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Create an easy crochet blanket for winter

Create an easy crochet blanket for winter

A blanket can be the most intimate part of life during winters. We feel protected, covered and safe in a blanket. Such a personal thing should have a personal touch to it. Why buy such a thing when you can make an easy crochet blanket right at your home.

Or likewise, you can gift a hand-made blanket to someone close.

Follow the following tips to design your own easy crochet blanket –

  1. MATERIAL – Blankets can be very versatile and flexible in use. So you have the liberty to choose any kind of yarn you like. You can go wild with alpaca or mohair or you can choose the traditional karakul or merino. Use a cotton thread to make a light blanket useful when the seasons change. The end results will always be wonderful.
  2. DESIGN – It is important to keep a clear idea of what you want to design in blanket making. As you don’t start from the centre as in doily making, it is important to have a clear idea in mind on what design it might be. Draw it in a white piece of paper first. While making easy crochet blankets you have to start from one end and reach the other as you go. So you can’t just make up the design as you go in other forms of crochet art.
  3. MOTIFS – Crochet blankets is all about designing the motifs, so they fit in naturally in the blanket. Make motifs of the same size and design and work your way joining the motifs to complete the blanket. Keep the spacing minimal as this is a blanket and is intended to keep your warm. Bigger motifs may not do the job well of keeping you warm.