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Guide to easy crochet scarf patterns

Guide to easy crochet scarf patterns

Scarf’s have the potential to rob you of your beauty or amplify it. Bought scarfs don’t always happen to match your personality, and the ones which do cost you a lot of money. So why not make a scarf yourself at home? You would not only become an expert within a week but also have plenty of scarves to show off each day. So read on to know new easy crochet scarf patterns to get you started with –

  1. 3-D Scarf – Knit a perfect scarf first or two colors – one bright and one deep, making the scarf’s breath a twice the normal. Then fold the scarf into interesting patterns by mixing the colors into a nice warm 3-D structure. Try it out to amaze yourself with its simplicity.
  1. Key- hole Scarf – Make a nice round broad scarf that surrounds your neck like a wall, and then shape the front so as to make it look like a pair of ribbons criss –crossing each other.
  1. Shoulder companion – Design the crochet scarf such that it hugs the whole shoulder firmly and confidently. Crochet the middle part with an elastic, smooth silky cotton thread so as to make it gently hang around your back.
  1. Mohair Hill simple scarf – The mohair mountain hair is a kind of yarn that not only melts into your skin but protects you from heat in summers and keeps you warm in winters. Because of its silky texture it is the easiest yarn to work with. The added softness is a quality only unique to Mohair Hill yarn. Try it out without fail.

So what are you waiting for? Make a scarf today and design easy crochet scarf patterns, which will amaze you without fail.