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Work right and safe with rigger boots

Work right and safe with rigger boots

Why go for rigger boots?

Safety in a workplace is important. Especially at construction sites where there is a safety issue, some well-maintained and popular safety option is a must. Rigger boots provide just that.

They are a perfect companion to be accompanied with while working on a site which requires heavy material to be carried along. Or they can be worn in construction sites as a safety mechanism where accidents happen a lot. They have got their name because they were initially being worn by crew at oil rig sites.

What are rigger boots?

Rigger boots are used for safety purposes and they are pulled on by loops and are usually made of water resistant material like leather. Some of its variants can be chemical or heat resistant and as well as shock resistant. They can also come with a fur lining inside to keep the feet warm in extremely harsh winter conditions. They are known for better protection than their counterparts, and as such do not guarantee any safety.

Various features of rigger boots

These boots are extremely comfortable to wear and hence minimize the risk for causing damage or any injury. Rigger boots are made to follow certain safety standards and have hence gained their safety feature. They can withstand weight up to a high 20kg and provide protection from compression up to 1.5 tons. Special custom made rigger boots for those with a weak ankle are also available. They are available in black as well as tan color to make a fashion statement in addition to the safety.