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What will be the best makeup ideas?

36 Best Winter Makeup Looks For The Holiday Season | Makeup

Makeup can make you look special all the time. However, for looking gorgeous you need to have best makeup ideas. What kind of makeup you will do depends on your face and your complexion. However, there can be very much effective ideas following which you will look absolutely stunning. You …

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Great Katy Perry Makeup Tips

Katy Perry's Makeup Trick For Wide Eyes | BEAUTY/crew

Apart from her singing, Katy Perry is quite the firecracker when it comes to her appearance. And when it comes down to her makeup and wardrobe, the word conventional, is not something you would use to describe her. Being a fashionista herself, Katy loves to experiment with clothing and styles …

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Tips on How to Don the Perfect Japanese Makeup

9 Japanese Makeup Every Girl Must Have!

Japanese women are gorgeous with their seemingly flawless skin and silky hair. And with their great sense of style and elegance, they always manage to carry themselves pretty well. The Japanese have always allured the world with their somewhat outlandish, yet classy looks. So, let us divulge into some of …

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Drag Queen Makeup Tips and process

Creative fancy dress inspiration. | Make Up Styles:) | Pinterest

Drag Queen fashion and the ability of alteration is occasionally a well kept deal top secret.  Some major stream makeup submissions don’t use well to haul queens. Drag Queen will overstate definite uniqueness such as eyelashes and makeup’s for dramatic, comic or mocking effect. Drag queens can differ by category …

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Know all about all natural makeup

12 Ways to Fake a Flawless All-Natural Makeup Look

It was believed that 6000 years ago men and women wore make up. This is not the chemical-based we have these days, but all-natural make up for their nails and faces. And yes, men wore make up too. In fact, they were the first people who explored makeup. But as …

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