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Using Red Hair Dye For Dark Hair

Using Red Hair Dye For Dark Hair

Dyeing can bring a noticeable change to your hair, and if done right w it can make you feel on the top of the world about yourself as well. No matter what the colour of your hair is, you can go for different shades for your tresses. Red dye is going hot for this season and if you look around you would even spot celebrities sporting it in different hues. So stay upfront and at par with the fashion trend and if you really want a different colour for your hair, consider going red for a gorgeous change.

Facts About Dyeing Dark Hair Red

You must consider a few things before you decide your shade of red. Since it comes in many shades and variants, a red hair dye would take different shades for different hair colour. If the natural colour of your hair is dark, say dark brown or black, you should go for lighter shades of red so that they are more noticeable.

The darker shades might just get diluted with the natural colour of your hair and would not make too much of a difference. You can either choose hair dyes that are available in the market or you can go for natural ways of dyeing you hair red.

Dyeing Dark Hair Red Without Pre Bleaching:

Often times red hair dye for dark hair is coupled with pre lightening so that the colour binds with the hair better. But pre bleaching or pre lightening might damage the quality of the hair. Mix the hair colour well and you would require to undergo the process twice, as in, apply the colour, let it develop and then rinse off and after letting your hair dry up completely you have to go through the same process again. You can do the second processing on the same day or on the next day also if you feel like.

Use Natural Ways Of Dyeing Dark Hair Red:

Natural red hair dye for dark hair is now preferred by many women as they are milder and have no chemicals that would cause any sort of damage to the hair. And at the same time the natural means are also as much effective. You can have equally bright and red undertones for your dark hair with natural colours.

The natural red dye would bring a ruby or auburn hue to your hair and not the cherry red you would get by dyeing the hair with the chemical dyes. You can prepare the dye by using Jamaican sorrel which acts as the red dye. You will have to boil it in a bowl of water and then mix a bit of honey to it to make the dye and then apply to your hair.