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Stylish affordable free sewing patterns
for old wardrobes

Stylish affordable free sewing patterns for old wardrobes

Dressing up can aptly be called as an art because it is like adding beauty to the wonderful creation of God. These patterns make the wardrobes look amazing. There are different types of free sewing patterns for women, men, and toddlers to suit their requirements. Free sewing patterns are those which don’t follow a strict pattern. Any alluring designs can be sewn or printed by anybody on the attires to make them look attractive. It can be tried for even pillow covers, purses and other accessories. A little imagination and knowledge can make the work a piece of cake for people who have never thought they would do the work themselves. Recycled old apparels can look stunning with minimum modifications on them.

Free sewing patterns for women

Patterns for women are unending because they have varieties of choices and types of wardrobes to wear. They wear different outfits to suit different occasions. The vesture for office may be different from the one used by them for shopping or parties. Fit and flare dresses are those which have loose fitting in the bust area with some linear designs in the through out with a wide length bottomed skirt. Short sleeves can be attached to them and can be without them for those who want sleeveless dresses. The figure hugging dresses with different colors on them can be an ideal office attire which looks gorgeous with simple patterns.  There are easy to fit summer dress models like the reversible cross patterns with an elastic in the waist and comfy skirt which gives a cool look to it! Cotton Skirts with floral designs or leaves printed on it will give a pleasing look when worn with a tight fitting t-shirt.

Free sewing patterns for toddlers

Countless styles are available for toddler dresses to a deck them like dolls. One has to just imagine a particular design or even select a dress pattern from the internet or from a magazine. After that, take a t-shirt and cut it according to the instructions and sew some floral or a teddy bear design on it to make it new and lovely. Another way of creating a new model is to buy some cheap pants and to sew an attractive design using a different cloth, usually cut in a circle or any other geometric shapes. Another idea would be to buy a jean cloth and stitching a skinny tight fitting jeans with mend it with white thread adding attractive stars or sun on it. On the top of it any baby can wear a white or even a blue cotton t-shirt which would complement the color of the jeans.

Free sewing patterns for Men

Men also love fashion because they like to show off even more than women. An old sweater can look gorgeous if they are cut according to one’s measure and a handsome hoody will give it a stunning look.  Another idea is to make a loose fitting colorful shorts with pockets neatly cut from an old pant.

Such new designs can be made on purses and other daily use accessories to create a new look to these items.