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Smokey Eye Make Up That Turns Head

Smokey Eye Make Up That Turns Head

Eyes are the most noticeable features on your face and eye make up for women have always been fascinating. With the help of make up it is possible to make small eyes bigger, and hide other flaws around the eye contour such as fine lines, dark circles, bags under the eye etc. One of the hottest eye make ups on the block is the ‘smokey eyes’.

The smokey eye make up has its own appeal and can add an effect of demure beauty to the face by bringing the eyes into prominence than any other feature on the face. If you are going for the smokey eye make up then make sure to keep the other features on your face less prominent, that is use a nude coloured lipgloss or a lipstick so that when anyone looks at you they notice the eyes first.

Tips On Smokey Eyes:

The smokey eye make up is the hot favourite amongst most women. It is easy to create those dark and gorgeous smokey eyes if you know a few quick tips.

  • Before you apply the make up on the face do the eyes. This would not only save time but also allow you to correct the smudges or shadow fall outs.
  • Start with applying a primer to the eyes. This allows the eye make up to last longer.
  • Smokey eyes are mainly created on greys and blacks but you can also choose shades of browns if you feel like.
  • Keep eye liner and good brushes handy and know one thing, and that is smokey eye make up is all about how well you blend the colours.
  • How To Create Smokey Eyes?

    Smokey eye make upIt isn’t a tough task, but at the same time it needs patience and creativity. To start with you must choose the colour you want for your eyes and then select three shades of the colour. Loose powdered shadow works best for the smokey eyes than creamy shadows. The eyeliner you would wear should be jet black so that you can accentuate the eyes better. Apply a primer and a concealer before starting off with the make up.

    Apply the lightest of the three shades that is the Highlighter first. Then apply the medium shade and finally the darkest shade. Apply the darkest shade along the eye lashes and keep the proportions of the dark shadow from 1/3 to ½ of the eyelid.

    When to wear Smokey Eye Make Up:

    Smokey eye make up can be worn with a gown or a dress and is more suitable for evening events and occasions. For morning events you can choose lighter shades of colour so that it doesn’t look too gaudy.