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Few info on knitted shawl patterns

The Persian word ‘shal’, from which English word of ‘shawls’ originated. In its early days it was only wear around shoulders. It had many shapes square, rectangular and most evolved one rectangular. Reversible shawls are those shawls patterns which are done in such a way to give same effect on both sides. It is a time consuming but that its worth. Inspired by ancient times knitting techniques shawls are hand-made. It is a unique piece of craftsmanship in which patterns are woven efficiently .The knitters had master their techniques and skills for making a knitted shawl looks elegant. The eye seeking patterns are designed with the help of different sizes of needles. The knitted shawls pattern are made infusion with modern techniques. The floral, leaves and tress was knitter’s best choice patterns in pre historic days. The simple but elegant looking simple patterns are also made. The enchanting and tremendous embroidered patterns are done on knitted shawls with expertise. The knitters embellish their shawls with gold, red and silvers thread giving it royal appearance. The knitted shawl patterns are made of fine wool inter mixing with pashminas. To produce more vibrant knitted shawl patterns the yarns are dyed with natural pigments and colors. The silk thread are also woven to create brightness in knitted shawls. Knitting art is also changes with the passage of time. The latest knitted shawl patterns are lacy, crisscross, raindrops and roses shawls. These patterns are enhancing the beauty of knitted shawls but also complement dress.

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