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What you need to know about knitting stitches

Knitting is an art that is done by hand has fluctuated in popularity for many years. It involves twisting yarn between two needles to create amazing knitted articles. With few tools, a bit of knowledge and a lot of practice can produce knitted stuffs. The knitting stitches are loops of yarn or some kind of thread. The stitches are the basic fundamental elements of sewing, knitting and embroidery. There a lot of knitting stitches. Knitted stitches are present for both beginners and advanced. The basic, knit and purl stitches are perfect stitches for beginners. The advanced knitted stitches include rib laces which further divided like thick mesh, lace and stockinet, raised knit ribs, lacy ladders, and winding columns. Knit medallions, knit ribbon cables and many more stitches. The knitted stitches makes a dress looks very different from machine made. These elegant, and marvelous knitted stitches makes disparity in fashion industry. Fashion world adopting many knitting stitches in their dresses in fusion with traditional touch. The knitted stitches are versatile and creative art that is flourishing around the world. The material used for knitted stitches are wool and yarn. The wool is considered to be knitting friendly. It is easy to handle as other fabric can create problems. The wool and yarn are dyed to give vibrant colors. The knitted stitches are present in dresses, knitted coats, knitted hats and many more. Different knitted stitches helps to expand the knitting skills. The knitted stitches are giving variation to our garments and expanding knit industry.

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