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Gorgeous free scarf knitting patterns for
beginners and experienced

Gorgeous free scarf knitting patterns for beginners and experienced

People usually have an illusion that scarf are worn only during the winter seasons. There are summer scarf, winter scarf, and autumn scarf. A scarf is usually worn around the neck throughout the year to prevent the escape of heat from the body. In other words, it is worn to keep the neck warm and cozy. It can also be used as a shield to protect the neck from the sun. Some wear it just to get a stylish look. As long as it perfectly matches with the attire, it looks really awesome and attractive. For a more informal look scarf are better and can be used instead of formal ties. These mufflers are usually 70-90 cms long and 8-12 cms in width. These stoles are made of cotton, cashmere, linen, silk or wool. It would be a wonderful idea to gift this neck kerchief to somebody because the main purpose why people wear, it is the look it gives when they are worn.

Free scarf knitting patterns:

There are innumerable patterns for a scarf from among which one can choose. The first pattern is a sunshine scarf which comes in many colors. The stitch used here is seed stitch which is hassle free and easy to knit. Big needles should be used for this purpose and super bulky yarn should be used to knit them. The one skein, no purl scarf very small needles are used along with very fine yarn. It has only skein pattern and no purls because they can be difficult for a novice. The double knit piano scarf as the name indicates are suitable for musicians. They have two layers of knit to keep the neck warm and also prevents it from rolling. Medium sized needles are used and attractive double colored pattern like black and white are made out of it. Generally medium yarn is used for making them.

Unusually big needles are used to knit Allegro tube scarf. The needles are big for the reason that they are to be knit in the shape of a circle which follows a particular pattern. An apt mixture of cotton and linen yarn can be used to knit the allegro scarf. Different yarn colors from purple, apple green, brown can be used to give a stunning look to them. For somebody who is a fashion freak elegant waves infinity would be a perfect match. Having the color of a beautiful white dove, this comforter gives a rich look. Medium sized yarn and needles are enough to make this design. There is yet another model in which the USA logo and three stars are knit. They are made of polyester material.

In short, whatever may be the pattern, the scarf should look amazing which goes well with the outfit one has worn. These accessories can be used throughout the year. There are different designs which are either traditional or contemporary and one can pick according to his or her own choice.