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Some sound Emo Makeup Advice

Some sound Emo Makeup Advice

The emo looks has really established itself in the makeup scene, especially with youngsters, with both girls and boys experimenting a lot with it these days. For those of you living under a rock and wondering that what the hellemo is, it is a kind of gothic punk rock theme that even has its own genre of music!Also known as emotional hard core, emo has incorporated itself in to the world of fashion and makeup and has reached a point where it has become its own genre of makeup.

Emo is in fact, currently trending, and is especially popularwith girls who like the added dramatic effect that comes with donning such a look. It has also become a popular form of makeup in the world of theatrics. When it comes to applyingemo makeup, any makeup routine would work well expect that the focus of attention shifts from the face to the hair, with makeup having its own importance.

Base& Blush

As with any makeup routine, always start with fresh, clean& clear skin. Applying a good primer, after patting your skin dry, is the most important step since it’s what holds your foundation base in place. Applyingthe right kind of concealer will enable you to hide all the spots and other blemishes on your skin.

Since the emo look is more ofa gothic pale, you should apply a shade of blush this is only slightly pinker than your natural skin tone. Never go for bronze or dark peachy shades as these will not give the skin that slightly “dead” look that emo is best known for.

Eye Makeup

Getting the eyes right is extremely important to achieve the right kind of look using this form of makeup. If you go wrong here, you’ll have successfully ruined your entire look!

So, firsy you will need to apply some eye liner. It would best to go with dark black or navy blue shades. You’ll have to put on the first layer of eyeliner very carefully, and repeat the process several timesuntil you get a thick line. Once you’ve applied the shadow and liner, a couple of layers of mascara will be needed to complete the emo look for your eyes. Coats should be applied only a few seconds after the previous coat has dried up.


Not to be confused with super-dark and heavy gothicstyle makeup, emo lips should not be heavy with color. Lighter, paler glosses should be used instead. Inversely, using a nude gloss on the lips will also help you finish your overall emo look. Emo lips follow a hard punk look, so the lips need to look natural and shouldn’t be too bold. A pale lip liner should also be used to accentuate the smudged looked of the lipstick or gloss.