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A perfect gift for babies: the knitting

A perfect gift for babies: the knitting doll

If you have a new born baby in your house, and you want to do something special for her, gift her doll. Baby girls love to play with the dolls. The soft and comfy touch of a doll makes them feel good and happy.

Rather than looking a doll outside, you should knit it. Your fill of love and affection will make baby love full. Knitting a doll is not such a tough task, but you should have some experience in this field. There are many ways by which you can knit a doll.

In knitting doll patterns, you can play with any color. Dolls are seen in more than one color design. So, you should come up with a combination of two or more colors to knit perfect design. To make a doll use different colors for legs, body or shirt for head, for hands, for the hairs, for the bottom, make lips in red color and eyes in dark black. You can also make a Christmas hat to give an effect of Christmas or drape a strap around the neck to make it look more beautiful.

To knit a doll, you need many things yarn, needles, and scissors. Except these basics, you require cotton to fill in the doll, buttons to make her eyes. You can also knit the eyes in the black color. Check many different types of knitting doll for your cutie:

A cute knitting doll:

Knitting this doll is very simple. You can be creative and adopt as many shades as you want. But remember, in every shade or color combination, the look will be different. It is a great stocking suffer.  Simply use it as a Christmas ornament by using invisible nylon thread to make a hanger. Your baby is definitely going to love this creation.

Bee knitting dolls:
If your little one likes bees, knit this pattern. To make this pattern, you need black yarn for dress, strings and eyes, white to make her mouth, yellow to use I dress and in cap. To create a complete garden like picture, need some sunflowers and place it near the bees. Your child is going to love this beautiful natural scene.

Beachy girl knitting doll:

This knitting pattern for dolls looks like a beachy girl. The combination of baby pink, beige, off white, light yellow really appears amazing. The pattern is completely girlish type and considered the best pick for the baby girls. Knit her hand in off white color, the strappy dress with two color combination, legs in baby pink, for hairs choose yellow shade and for eyes blue color. You can clad her in a round hat having the pink color.