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Get a completely different look by
applying a cat makeup

Get a completely different look by applying a cat makeup

Everyone can get a cat makeup on their face. The color of the makeup depends on the person. Girls would generally want a more of pretty and sparking makeup of cat while boys may want to sport a look of a fiercer cat. Many kids enjoy getting the makeup of a cat. When you get the makeup, you should start by applying the main color on the center of the face. The makeup should extend above the eyebrows making it look like the pointed ears of a cat. The makeup can come down to the lower edge in the shape of a mask.

To draw the cat ears, you should use the black color. The black color can also be used to demonstrate he cat face at the sides. You should add more color on the cheek area. Additionally, you can draw some whisker holes with the help of a fine brush. You can generously apply face glitter to achieve the finishing touch of the cat makeup.

Generally, kids like to go for a full look of a cat, while the older girls prefer a minimum amount of makeup of cat. If the older ladies want to go for a full cat makeup, then they follow the same procedure as the ones for kids. For a simpler look, you can use your regular makeup. You can use a thick black eyeliner to create big and smoky eyes. The eyeliner can also be used to paint the cat nose and whiskers. If you want, you can buy stick on whiskers of cat from a local costume store.

If you want an appearance of a cat, you do not necessarily have to stick to a kitty face look. You can consider having the look of the big wild cats like tiger, lion and leopard. If you want to be even more innovative, you can try to copy the markings and colors of cat family.

Another great way to get a stunning look is to use the cat eye makeup. If you love experimenting with makeup, you would surely like the idea of cat eye makeup. Cat makeup is all about drama, so you should not hesitate in experimenting. You should start by applying an eye base to achieve the look. Then, you can use medium to small sized brushes to apply the shade on your eyes.

Additionally, you can use eye pencil, smudge, liquid liners and mascara to get the finishing touch. You should start trying out the cat makeup a couple of days before the day you plan to wear it. This will help you to know the exact look that you are want to get. You should match this look with the correct outfit.