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Contemporary Lace Knitting Patterns

Contemporary Lace Knitting Patterns

There are a lot of usages of the knitting lace. To use any knitted lace, firstly, you should know about the various ideas of the laces. In the modern era, lace has become the symbol of the style statement as the use of lace is incredibly increased. You can create your own ideas for knitting a lace if you know the knitting process.

The knit is all about ideas and creativity. So, it depends on the maker or designer that how well he performs or how does he give a finishing touch to the pattern. Various lace pattern ideas are:

Fiddlesticks knitting lace pattern:

This is the most common pattern of the lace. The ending of the lace is different from the middle part of the lace. But the starting and ending point will be same in this lace pattern. This pattern has some space or wholes to make the design beautiful.

Knitting machine pattern:

Generally, knitting item is regarded as the handicraft item. But some knitted clothes cannot make by hand due to their tough process. To give a finishing look, this knitted pattern is made from the machine. For this design, some instructions are set to the machine by changing the settings of the machine and machine produces the set design.

Lace cowl knitting pattern:

Though, the knitting beginners are always suggested to make a scarf or lace as these are the easiest things to be made. But some laces patterns are exception in this matter and lace cowl pattern is one of them. This pattern demands very thick working and good experience. This pattern contains some leaf designs with the minor workings.

Graph pattern peacock tail design:

In this lace knitting pattern, all the graphical designs are covered including the peacock tail design. In this peacock tail pattern, a short tail part of the peacock is created in the iterative format. After completion of the lace, it looks like a big peacock tail. You may keep it in the pure white color or use different peacock color to make this pattern.

Shadow lace pattern:

The shadow lace pattern is a two or three color combination work that requires a lot of effort. Generally, this lace used in the scarf and strolls. To give a trendier look, use this knitted lace with the embroidery worked scarf.

Easy as pie pattern:

This is pattern is very easy to make if you have guided by the professional or an expert. The round shaped or egg shaped design are the main part of this pattern. The spaces are the centre of attraction in this kind of patterns. These laces are very light weighted. So, it can be easily pasted on the cloth.