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Modern Knitting Design and Patterns for
the Modern People

Modern Knitting Design and Patterns for the Modern People

Knitting is not new to this world, but as the time is changing continuously, the pattern also changing simultaneously. You can stretch a pattern many years; you really need to change your knitting ideas from time to time.

This winter, you will see all the ideas are going in grey. The Grey has become the color of the year. Knit the modern patterns can be little different and typical, but if you are good at knitting, you can easily learn the techniques. There are many patterns that you should think of wearing this winter, check the list:

Flattering eyelet Cardigan:

This modern top-down knitting pattern gives you a flattering look and stays comfortable in all seasons.  This wardrobe favourite cloth has become a primary staple.  This idea gives you a perfect fit leaving a feeling of warmness.

Top-down knitted skirt:

Knitted skirt with embroidery leaves a lasting impression on people.  This skirt is good to wear in the formal gathering. To give you a smooth and comfortable feeling at the hem edge designers have sewed a piece of black lace. It’s simple embroidery motif and sequins make it look and quite stylish.

Modern cabled cowl:

A simple cowl becomes a unique piece when you crochet cable pattern on it. This is a bulky weight cowl in it two cables are twisted to give you a modern look. You can choose any type of yarn, but you need to stitch grader stitching at the border. This will give it stability. You need to buy three big buttons to give it a finishing look.

Modern knitted sweater:

This simple yet modern knitting pattern can be adjusted on your body.  The pattern is chic enough to wear on formal events and comfortable enough to carry on the day to day life. One of the best things about this pattern is that it fluently finished.  This cosy comfortable knitted sweater will make you feel like million bucks.

Modern knitted sweater with oversized architectural sleeves:

You are going to love this oversized sweater. This pattern will give you comfortable fitting with an open bottom.  This sweater is a great combination of style and comfort. The look is very simple and touch is very soft. It will give you complete warmth in the coming winter days.

Vintage modern knitted sweater:

This pattern is good to clad with the jeans. The inspiration of this type of knitting has come from tradition knitting patterns. And you can see the best fusion of old and new knitted patterns in it. The design is good enough to wear on a day to day life.  Round neck and round shape design near the neck looks incredibly beautiful. This can easily flatter on any body type and look gorgeous.