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Choose the perfect hairstyle for the
perfect occasion

Choose the perfect hairstyle for the perfect occasion

Be it a wedding, a party, a hangout or any other occasion women get an excuse to dress up perfectly.  They well in advance, prepare to decide on how to dress up for the special day. Other than deciding on what to wear, hairstyle too forms a part of the consideration. Hairstyles contribute to enhance the appearance of the dress, the perfect hairdos complimenting the dress enhance the looks.

Hairstyles do matter

Even on a wedding occasion, just being a bridesmaid won’t deprive from planning about what to wear and which bridesmaid hairstyles to choose from. A wedding takes place once and the occasion won’t be complete without the bridesmaid, if the bride has to look flawless the bridesmaid would be companions the next in the spotlight making it essential to look best.

Like we don’t prefer repeating a dress at every occasion, same thought envelopes in terms of hairstyles. The hair styled in a way may assure to process the whole look presenting a chic, pretty or trendy appearance. There are a lot many easy hair styles to quick change the look for all types of hair varying in quality and length.

Variety of bridesmaid hairstyles to choose from

The Pixie – Being the simplest among all, just need to apply dressing oil in opposite direction further proceeded by styling your hair in the desired way and at last accessorizing it with a head band presenting a simple and tidy look to short hair.

Low Ponytail – A ponytail is an evergreen fashion statement suiting every outfit. On the wedding occasion, a sleek low pony tail for those with ultra straight hair will work best. Easy to make and presentable will contribute to chic-look.

Goddess Braid – A braid is perfect for every occasion presenting a semi-messy look. Starting with a French braid from the front portion till the middle length of the hair is then secured using pins and accessorizing it using decorative pins.

Round Bun – These present a neat finishing look compliments the perfect neck line adding attraction by long ear piece hanging through the length of the neck. The simple round knot introducing to a sexy look can be exaggerated using accessories on the knot.

Shabby bun – Twisted bun hanging downsides with loose hair around the forehead may be as romantic as the first date chose to be perfect for the wedding day on every wedding outfit.

Double French Twists – Initiating with a puff at the top of the head with further rolling the hair in opposite direction dividing into two sections will create a look one may desire for compliment those with short hair and a small round face. This can be beautified by adding attractive accessories.

Loose length – Hair can be left loose with long strings hanging on the shoulders which can be mixed up with parting on one side drawing the hair on the opposite direction adding volume to the hair.