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Great Katy Perry Makeup Tips

Great Katy Perry Makeup Tips

Apart from her singing, Katy Perry is quite the firecracker when it comes to her appearance. And when it comes down to her makeup and wardrobe, the word conventional, is not something you would use to describe her. Being a fashionista herself, Katy loves to experiment with clothing and styles from the eras gone by. Katy’s signature look includes bright coloured clothes and even brighter hair dos, coupled with subtly appropriate makeup.

However, subtle for her might not mean the same for someone else since copying Katy’s makeup cues makes for a great look if you’re trying to liven up you daily routine. A lot of younger girls have even dressed like the roaring diva for Halloween!

How hard is it to look like Katy Perry?

Now, if you love Katy Perry and are inspired by the way she looks and carriers herself, you’re probably asking yourself how hard it would be to look like that! And you might be surprised to know that it is not hard at all. The main thing to remember is that although Katy mostly dresses like something right out of a 70s sitcom, there are also times when she goes with natural shades, for her clothes as well as her makeup. Because it is pretty evident that she is one of those celebrities who can pull of any look with great finesse.

The basics

Katy is one of those girls who uses something than gives her skin heavier coverage, so she prefers a base with a semi-matte finish. And, anyone who knows anything about Katy Perry’s makeup habits will tell you that she usually doesn’t change the color of her makeup to match with her hair color. So, whether she’s sporting green or red hair, she always wears charming makeup to complement it. Judging by her routines, she prefers to have clean and flawless skin, with well-defined brows, mascara and some stunning lipstick or lip gloss to complement her cat eyes.

Eyes and Lips

Katy almost always uses brown and its varied shades to shape her beautiful brown eyes, coupled with a medium layering of mascara. To her eyelid base, she generally applies a neutral shadow, after which she then adds a darker shade to the outer corners of her lids. This causes an amazing blending effect. She also prefers to highlight her eye are with bright colors, to make her eyes pop so that they look bigger. And to achieve the high drama effect for her cat eyes, she prefers using black color eyeliner. Katy also gives a lot of attention to her eye brows because she likes to use them to frame her gorgeous eyes.

When it comes to her lips and her choice of lipstick, Katy loves pink or any other high-gloss lipstick shade.