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The emergence of black ripped skinny jeans as a fasion statement.

The emergence of black ripped skinny jeans as a fasion statement.

Change is inevitable. But sometimes tradition is a hard cliché to beat. As we see different fashion alternatives to the good old America jeans the consumer base and loyalty jeans has over the hoi-poi has made jeans a global cultural identity.

Jeans originally an uniform for coal miners in USA was invented by Jacob W.Davis and Levi Strauss way back in 1871.From the coal fields of Pittsburgh  it engulfed the whole world by storm making it one of the ‘iconic cultural symbols of 21st century’.

The durability and ability to withstand harsh conditions made jeans, the choice of the masses with both the sexes adapting the fashion eagerly. By early 1990’s the very way we looked at jeans changed and fashion experts started to look at jeans the world through the prism of fashion.

Here we see a marked departure from traditional thinking to acceptance of jeans as the new status quo. Slowly as our dressing pattern changed over the years jeans divided itself into several broad categories:-

  1. Skinny jeans
  2. Slim fit jeans
  3. Flare leg jeans
  4. Loose fit jeans
  5. Stretch jeans

Skinny jeans remain one of the most favourite choice among users. Though its popularity waned some years ago, it is making a grand comeback into wardrobes throughout the USA.

New varieties appeal more to consumer’s of today. With black ripped skinny jeans having a nice rustic and manly factor to it, it’s no wonder fashion experts are focused today on various ways o make ripped jeans sexier and bolder. The colour black seems to be the most preferable choice with dark colour being preferred in general. It may be because darker shades go with all colours of upper garments. The only change from traditional thinking seems to be the transformation from the blue domain to the domain of black ripped skinny jeans.