for a couture wedding dress over any other wedding dress.


There is no type of flattering wedding dresses as couture wedding dresses. This is simply because it is custom-made to suit your body size, shape and in a style that you prefer, allowing you to remain comfortable throughout the wedding ceremony.


The fact that your wedding couture dress is custom-made means that you will wear a unique wedding dress on your big day. This is because you specify the kind of designs you want to have on the dress, unique designs that do not resemble any other.


Settling for a couture wedding dress is having value for your money. The considerable amount of work that goes in making of a custom-made couture wedding dress no doubt yields a dress that is not only valuable but also a dress that will be revered. You can indeed pass it on to a friend or relative after your wedding as a gift.

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