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Gothic make-up ideas for the Morticia
Addams in you

Gothic make-up ideas for the Morticia Addams in you

Gothic make-up is all about living the fantasies of darkness, invoking the queen of midnight in you and it all begins with the right make up. Gothic make-up is a fun way to spice up theme parties and add that extra zing to it. In the recent years gothic stuffs, right from clothing to make-up have taken a huge swing and have been in huge demand amongst youngsters.

Getting it right

Many people believe that gothic make-up is all about an overdone eye make-up with lots of black eye shadow and liner. But that is not the case instead it is about precision like any other make up form. It is an art.

It is important to get inspired to achieve that perfect gothic look. The shades which dominate a gothic vanity box are black, grays, blues and most of the other darker tones. One can take clues from online videos and images and then choose the look that has to be achieved.

Creating the perfect base

To make sure that the gothic look comes out beautifully one needs to create the perfect pale and white complexion in order to compliment the darker eyes and lips. Follow your regular make-up base ritual just make sure you go a tone paler this time. Don’t forget to moisturize, properly moisturized skin looks resilient and smooth. Choose the concealer  which is the best for your complexion and hide all the blemishes follow it up with a foundation and pressed powder and top it up with loose powder. Stargazer White Loose Powder is a brilliant option to enhance the appearance.

Create the hypnotic eyes

The eyes in the  gothic make-up  plays a very important role. To do the perfect eyes the following tips can be helpful:

  • Apply a light eye make up base
  • Use a white liner to brighten the corner of the eyes
  • Fill the waterline with black eye pencil, and for an even more intense look do the tight line.

After you have done the above choose the style which you want to adopt, you can keep it simple with a thick winged liner or go more dramatic with an eye-shadow trio or quad for smoky eyes.You can use eyelash extensions  to further enhance your look.

Some products that might be of help: Maybelline colossal mascara, Maybelline studio eye tattoo, Dead Essentials Gothic Coffin Makeup Kit.

The perfect gothic lips

Gothic makeup is about getting adventurous in monotony. The lips in gothic make-up are compliments by shades of dark red, wine, burgundy, maroon and black. These colors fall beautifully against the pale skin base. The following tips can be helpful in creating the gothic lips:

  • Get rid of the dead skin cells with a sugar and lemon scrub
  • Moisturize with a lip balm

All this done, and you are ready for a goth night.