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Reiker shoe style

Reiker shoe style

Origin of Reiker shoes:

Reiker company was started in the Black Forest at the southern regions of Germany. It was in 1974, Rieker started producing shoes for the rich and upscale residents of Northern Italy. Over the years, it has started gaining a lot of popularity and nowadays in Europe, it has literally become a household name of sorts. In the beginning, it was headquartered in Switzerland, but today it has nearly three design units, sixteen whole sale units in Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and Vietnam. Reiker shoes provides shoes and embellishments to retailers from all over Europe. The products have decorative design and are made of high quality material. They are made for perfect fit and are totally comfortable. Reiker shoes are especially known for their special anti-stress shoes and have also won several awards such as the IFRA(International Footwear Retailer’s Association) Award for the best Ladies Brand and Best Customer service Award in 2006.

Features of the Rieker anti-stress shoes:

  1. Flexible: Reiker shoes are always made with caution to provide freedom to your foot and gives you comfort by reducing pinching. Each piece is especially hand-made which ensures best fit.
  2. Lighter: A varied construction method makes sure that each shoes is extremely lightweight and comfortable. The fitting at the heel is compact and prevent forward movements of the toe.
  3. Shock absorbing: The special sole of the Rieker shoes, absorbs shock and gives way for a comfortable tread. This is done by spreading pressure throughout the sole.