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Grooving your locks with purple hair dye

Having fun with hair colors is a trend which has been going strong for some time now. And purple hair dye has been a buzz in the hair color fashion since 2013 and will continue to rule in 2015 as well. Many celebrities getting lilac hair-dos, violet highlights or making purple color of the season. You can go from the deep shades to the lighter lilacs according to choice and needs.

Preparations before getting your hair permanently purple

Hair dyeing is a fun way to express yourself but there are certain precautions you need to take before getting the hair colored. Before getting your hair colored it is important to consider what the hair do will look like after it has been done, and whether or not it will get with the personality. Purple is a bold shade and you needed to consider the appearance before going all dramatic.

purple hair dye - 7Many salons these days have a software base which can give the client an idea of the appearance after the hair do, such preparations before getting your hair colored saves the time, money and energy. You can go about having fun and experimenting with temporary colors which come off after shampooing to get an even better idea of appearance, before getting your hair colored permanently.

Ways to get it done

It is always better to get your purple hair dye treatment done in hair salon as they have proper equipment and have been trained for the same. But, you have to shell out extra money for the luxury of saloon, so if you can’t afford the saloon, there are hair color kits with easy instructions to color your hair all by yourself. These are moderately priced and easily available at regular drug stores and Wal-Mart.  Some purple hair dye for self coloring are Punky Color by Jerome Russell available at folica.com for $8, Manic Panic hair colors which are a better option for lighter hairs and Hot Topic’s Raw Color, it has a longer staying power and is priced at $12.99.

Precautions and Care

While using these hair color kits, it is important to read all the instructions given on the pack to avoid and mishap followed by a skin patch test, usually done on the inner part of the elbow, in order to identify any reaction or allergy which the product may otherwise cause. If any redness or irritation occurs within 24 hours it is best to avoid use. In any case one must never use these hair colors to dye eyelashes or eyebrows.

If the allergy patch test leaves no redness or discomfort on the skin, it is safe to use the product. Now in order to get the best results the hair should be clean and free from any suds and dry as well, because wet cuticles will not allow the hair to saturate with color. It is advisable to skip the conditioner for a post color  treatment with products like  Kerastase Concentre Pixelist, which adds shine, life makes the color stay for longer.