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Stylish and Functional Knitting Basket

Ravelry: Entangle Basket pattern by Deja Joy

There are many things that you can knit by working on the fabrics. Except knitting, your wearing clothes or toys for your kid, you can also create a functional zone in your home by knitting a basket. Certain type of storage or functional device seems to come into fashion or …

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Knit leg warmers for different people

Cable Knit Leg Warmers - Free Knitting Pattern | Craft Passion |

When you talk about safeguarding from a cold, you’ll give preference to face and hands but not give much important to legs. So you have to protect your legs at the same time the protection should give a trendy look. The obvious choice could be knit leg warmers and it …

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Hand-knitted Cushions - just watch the cat's claws! | crochet

Knitting your own cushions can be a rewarding activity. A lot is accomplished when you acquire knitting skills, which include personalizing many of our home items at a lower cost. Making your own knitted cushions is one great way of completing your home décor project. The knitted cushions can also …

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When to wear a knit sweater

Fuzzy Chunky Knit Sweater | SHEIN

Knit sweaters have continued to be popular across the entire globe. There are knit sweaters for just about every age, size or shape. Therefore, you can easily buy your knit sweater depending on your personal preferences. Like every outfit, knitted sweaters are supposed to be worn on specific occasions. The …

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How to choose a Chunky Knit Scarf

Amazon.com: Chunky Knitted Scarf, Giant Extreme Infinity Chain Scarf

Scarfs are underused garments even in winter weather, but a proper chunky knit scarf will give you an added attraction to your outfit in a cold climate. However, before buying a knit scarf, you know few hints to make a better decision. You should know that. There are different sizes …

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