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Some easy knitting patterns to begin with

Some easy knitting patterns to begin with

Knitting is not only a profession and a hobby, but also an art. A well knit sweater can cost you a fortune and you know it’s worth it. Knitting is fairly simple to learn but a lot of experience is required to master it completely. Innovative and flexible it is one of the things that grandma’s make sure that their daughters learn…because there is no better gift from a mother, than a lovely hand knit sweater. Here are some tips and ideas to let you design some easy knitting patterns –

  1. Garter stitch – The beginners Holy Grail to the world of knitting, ask anyone what’s the best pattern to knit when you start and the answer will be the same. Just learn proper seaming, count the rows and stitches with care and you will master the first steps to making easy knitting patterns.
  2. Stockinet Stitch – These are a little harder than garter stitching as it involves alternating the garter stitches and creating rows of purling stitches. It may curl up if you don’t pay attention but it can be easily learned with some patience.
  3. Circular needle stitching – If you want to make a hat you have use circular needle which can be a little tricky. Bending a flat knitted surface permanently requires circular needles, by alternate edge stitching. Learn to work your way around the loop and wrap yourself a hat.

So don’t be afraid to step into the world of knitting, its ancient so you can be assured of its simplicity but the fashion potential it has is fairly modern.