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Unique and Stylish Men’s Scarf Knitting

Unique and Stylish Men’s Scarf Knitting Patterns

Everyone has their own craze and style statement. In this context, most of the men have the craze of wearing scarf in the winter season. Men love to hang the scarf over the sweater or jackets or coats.

Apart from the fashion statement, the scarves are the good idea to avoid the cold and keep your neck warm. Here are some types of the knitted scarf patterns used by men:

The long scarf:

The length of the scarf always matters a lot. Some people like a long knitted scarf and on the other hand, some people like to use short length scarf that only covers their neck portion. Generally, the medium and high length scarfs are trendier among all men.

mens scarf knitting pattern

The medium length scarf:

The length of the scarf is enough if it covers the whole neck or it covers your ears from the cold comfortably. Generally, men like to round the scarf over the neck, so it is better to have a middle length scarf.

The floor pattern scarf:

The floor pattern knitted scarf look like a floor design. It may be a squared one or the rectangular one design. Generally, the colors like grey, brown, black, and blue are most common in this pattern. The designing of these floors are very easy once you learn about the one floor.

The cap attached knitted scarf:

For the extreme winter season, it is a good cure to wear a scarf with the cap. The different thing in this scarf is only that it is attached with a cap that covers the whole head and ears. To keep your head in the normal temperature this idea is very good.

The zig-zag style scarf:

This scarf gives a royal look to the men. The zig-zag style is also known as the cross design knitting pattern. It is comparatively tough to make a cross design scarf. You need to have some practice to make this kind of scarf.

The liner scarf:

It is the easiest pattern to knit a scarf in the liner form. In this pattern, you only need to make some linear design in the parallel form. The parallel line should be equal in the size and eight to ten lines will be enough to make a scarf. If you want a good width of the scarf, add some extra parallel lines to the scarf.

The block style pattern:

This is very similar to the floor pattern. Knitting a scarf needs a repetitive design to be made to complete the scarf. So, it is very easy to knit a scarf. In the block style pattern, various blocks of the similar size is created with the help of yarns and needles.