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A guide to easy knitting projects

A guide to easy knitting projects

Are your knitting skills lying unpolished for a long time? Are you tired of making the same old boring wool sweater year after year? If so you have missed lot knitting can offer. Expand your thoughts and let new ideas enter because knitting is soon going to become a lot exciting. With these easy knitting projects you can be sure to stay warm in winters in style-

  1. Knitted and crocheted blankets – Charity starts at home. So before you want to gift someone, one of your knitted handiworks, design something for yourself. To polish those knitting skills make a nice blanket cum afghan. It will be little challenging to mix your knitting and crocheting skills together, but a fine hand will soon pick up the advantage and disadvantages of using hook and needle.
  2. Gloves – Gloves. The sweetheart of winter protection. As the palms have high number of nerve endings, it is particularly sensitive to cold. And what better way to protect than doing it with a dash of style. Make full wrist gloves, fingerless gloves, smooth thin perfect fit gloves…the list never ends.
  3. Scarf – Knitting is not only for the winter is it? Make a scarf that defines you both in winter and summer alike. Choose a bright color and no matter cold or hot you can go out with a smile on your face, wearing a light material scarf. The patterns and variety never ends, like your choices.

So let the wait end, take your old yarn box out and try out these easy knitting projects to chart yourself an interesting hobby.