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An Easy Way to Feel Warmness with
Knitting Socks

An Easy Way to Feel Warmness with Knitting Socks

The complete protection of winter is done after wearing the socks. You will defiantly feel cold, if your legs or heels are not covered. There are many types of knitting socks are available in the market. The type varies from color, yarn type, design and style. The knitting techniques are very simple, once you get to know about all the procedure and methods of it.

So, before knitting, you have to select many things. Firstly, choose the yarn, you would like to use. To knit a sock, the thread should be thin. Now, choose the needle type. It require double pointed needle. As the socks are symmetric, it will require 5 needle to knit. Select the color; choose a random yarn color that you like to see draping on your legs. You can choose more than one color for this.

Some people find it mysterious and a serious task to knit the socks, but this work is quite enjoying and entertaining. You just need to follow a simple format to knit it. The pattern follows the common top-down technique, which mean, you have to start knitting from the top and finish it on the bottom. This is one of the easiest ways to knit the socks and with this; you can knit many types of complexion pair of socks.

Wrap the yarn around the two needles. Each loop will become a stitch. If you are opting for small size make eight loops and for large stitch ten loops. Now, pick the first needle and stitch the needle around the second needle. It is time to pick first and third needles and create the loops. Make the loops loose enough so that you can tighten them up later. Keep going on this way until you reach the half way over the needle. Pick the forth needle and make a centre point. Now, find the yarn from previous row and hold your work flat to stitch it between the needles. Pick the right hand needle and turn it onto the left hand by doing so make a stitch.

The work should look in symmetrical shape. If you are creating large socks, you will have 6 needles at the end of the process. And with small size 4 needles are enough. Now, you insert your heel in it. Now, come to knitting the calf side.

When you get the part where the heel re-joins the sock, with the help of two needles pick that yarn and make a stitch. Be continues with this pattern until you stay one inch away from the top. Cast off it very loosely otherwise your sock will become uncomfortable.