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Different Look of Tea Pot in Tea Cosy
  Knitting Patterns

Different Look of Tea Pot in Tea Cosy Knitting Patterns

There is no limit to decorate your home and your stuffs. If you do not like to see a simple a tea pot and want to give it a different look, go for the tea cosy knitting patterns. The use of this type of knitting is to provide a cover for the tea pot so that the tea can remain warm for long period.

There are several varieties of tea cosy knitting patterns; you can choose a pumpkin pattern, flower pattern, cupcake pattern, and many more.  If you know its making skills, then rather than seeing it outsides, you should make your own designs; it is quite unique and creative work.

In making of tea cosy knitting patterns, you can pick any color or combine many different colors. Well, most of the home designers recommend that the selection of colors should happen according to the dining table cloth.

Here is a list that makes you know about the ongoing inspiring patterns and designs of tea cosy knitting:

Wave rib tea cosy knitting pattern:

You can give rib effects on the top of the tea pot and make it warmer and quite beautiful. Knit the cover in the blue color and make some flattering ribs on the top.

Pumpkin tea cosy knitting pattern:

This pattern is for one who likes pumpkin so much. Well, this is not a saying; you can also opt for this pattern without liking it so much. Different colors in pumpkin deign look very nice.

The natural tea cosy knitting pattern:

You can grow grass on the top of the tea pot. Well, not really, but by knitting. To set a natural look and the dame feeling, it is good to go green.

Cupcake tea cosy knitting patterns:

If you are a lover of cupcakes, design your tea cover in a cupcake pattern. For this pattern, the size of the tea pot should be medium, not so small and not so large. You probably do not like large size cupcakes.

Christmas tea cosy knitting pattern:

To give a Christmas like design and to generate the feeling of the same, opt for Christmas tea cosy knitting patterns. You can knit a polar bear on the one and Christmas tree on the other, it will give you ca complete Christmas like feelings.

I love you tea cosy knitting pattern:

If you are in a romantic mood or want to create the love full theme and gift it to your loved one, this pattern is particularly for you. Design your tea pot in the heart shape with the vibrant red or girlish pink color and write that magical words to impress your beloved.