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Create Unique Christmas Jumper Knitting

Create Unique Christmas Jumper Knitting Patterns

Christmas Jumper Day is a day of a fundraising campaign to save children. It is organized by Save the Children charity every year. It is intended to make the world a better place by encouraging people to participate in saving the children. Christmas Jumper Day is celebrated every year on a Friday in December. People wear the Christmas Jumper and contribute a minimum of 1 Pound. People wear either existing jumpers or knit a new one for the occasion. There are a lot of groups who take part in fundraising. It is a popular activity in schools as well as workplaces.

A Christmas Jumper is a pullover sweater with winter designs. They have been popular in the 1980’s and came back in 2010 with modern designs. These sweaters are knitted and modern designers have come out with different styles to make them popular. These sweaters are given as gifts often hand knitted by elderly. The Christmas Jumper Knitting Patterns can be of any theme and brands come out with varied themes. For children, the theme could be pictures of animals. If you are not able to knit yourself then you can choose from many online sites selling Christmas jumpers as per your taste. There are an amazing variety of colors and designs with festive collections for you to choose. Even celebrities campaign and participate very actively in saving the world’s vulnerable children. You can also sign up for Save the Children’s Campaign and receive online Christmas jumper knitting patterns for knitting sweaters at your home.