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Gift different crochet animal toys to the

Gift different crochet animal toys to the baby

Does your baby love animals? If the answer is yes, it is the best idea to gift a crochet animal toy to the baby. Suppose what if you have crocheted it by your own, it will turn into the best and pleasant gift for your immature baby. He or she will be very glad to see this gift. Some unique and funny crochet animals are here:

  • Owl crochet animal toy: The owl is one of the most dangerous birds with the big yellow eyes. After the eagle, the owl is highly liked by the baby boys. The owl crochet animal toy is a serious looking toy which suits for the boys who are less naughty.
  • Crochet rabbit: A big white crochet rabbit toy seems very cute and beautiful. The babies girls like to play with these crochet rabbit. Though, the light color of the yarn will catch the dust easily, but it’s quite easy to wash.
  • Crochet animal duck: It is very easy to create a crochet animal duck. Just add the first chain and repeat the process. Take the loose loop in your left hand and hook in your right hand. Now, wrap the hook under the yarn, and pull the hook yarn all the way through the first loop.

Crochet funny monkey: First of all, you will need a round wood to hang the crochet funny monkey. The crochet will start from the hanging hands of the monkey. This hanging monkey will play with your baby the whole day