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Some simple easy crochet blanket patterns

Some simple easy crochet blanket patterns

The season of blankets is arriving and you have to be prepared, to escape that flu. Making personalised blankets at home seems to be the new hype of the era. As blankets are usually as durable as jeans and serve us for a long time, many people are learning the art of crochet making to make a nice blanket for winters. Look nowhere else and take a look at these patterns you can make while design your own hand made easy crochet blanket patterns-

  1. Diamond criss-cross- Make little horizontal motifs, in the shape of diamonds and start to make a plethora of them of different colours lined up in a straight line. It will seem that they are moving as a whole. Follow this pattern if you want a nice flashy blanket.
  2. Three colour paradise – Divide the blanket into three regions with three separate colors. Choose the colors carefully as the color coding is what the whole design is all about. Give a bright shade to the middle portion. Be careful when you do the boundaries, you can divide the colours smoothly by a black colour line or let them mix freely before changing.
  3. Vintage dream – For really simple and easy crochet blanket patterns choose the good old vintage designs. Choose some sober color. Grey and white makes a nice classy blanket for modern sofas. Make nice angles and straight lines. Keep it strictly professional to make a perfect vintage style blanket.
  4. Afghan Motifs –Whatever you make, the art of crochet is wasted if you don’t make afghan, wildly popular among Americans. Simple afghan motifs can be made splendid by choosing the right color combination like blue and yellow, purple and pink or even blank and white.