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Comfortable Knitting Patterns for the

Comfortable Knitting Patterns for the Dogs

In the winter, human is not only who need warm clothes to fight with it, dogs also need hot and comfortable wearing that can protect them from the severe winter. Knitted clothes really leave them warm with a feeling of comfort.

If you have a dog in your home or at your friend’s house, you should knit a sweater of him. To give a complete look to the sweater, you can also knit socks or a cap for him. You can do as many variations and play with color and yarn with diffident types of knitting patterns for the dogs.

Dogs feel the smell of the color, so while choosing the colors of the yarn, you need to be wise. You can choose many different types of colors and combinations. You can choose among the white, red, pink, blue, yellow and many more. Many of the pets have their own likeliness and unlikeliness. So, firstly know your pet’s mood, attitude and likeness then opt accordingly.

Check out some type of knitting patterns for the dogs:

Vintage dog sweater:

If you love mintage style, there is no limit yourself to pattern for peoples. Knit a vintage dog for your pet too. These knitting patterns are a great way to expend your knitting experience and to show your love toward your dogs. Even if you do not know how to a swatter for dog these simple knitting patterns for dogs will have will a simple procedure to start with.

Paw socks patterns for dogs:

If you do not create a sweater, knit the paw socks. They look and provide your dog a great amount of warmness. If you have one knitted sweater or planning to knit the same, then the pattern or color of the pow socks and sweater should be similar or contrastive.

Woof dog sweater:

Keeps your furry friend warm with this woof knitting patterns for the dogs. The sweater is knit from the top down manner. This bright and cherry knit will make sure that you do not lose your pup in the snow. You should tuck some tiny buttons that make it easy to take on and off.  Your dog will love to logging around in this knitting pattern. You should also knit its paw socks in cheery color to give it a complete look.

Cable knitting patterns for the dogs:

By cable design, you can knit any type of fabric. The design is very nice and most used in the severe winter. As the feel of this pattern is very warm, so you need to use thick yarn to make it a perfect piece. Your dog is going to like this pattern.