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Be the perfect Asian girl with the
perfect makeup

Be the perfect Asian girl with the perfect makeup

Asian race is one of the most distinguishable of all. And therefore, Asian makeup styles are very different from those of other ethnicities or races. Your skin tone is very light and hairs are in deep contrast and therefore, following the “normal makeup” trends won’t suit you the best. You need different choice of colors and shades to suit your skin tone and bring out the best in you.

Get that glow to your skin

Problems related with excessive exposure of skin to the sun(such as dark spots) are quite common in Asians. And therefore, protecting your skin and glowing it up is one of the most essential part of your makeup. Colors like bright pink and some other bold ones are not advisable. Try lighter shades to get a natural look as they melt well with your skin tone.

Begin by applying a primer. It will hold on the makeup to your skin for the entire daytime. Apply little powder on top of it. Since Asian skin tone is very bright, you don’t have to use large amount of powder for your skin. And most importantly, try to cover your skin from direct rays of the sun. That’s all! Just some primer and powder with a little blush will make your skin glow brightly and instill confidence in you.

Add more mystery to your eyes

Asian eyes are undoubtedly one of the best set of eyes of all races. And you must therefore set it in the best possible manner to make it look beautiful. Experts suggest that yellow toned foundations are the best of all possible colors. It adds a very natural flavor to your eyes and also compliments your skin tone. To make your eyes even more attractive, don’t forget to use an eyeliner.

While applying eyeliner, make sure to draw thick lines over your upper eyelashes. You can just leave the lower ones but still if you wish to apply, make sure the line is thin or else it will make your eye look shorter, which most Asians don’t want for sure. And coming to eyeshadows, don’t mix up a lot of colors. Use minimum colors to give a natural look to your eyes.

Complete the look

Don’t forget to give attention to your eyebrows. Have them tweezed or threaded professionally, as these dark hairs will stand out on your light complexion and even a little of hairs here and there will easily show up. And don’t forget to fill your sparse eyebrows and dark spots. Seek professional help if needed. And if you want to keep your make up kit simple, BB creams are always there to help you out and a must in your collection. Follow these steps to get a perfect Asian makeup and to be the perfect Asian girl.