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Silver pumps: a must have for your shoes stand!

Silver pumps: a must have for your shoes stand!

Heels and Pumps might just be the women’s best friends. Who doesn’t get a tingle when they see perfect heels to match their dresses? If you are anything like me your wardrobe will be filled with a lot of pointed objects. Heels, I mean!

Silver pumps are a conventional must have for any women’s wardrobe. They match with almost any of the formal dresses with only a few exceptions. These pumps accentuate your calves and a sensual look to your legs. And the silver color just adds clarity. No matter your skin complexion they always look good.

A pump is basically a shoe with a low cut front and without fastenings. Originally inspired by men’s footwear these have become the ideal jewellery for your feet. Actress Vanessa Hudgens, famous singer Katy Perry, and model Paula Patton have all flaunted these famous pumps on the red carpet along with many others.

A basic idea of a silver pump is a low cut shoes with minimal 5 inch heels. But various alternations of these conventional beauties can also be seen. Variations such as straps, lace, and open-toe design can be seen. Famous designers Loius Vuitton, Jimmy Choos, Christian Louboutin have added their own flavors to these old school designs. One of my personal favorite which I possess is a strapless polished silver pumps with metallic heels. These are the most common yet the most fashionable.

If you yet not have a silver sparkly pump in your shoe wardrobe I suggest you to go get one soon, if possible designer. They heighten your confidence along with your height. Show your legs in the best of them.