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Different Types of the Knitting Patterns

Different Types of the Knitting Patterns

If you are an artsy person, your wardrobe might be full of various knitting patterns. If you explore the knit market, you will come across a number of knitting patterns.

To enjoy the various knitting patterns, you should have knowledge of the knitting techniques. You can design a number of patterns for the kids, women and men. You can knit a hat, scarf, sock, pullover, sweater, hoody, etc. You can also décor your home by adopting many knitting patterns. You can décor your home with the cushion cover, tea pot cover, coffee maker, etc. In short, you can make anything or everything by knitting fabrics.

There are many things that determine the knitting patterns like colors, yarn type, size of the needle, type of the stitches, etc. Check out the effect of these things on the knitting patterns:

Selection of the color:

The color leaves a huge impact on the mood or mind. If you search for various knitting yarn colors, you will find that there are numerous color and combinations for everyone to choose from. There is no compulsion to use only one color, you can combine many colors.

Size and type of the yarn:

Now, opt for the best yarn type. Yarn has the power to make a pattern thick, thin, or lacy. If you want a thick pattern, you should opt for thick yarn. For the thin pattern, you should purchase the thin yarn, and for lacy knitting pattern, lacy yarn is considered as the best. In this way, according the pattern, you should determine the yarn type.

Size of the needle:

For the different types of the knitting patterns, different types of the needle are needed. If you are knitting a hat, you probably need a round needle, to knit a scarf pattern, pointed needle is needed. Moreover, one needle is not enough for the knitting. To knit a pattern, at least two needles are required.

Except the needle type, the size of the needle also determines the pattern. For different types of the pattern, you need to opt for the different types and sizes of the needle.

Effect of the different types of the Stitches:

This is one of the most important factors that highly influence the knitting pattern. To knit any fabric, the basic stitches are needed. The Garter stiches, stockinet stitches, ribbing and seed stitches are various types stitching.

While stitching a fabric for the knitting purpose, the yarn is always held at the back of the work. In purling the stitch, the yarn keeps at the front. And in the ribbing, you should be very careful, and make sure that yarn is in the correct position to work the next stitch.