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Knitted slippers-New idea to keep legs

Knitted slippers-New idea to keep legs warm

Knitted slippers are otherwise known as grandma’s slippers because it was grannies who made and presented gifts to their loved ones. They are the best friends of legs during winter because the extent of the warmth they give is unimaginable. They are too comfortable to wear and give maximum protection from the cold. These slippers can be knitted by anybody and can be gifted to our loved ones during winter season.

Different patterns of knit slippers

Can anyone imagine a pair of slippers knitted from wool, which give a comfortable, lovely hug to the feet? If they are with buttons attached to them the beauty will be two fold. They are stylish at the same time protects your feet from cold. They are available in a variety of colors like red, pink and blue. They are free patterns which can be knit by anybody. What about a unisex red slipper with bow on it? With some imagination and creativity anybody can sew trendy and attractive slippers. Rainbow soothes everybody’s mind. Similarly a slipper, knit with seven wonderful colors will attract anybody’s attention. If you know some knitting, purl and making braids awesome boots with cables and braids.

For knitting an average size slipper 4mm double needle is needed along with two balls of worsted yarn wool. Two yarns because we have to knit a pair of slippers. Put stitches on the row and across neatly according to the measurement of the leg. Make 29 stitches with one ball of wool and another 29 with another ball to cross stitch two slippers. If you want to put together leg coverings with different colors then a different colors of wool are needed. After repeating it for 23 more times formation of a toe is the next step. The Final step would be to sew up and back, your favorite slippers are ready!

Woolen slippers are preferred by a lot of people because of the special characteristics they have. They are best known to keep the legs warm and can be used even in hot climate. In the hot climate they are said to absorb sweat and keep the feet clean. Since they are made from the fleece of sheep they don’t create any bad effects or allergies on people. They can also resist fire and can help to put out the fire. These slippers are not only beautiful, but has a lot of good qualities in them which make the people get attracted towards them even though there are lots of leather and plastic ones available in the market.

In short, whether it is a crochet slipper or a knitted slipper they are used by women, men and children. Among all the designs, Scandinavian designs for knitting slippers, sweaters are famous  from times immemorial.