Drag Queen Makeup Tips and process

Creative fancy dress inspiration. | Make Up Styles:) | Pinterest

Drag Queen fashion and the ability of alteration is occasionally a well kept deal top secret.  Some major stream makeup submissions don’t use well to haul queens. Drag Queen will overstate definite uniqueness such as eyelashes and makeup’s for dramatic, comic or mocking effect. Drag queens can differ by category …

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Windy Wavy Hair In Wave Hairstyle

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A familiar way to perk up your style is by summing up some waves. Many wave styles can be corresponded for short and medium length hair. Come out with an easy contemporary twist like a textured, Beach waves. It is easy to carry out some relaxed hairdo without the use …

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The Justin Beiber hair style guide

17 Justin Bieber Hairstyles 2019 | Men's Haircuts + Hairstyles 2019

The Beiber effect is full on across the world. There are people everywhere looking to get that Justin Beiber hairstyle. This is one of the biggest things to happen in the Pop culture of today. Guys are bleaching their hair blond to get that effect. It’s not a very easy …

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Great HeadPiece Advice

Bridal headpiece | Etsy

A hair piece is whole or partial wig made of natural or synthetic hair that is typically worn by people suffering from partial or complete baldness. At the same time, hair pieces are also used theatrically, or even to disguise appearances! A hair piece is typically associated with males wearers, although some women also …

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