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Keeping your makeup caddy charged

Keeping your makeup caddy charged

Makeup is a very special task for women. It is not possible without your makeup caddy which contains everything you need to make yourself beautiful and party-ready.  But makeup can often turn out to be a cluttered and disorganized task. If you spend a lot of time on doffing out the tools of makeup, it is time that you put everything right in your makeup caddy so that it is easier for you to get you  ready. You need to organize your  makeup kit well so that it helps you in your makeup.

Organize your makeup tools

You should figure out what you normally use for your makeup, You can keep all of them on a table and arrange them so that you do not miss any of them. They are important for you. Any of them should not be left. However, you can keep a few aside which are no longer part of your taste. Don’t rush. Spend time on short-listing the most important tools. Your beauty is no stake.

Makeup and skincare products

You need to include all of your makeup and skincare products and make them part of your makeup caddy. They are the most important products for your skin. You cannot miss them. You need foundation cream as it evens skin tone and provides you a smooth palette to begin applying other products. Also include concealer which is applied to hide the blemishes, sores, and bags on your face.

Your caddy must also include blush as it adds dimension to your face and can give you a youthful or sun-kissed look. Your eyeshadow needs to be in the caddy for your skin tone. Don’t forget to include neutral and complimentary colors which you can use every day for extra different look.  Get your eyeliner and powders in your makeup caddy since they are important tools of your beauty exercise. You must not forget your lipsticks and lip gloss for your lips.

Evaluate your caddy daily

Your makeup needs change regularly so you need to evaluate your makeup kit daily and see what else you need. You should also consider what you can apply easily and quickly for special events. You should be ready to have 5-6 piles before you’re done.

Dispose off you stuff

Most of you have a habit of keeping the unnecessary stuff in your makeup caddy. It is not good. You will not use it and you should not use it. It has unnecessarily captured the space in your caddy. In addition, you should add products which are in fashion and are important for your latest looks. You need to define trends and not become an old fashioned lady. You need to remove the out of fashion thing and dispose them off. You need to review it every day. You should also consider what you have time to apply and what is only used for special events.