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Give Your Home Décor a Trendy Look with
the Knitted Pouf

Give Your Home Décor a Trendy Look with the Knitted Pouf

Poufs are a great type of decorative element which can spruce up your entire home interior. They are both functional and stylish and most of seen in the modern houses. You can place a pouf in your living room near the fir place or in your bedroom to generate an elegant look.

You can use the pouf in many ways. You can make it a desk and work on the computer while setting on it. You should knit pouf instead of buying. The reason is that knitted pouf appears more sophisticated and serves an elegant and unique look.

The design and patterns of poufs are actually endless. While picking up any pouf or knitting the same, you should be very sure about your home décor. As you are going to place it in your home, so the color and design should be one with it.

To design a pouf you need yarn, needles, scissors, and beans to stuff it. Knitting of a pouf is one of the easiest projects if you are knitting it in a simple method.

A standard size of pouf needs 2 balls of yarn. Most of the poufs are stitched in the garter stitch. Do you know that what is garter stitch all about? If no, learn its mechanism online or offline according to your preferences. Do not worry; it is quite easy to learn this type of stitching. To create a sophisticated yet trendy pouf, you need to learn this stitching.

So, start knitting it in the garter stitch and stay continue until you get the exact length. The length of the pouf should be two times longer than its width. But this particular depend on the size of your project. So, if you want to make a bigger pouf on more stitches, you need to make your work longer.

Now, close the sides of the work. It is time to pick a thread and stitch through the long side, but skip the each time one row. You should knit it indifferent shade, it look different and separated. After doing this, pull the thread very toughly so that your work will come closer and look like a bunch.

Make a cover out of the stretch material; it will be a little bigger than the knitted work. Now, place the cover in the knitted piece by doing so your pouf will be at place. Fill some stuff in it and tightly push them inside. Your pouf will look like a ball. Close the top of the cover very tightly.

Now, pull the thread very firmly and close the top pf the pouf. Your beautiful knitted pouf is ready.